How the Full Moon in Taurus (November 12, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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With the end of a decade upon us, I really think it’s time you become familiar with the phases of Mother Moon, along with their mysterious potency. Mystical and emotionally influential, getting in touch with the phases of the moon — and learning how to harness these energies within our lives — is the first step to invoking your inner power. La luna is an ancient symbol of the divine feminine; its feminine presence captivates the attention of many throughout their lifetime. Although, despite the fact that many spiritual beings go as far as referring to themselves as “moon children,” these individuals are yet to discover the potency of the lunar cycle. With that being said, are you ready to tap into the power of the moon? How can you find comfort in her maternal presence? Given that we’re still in the midst of Scorpio season, a season that revolves around stepping into your power, we couldn’t have chosen a better time to work with Mother moon.

Highly similar to the essence of Scorpio, the lunar cycle deeply resonates with death and rebirth, just like a seed’s germination process: It grows, it blooms and dies. Keep in mind, la luna is a symbol of our inner world, shadow self, and emotional foundation. It sheds light on our innermost feelings and intuitive instincts; it is a karmic reflection of who we are in our most vulnerable state. The new moon phase is a time to start again; the waxing crescent phase is a time to set intentions and ponder ways to take action; the first quarter phase is for making decisions; the waxing gibbous phase is for reflecting on your progress thus far, and the full moon phase is for seeing the truth for yourself. This occurs when the moon sits directly opposite the sun (sacred masculine) which, in turn, creates a spiritual equilibrium between our inner and outer worlds. The sun being a symbol of one’s physical reality, and the moon being our emotional world.

As you may know, there will be a full moon in the sensual sign of Taurus on Nov. 12. Radiating with abundance and exalted (working at its full potential) in the sign of the bull, this Venus-ruled lunation will shed light on our deepest desires. When was the last time you fully indulged in your five senses? What is your definition of abundance? Ruled by luscious Venus — planet of love, romance and pleasure — the essence of slow-moving Taurus revolves around your ability to be present in the “here and now.” Taurus wants us to stop and smell the roses; it prefers to bask in the sensual pleasures life has to offer, no matter how simple, or perhaps decadent. Scorpio, on the other hand, which also happens to be its polar opposite, is a symbol of death, transformation, and the underworld. Don’t be fooled as both of these celestial energies are connected, because they’re living on the same astrological axis. Taurus lives above the earth, Scorpio lives below it.

The sun in Scorpio is shedding light on our secret desires, while the moon in Taurus puts a magnifying glass on what we’re willing to put ourselves through, emotionally, in order to obtain the abundance we crave. Highly influenced by Mercury the messenger, given its direct opposition to Mercury Rx — let alone trine elusive Neptune and sextile transformative Pluto, the full moon in Taurus is here to remind you of the power you possess, both mentally and physically speaking. Harmoniously aspected with structured Saturn, la luna will also shed light on our personal and collective relationship with Mother Earth. Are you grateful for your physical surroundings, and sensual pleasures? Assertive Mars will also make a lucky aspect to expansive Jupiter which could, in turn, start materializing everything you’ve been working so hard for. Saturn will also meet with dreamy Neptune, and this will ultimately help make your dreams become reality. All in all, this Venus-ruled full moon has a message for all of us: YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE.

Read your full moon horoscope and reflection below:



You’ve been putting in the work and it shows, Aries! Lo and behold, this Venus-ruled full moon will be activating your luxury-loving second house of income, finances, values and self worth, which immediately makes me think of one thing: Cha-ching! La luna will also be making harmonious connections with serious Saturn and powerful Pluto via your ambitious tenth house of career, legacy and reputation in the world. Are you ready for the promotion, Aries? This celestial energies will certainly have your back; although, make sure you double and triple check the message you’re trying to convey, as Mercury Rx will directly oppose this Venus-ruled lunation. In fact, be wary of shady tricksters in the workplace during this time! With Mercury Rx in the mix, you could suddenly run into a petty “he said, she said,” or worse… an actual screenshot of your gossipy text message. #JustSaying Reflection: How has your financial situation improved since? Are the sacrifices you’ve been making worth it?


This full moon’s got your name on it, but you already knew that, right Taurus? In the meantime, think back to the new moon in your sign that took place on May 4 of this year. Have you developed any exciting passion projects since? You only get one full moon per year, and luckily for you, this Venus-ruled lunation will be making sweet trines to structured Saturn and shady Pluto via your expansive ninth house of education, travel, opportunity and faith. What do you see when you look over the horizon, Taurus? Some bulls might get to fly first-class for a work gig, while others seal the deal for an exciting collaboration overseas. Great news, just make sure you stay low-key for a bit, at least while Mercury’s retrograde. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, Taurus. It’s OK to be superstitious every now and then, so keep those exciting wins to yourself for now. You can gloat later. Reflection: How have you expanded your personal and spiritual horizons? What are you doing in terms of self-promotion?


