Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Gemini (December 12, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Gemini (December 12, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Glimmering with insight and intellectual stamina, this month’s full moon in Gemini will turn up the volume of your inner voice, in the midst of testing your personal desires for freedom. Challenged by a complex quincunx with Venus-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn, this Mercury-ruled lunation will inspire responsibility-driven exchanges within our relationship sectors, given Venus in Capricorn’s conservative values, and aspirations to create a secure foundation. Here, Mercury, the curious messenger is asking us to reflect on whether or not we’ve been acting with integrity. Are you being productive with your time? Are your conversations aligned with your core values? La Luna is here to remind us how important it is for us to speak our truth, with both our personal and professional partnerships.

New moons are for planting seeds; full moons are for basking in the harvest. What types of seeds did you plant during the new moon in Gemini on June 3, 2019? This is your cosmic culmination from the heavens. Remember, the full moon phase is a symbol of completion, clarity, and closure. When she reaches her peak, our hidden truths, desires and power, become illuminated. Again, this is especially true within our current partnerships, and general ability to compromise but there’s more. In the midst of Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow, the clever messenger planet will make a semi-square to serious Saturn, the planet of structure and limitations. On the dark side, however, this could spark toxic thinking patterns, and alongside shadowy Pluto, jealousy, and obsession.

Put it this way: The essence of Saturn is brutally realistic, and Pluto can be incredibly transformative. Right this moment, Pluto in Capricorn is destroying previously-set structures that no longer measure up to our soul’s purpose. What this means is, relationships and investments that lack foundation, will more than likely experience deep transformation during this time. In pragmatic Capricorn, the planet of love values hard work and loyalty within her relationship sphere, which means partnerships lacking that sort of stability will be challenged. Curious Mercury, the full moon’s ruler, will also be triggered by freedom-loving Uranus, creating the need to break free from any form of limitation. Looking on the bright side, this electric aspect to Uranus will inevitably liberate us from toxic relationship patterns, and general insecurities.

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at the astrological aspects, let’s talk a little bit about Gemini and Sagittarius’ cosmic polarity. The astrological axis of Gemini-Sagittarius governs the lower and higher mind. For instance, Gemini collects the raw data and immediate facts, based on logic, while Sagittarius’ wisdom challenges its entire meaning, amidst putting the unknown to the test. Moreover, with the sun transiting through spontaneous Sagittarius, this lunation is asking us to integrate our most conservative values with our inner voice. Do both of these models coincide? Let your higher self do the talking.

In the meantime, think back to the new moon in Gemini that took place on June 3rd of this past year.

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It’s time you start speaking your truth, Aries. La Luna will beam directly through your curious third house of communication, thought process, knowledge and immediate circles on Dec. 12, which means there’s something come up for review during this time. Please note: This area of your chart also governs siblings, cousins, paperwork and your local peers. With that being said, are there any important decisions that need to be made? What are you doing to get your message across? With Mercury transiting through philosophical Sagittarius via your expansive ninth house of unknown territory, and Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter hovering over your ambitious tenth house of career and authority, something tells me this lunation will revolve around a conversation that needs to be had with an authority figure, (parent or boss) or perhaps an important contract that needs to be signed. Nevertheless, a positive trine between Uranus and Jupiter is here to remind you of your self-worth, amidst it opening a door of opportunity for you. Reflection: Are you using your voice for the right reasons? What have you been brainstorming on for the past six months?


You’ve got your mind on your money, and your money on your mind, Taurus. Mother Moon is shedding light on your pleasure-seeking second house of finances, values, possessions, and sense of security, and your unique money-making abilities are coming up for review during this time. Remember, full moons bring culminations, and in this area of your chart it will very likely revolve around your finances. With this full moon’s planetary ruler Mercury transiting through worldly Sagittarius via your eighth house of intimate unions and joint ventures, not to mention Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter expanding your ninth house of opportunities, you could be feeling a bit restless in regard to your goals, and spiritual path. However, not to worry, as this lunation will come with some much-needed clarity, especially if you’ve been struggling with a financial decision or partnership. Luckily, a harmonious trine between Uranus and Jupiter will present you with the right opportunity to take that leap of faith. The rest is up to you. Reflection: Are your financial partners meeting you half-way? Is there an important conversation that needs to be had?