Got a secret, Gemini? What else is new? Although, with la luna shaking up your secretive 12th house of closure, karma, dreams and all things behind the scenes, you could experience some much-needed clarity, in regard to a certain someone. Remember, this area of your chart is governed by Neptune, which can be a bit deceptive at times. So, make sure to take off those rose-colored glasses! After all, it is Scorpio season, you know. Nevertheless, this is an excellent lunation for spiritual closure, and perhaps even forgiveness. Is there something you’re ready to let go of? La luna will meet and greet with Saturn and Pluto via your transformative eighth house of sex, intimate unions and shared resources, which means only one thing: You’re ready to surrender. However, make sure you’re being mindful of your well being and your due diligence, especially with your curious ruling planet retrograde. Reflection: Have you been more mindful of your spiritual well being? What situation is no longer worthy of your time?


Missing your crew these days, Cancer? With the moon — aka your mystical planetary ruler — beaming directly through your friendly 11th house of networking, teams and group circles, your soul tribe will more than likely be top of mind during this time. There’s more. This Venus-ruled lunation will be making harmonious connections to both Saturn and Pluto via your committed seventh house of partnerships and one-on-one relationships. With that being said, this energy could really soothe the tension, especially if you’ve been bickering with your friends as of late, or perhaps not giving them enough attention, so make sure to use it wisely! Being willing to compromise is key, Cancer. Warning: La luna will be directly opposing the mischievous messenger planet — who’s currently retrograde — via your flamboyant fifth house. In other words, make sure to put your ego aside, because the results will be worth it. Reflection: What types of people have you been surrounding yourself with since? How does your tribe respond to your emotional needs?


Shine bright like the sun, Leo. This Venus-ruled lunation will beam directly through your ambitious tenth house of career, legacy, authority figures and reputation in the world, which means you’ll be center stage, just how you like it! What have you been working so hard towards, Leo? Whether it be a tedious presentation you’ve been working diligently on, or perhaps a better-paying job opportunity you recently applied for, the moon is here to set you free. Sweetly activated by both Saturn and Pluto via your orderly sixth house of health, responsibility and due diligence, this lunation could bring an incredible sense of relief, especially if you’ve been focused on pursuing your goals. On the darkside, curious Mercury Rx will be directly opposing la luna, via your fourth house of home and family, so you could also run into some emotionally-charged convos in the homefront. Focus on what’s right; don’t get distracted. Reflection: What have you accomplished personally and professionally thus far? Is your professional life emotionally fulfilling you?


Say what’s on your mind, my dearest Virgo. This is especially true with la luna shaking up your expansive ninth house of education, travel and higher learning. Focusing on the bigger picture will be a priority during this time. Although, this Venus-ruled lunation will be extra earthy, given la luna’s sweet connection to both structured Saturn and powerhouse Pluto via your expressive fifth house of fame and recognition. Looking for romance? Single Virgos might decide to spill their guts to a darling prospect which could, in turn, seal the deal. Otherwise, this is an excellent time to establish a creative partnership, so to speak. As long as you remain completely authentic, Virgo. Who knows, you might have a successful brainstorming sesh, and come up with an exciting plan. On the dark side, however, your planetary ruler will directly oppose the moon, amidst being retrograde in Scorpio, via your chatty third house of communication. Don’t overthink things; speak your truth instead. Reflection: How have you used your voice to create awareness since? What have you materialized for yourself, personally and creatively?


Intensity is inevitable, Libra doll. Imagine, with la luna shaking up your sultry eighth house of sex, death, taboo, intimate unions and shared resources, there’s no way you’ll be able to sweep this one under the rug! Instead, why not use this energy wisely and finally rid yourself of what no longer serves you? Luckily, the moon will be making harmonious connections to both of the malefics — Saturn and Pluto — via your domestic fourth house of home, family and emotional foundation. If there’s ever a time where you’ve wondered whether or not to follow your intuition, now would be it. Follow your instincts, Libra. Beyond that, don’t be afraid to lean on your family for help during this time. Besides, everyone needs a solid support system. Some Libras might even land some unexpected cash, given that this area of your chart also governs inheritance money. However, don’t make any impromptu decisions just yet, especially since Mercury Rx is currently revisiting your spending habits, via your second house of finances. Reflection: Who have you spiritually and financially merged with since? How has this relationship been of value to you?


To commit, or not to commit, that is the question, Scorpio. Here’s the deal: La luna will beam directly through your sharing-is-caring seventh house of partnerships, and one-on-one connections. This could, of course, bring a turning point of sorts to your current relationships. You either, A) decide to move forward and commit or B) part ways for good. Needless to say, this is an excellent time to channel Taurus’ straight-foward personality, and say what needs to be said. On a brighter note, the moon will form cooperative aspects to both Saturn and Pluto via your third house of communication, thought process and immediate circle. This could, in turn, really help convey the message you’re trying to get across. Not so fast, Scorpio. Mercury will also be retrograde in your sign, so don’t word vomit your feelings just yet. You of all people know that there’s a dash of venom in there. Instead, reflect and re-evaluate the topics that come up, especially if it entails a new partnership, or business venture. Read between the lines. Reflection: Have you been emotionally-transparent with your committed partners? Are you willing to compromise?


Sort out your priorities, Sag! This is especially true with la luna activating your orderly sixth house of health, responsibility, daily duties and due diligence. Everything going well? Got your ducks in a row yet? It’s been quite the adventurous year, especially with your audacious planetary ruler blessing you with abundance left and right. However, it’s time to get down to business, once and for all. On a brighter note, the moon will be harmoniously aspected by Saturn and Pluto via your second house of income, values and self worth, which can ultimately help you create a positive routine that brings you pleasure. Have you been getting enough rest, Sag? Are you drinking enough water? The second house also governs all things that bring you comfort, so take advantage of this combination of energies while you can. Warning: Mercury is still retrograde via your sleepy 12th house of rest and all things behind the scenes, which means it’s also directly opposing the full moon. With that being said, don’t let the mischievous messenger distract you from your due diligence, Sag. Stay focused and get organized. It will be worth it, trust me. Reflection: How have you been more conscious of your daily routine since? Has this benefited you financially and/or improved your self-confidence?


Are you ready for your close-up, Capricorn? La luna will be shaking up your expressive fifth house of fame, love, romance and sparkling individuality. What brings you joy? What makes you feel secure? Whether you’ve been looking for a smoldering love affair, or working diligently on an audacious passion project, chances are, this Venus-ruled lunation will bring interesting news to light. In fact, if you’re in the art industry, feel free to share or showcase one of your creations during this time. Remember, this area of your chart revolves around your unique expression and creativity, so make it count. Besides, la luna will be making helpful trines to Saturn and Pluto in your sign, which means this might as well be your claim to fame! However, with Mercury Rx shaking up your 11th house of society and connections, make sure you think twice before signing contracts, or committing to any sort of artistic collabs during this time. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to show the world what you’re really made of! Reflection: How have you been putting yourself out there since? What have you manifested, personally and creatively?


Don’t be afraid to feel your feels, Aquarius. The full moon will beam directly through your domestic fourth house of home, family and emotional foundation, which means you’ll be in the mood to retreat, and perhaps spend time with your loved ones. On another note, however, this is an excellent time for looking inward, and doing the things that make you feel emotionally secure. In fact, la luna will be making harmonious aspects to both Saturn and Pluto via your secretive 12th house of closure, karma and all things behind the scenes, which means you could feel the need to divulge a secret or two with your family, or perhaps be open to forgiving one of your loved ones. Like I said, don’t be afraid to acknowledge your emotions, Aquarius. They matter. Something else you could do during this time is, cleanse your living space and reflect on the things that make you feel like you’re on solid ground. Reflection: How has your emotional foundation and home life improved since? Have you opened your heart to a close relative, or significant other?


Think before you speak, Pisces. This is especially true with la luna shaking up your chatty third house of communication, thought process and immediate circle. Is there something you need to get off your chest? This area of your chart also revolves around social media, writing and gossip, which means you could experience some much-needed clarity via a conversation of sorts. Luckily for you, la luna will be harmoniously aspected by both Saturn and Pluto via your 11th house of friendship groups and extended network, and this could potentially bring collaborative opportunities for creative projects, or perhaps a mentally-stimulating brainstorming sesh! On the darkside, however, Mercury Rx will be directly opposing la luna via your expansive ninth house of opportunity, travel, education and higher learning, so watch what you say, and to whom. This area of your chart belongs to your co-ruler Jupiter, who’s larger-than-life itself, so make sure you’re being mindful of your tone, Pisces. Reflection: How have you been using your unique voice as of late? Have you discovered ways to use your brilliant mind to create something of value?


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.



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