Happy full moon, Gemini darling. This one’s got your name on it but before you start celebrating, just know there are a few things you need to deal with firsthand. As you know, full moons are a symbol of completion and in your sign, this could bring a shift to your emotional reality. Sure, everyone knows you’re the communicator of the zodiac but are you actually doing everything it takes to get your message across? With your mischievous planetary ruler Mercury transiting through your polar opposite sign Sagittarius via your seventh house of partnerships, and its lucky ruler Jupiter blessing your eighth house intimacy, and joint ventures, you could suddenly begin to re-evaluate your current relationships and your place within the relationship as well. This energy involves a lot of “me vs. we.” However, given that this lunation will be shedding light directly over your zodiac sign, some of you might even decide to have a makeover of sorts, or perhaps rework your brand aesthetic. Whatever the case may be, now is the time to do so. Reflection: Are you ready to put your sparkling wisdom to good use? What are your current relationships lacking?


Make sure to keep an open mind, Cancer. La Luna is shaking up your sleepy 12th house of dreams, closure, beginnings, and endings, and you’re feeling the need to stop and reflect on everything that’s been going on, especially before kicking off a brand new year. After all, you are a child of the Moon, sweet Cancer. This is precisely why you feel lunar cycles more than most, but one thing’s for sure: With curious Mercury transiting through Sagittarius via your sixth house of day-to-day due diligence, and its ruler Jupiter shaking up your partnership sector, you could experience a powerful epiphany in regard to your current work schedule and/or professional partnerships. Who knows? Some of you might realize your current schedule isn’t as productive as it should be. However, make sure your paying close attention to your body, and what triggers it during this time. Health is wealth, Cancer. Your mindfulness should always be a priority. Reflection: Is your current day-to-day routine emotionally fulfilling? What can you do to be more resourceful and/or more productive?


You are who you surround yourself with, Leo. La Luna will beam directly through your socially-conscious 11th house of teams, tribes, friendship circles, and extended community, which means your sense of belonging will be top of mind during this time. Now, the energy of Mercury-ruled Gemini revolves around communication and thought process, and in this area of your chart, this could mean you’re being given a chance to network with the right group people. Who knows? Maybe you haven’t been feeling that social. Whatever the case may be, there’s something coming up for you to acknowledge right now, so it’s important that you do so. Now, with this full moon’s planetary ruler Mercury in Sagittarius via your fifth house of fame, and its ruler Jupiter shaking up your sixth house of service, you could suddenly be asked to take one for the team. Either way, you’ve got this, Leo. So go show them why they picked you to begin with. Reflection: Are you conscious of your place in the world? How have you been sharing your unique gifts with your network?


You’re building your legacy from scratch, Virgo. Mother Moon is activating your ambitious tenth house of career, reputation and authority figures, and your professional life is coming up for review. Now, as you know, full moons are a symbol of completion, which means something about your public image and reputation in the world is either coming to an end or about to begin. Now, Gemini is a Mercury-ruled sign just like you, so you will definitely feel this lunation more than most. Moreover, with your detail-oriented ruling planet, Mercury transiting through Sagittarius, and its lucky planetary ruler Jupiter hovering over your fifth house of fame, there’s no doubt the spotlight will be on your during this time Virgo. Remember, the essence of Gemini revolves around communication, details, and facts, which means you might suddenly put your career under a magnifying glass, and perhaps decide whether or not it’s benefiting you in the long run. Are you feeling inspired? Are you communicating with integrity?

Reflection: Is your professional life mentally stimulating you as much as you’d like? What part of your career needs some readjusting? 


Spread your wings, Libra darling. Remember, full moons bring things to the light; they let us know when something needs to change and/or come to an end. On that note, and with La Luna beaming directly through your expansive ninth house of travel, education, higher learning, and personal philosophy, some of you might be a bit restless during this time, or perhaps feeling the need to communicate your desire for adventure. When was the last time you had a little fun, Libra? Now, this area of your chart also governs entrepreneurship and self-promotion, so reflecting on the messages you’re trying to convey to the rest of the world — which is already so mercurial in itself — will be a priority for you during this time. Something else to reflect on is, how have your over-all belief systems changed this autumn season? How have you matured? If you’re a student or teacher, this shift may begin to showcase itself via your messaging, and general teachings. This full moon’s planetary ruler Mercury is sitting with the Sun via your third house of siblings, which means you may decide to have an important conversation with a brother or sister. Reflection: How have your beliefs been tested in the past six months? Have you taken the necessary risks?


If what’s yours is theirs, then what’s theirs is also yours, Scorpio. Mother Moon will activate your erotic eighth house of sex, transformation, intimate unions, and joint ventures, which also happens to be your house of rulership. Now, full moons are a symbol of completion; they show us what needs to change and/or be reworked. In Gemini, this lunation is bringing money-related details related to business collaborations, inheritance money, and/or financial partnerships to the forefront. Remember, this area of your chart also governs your sex life but in Gemini, something tells me it will revolve around paperwork. Something else to take into consideration is, both the Sun and Mercury — the full moon’s planetary ruler — are hard at work via your second house of finances, pleasure, and values. In other words, you’ve got lots to think about here, Scorpio. Reflection: What financial commitments have you made in the past six months? Are you being properly compensated for all of your hard work?


What’s going on with your relationships, Sagittarius? When the moon reaches her peak, it means something needs to be acknowledged and/or reworked, so it’s best to confront this before kicking off a brand new year. This is will be an interesting full moon because both the Sun and Mercury are in your sign, directly opposing La Luna in the mischievous sign of the twins. What does this mean exactly? Well, for starters, this Mercury-ruled lunation is here to help you acknowledge the way you’ve been showing up in your relationships, whether it be personal or professional. Are you meeting your significant other and/or partner halfway? Have you been making a conscious effort? Is there something you’re in the process of negotiating? Whether it be an ending or beginning, you will know what needs to be adjusted in regard to your relationships during this time. Reflection: Are you communicating openly with your partners? Are you doing everything it takes to nourish your current relationships?


What does your day-to-day routine consist of, Capricorn? La Luna is beaming directly through your responsible sixth house of health, due diligence, and daily duties, and its shedding light on everything that needs to be adjusted in your life. Please note, this area of your chart also revolves around acts of service, so you might decide to rework some of the details in your current schedule. After all, Gemini is a Mercury-ruled sign, and it tends to get pretty fussy about the facts. You may need to have an important conversation with one of your co-workers, or perhaps re-organize your professional syllabus. Communication is an essential component of your overall success, and this is especially true during this full moon, Capricorn. Moreover, with the Sun and Mercury hovering over your secretive 12th house of all things behind the scenes, you’ll probably notice what’s been getting in the way of your productivity during this time. Either way, something’s gotta give and there are some tweaks to be made. Reflection: Is your current routine aligned with your goals for 2020? Are you considering all of your options?


Your joy should always be a priority, Aquarius. This is especially true with La Luna activating your expressive fifth house of happiness, romance, and self-expression. As you know, full moons bring things to the light; they show us what needs to be reworked and/or acknowledged. Now, this area of your chart revolves around your inner child and the things that bring you genuine joy. So, whether you suddenly start re-evaluating the “Gemini” details of a current love affair, or perhaps speak your truth in regard to that which fulfills your heart center, the time is now. Mentally-stimulating conversations are very likely during this time, especially for those of you looking for love. Something else that might come up for you during this time is, your friends might be looking for someone to talk to, and who better than you, Aquarius? Reflection: When was the last time you did something that makes you happy? Are you reluctant to the idea of hogging the spotlight?


Have you been mentally blending your work and home life, Pisces? Remember, when the moon reaches her peak, things come to the light, especially those that need to be reworked and/or adjusted. On that note, is there a contract or a conversation that needs to be had in regard to your living situation? Whether it be a lease or simple signature from your tenant, this Mercury-ruled lunation is asking that you get to it. Some of you might be bringing the petty work gossip home with you, and you’ll suddenly realize it’s starting to take a toll. Boundaries, Pisces. You’re acquiring a number of different perspectives — from different groups of people — as of late, some of which don’t necessarily coincide with your foundation, and that’s what needs to be acknowledged during this time. Reflection: Have you been overextending yourself in your social sphere? What’s changed in regard to your living situation?

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.


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