How The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (Apr. 8, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (Apr. 8, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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April has officially arrived, and with it comes a sense of renewal and transformation. After all, in addition to the sun transiting the first sign of the zodiac, the month kicks off in between eclipses, which is why many refer to this as “eclipse season.” Eclipses typically occur twice every year, each season comprising a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. As you may remember, eclipses are notorious catalysts and harbingers of change. Lunar eclipses are equivalent to a super-potent full moon (endings, completion), whereas solar eclipses are powerful new moons (beginnings, initiation). The energetic theme of an eclipse is part of an even bigger story, so be sure to think back to Fall 2023 when the Nodes of Fate first entered the astrological axis of Aries and Libra, which belongs to Mars (the self, individual desires) and Venus (the other, relationships).


The self vs. the other, this astrological axis represents the entire range of interactions between individuals, from the expression of one's own personal identity to the inherent give-and-take and negotiation found in forming and maintaining relationships. In the meantime, reflect on how your one-on-one relationships have evolved since then. How have your personal desires and ambitions changed or developed during this period, and in what ways have they influenced your relationships? In what ways have you noticed the dynamics of give-and-take, compromise, or negotiation playing out in your interactions with others? Considering the influence of Mars and Venus, how have you balanced your need for independence with your desire for connection and partnership? 


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During an eclipse, the sun and moon—also known as the luminaries—are obscured, making it an unfavorable period for manifestation rituals. Yet, reflecting on March's lunar eclipse in Libra can be beneficial, especially as it presents an opportunity to consider what you're letting go of. This period marks the threshold of a new chapter in your life, and understanding what you release can be just as important as knowing what you wish to manifest in the future. Remember, the North Node in Aries is pushing us towards embracing our autonomy, assertiveness, and personal growth, while the South Node in Libra urges us to release codependency, past behaviors, and relationship patterns that don't serve us.


April’s total solar eclipse will take place on the 8th at exactly 2:21 p.m. EST and via 18 degrees of Aries. A total solar eclipse occurs when the sun's light is completely obscured, symbolizing the obscurity of what the future may hold. Those moments of “darkness” are also prompting you to trust the journey, even if and/or when fear arises. This solar eclipse will be in close proximity to the wounded healer, Chiron, inviting us to confront our deepest wounds and vulnerabilities. Mercury retrograde won't be far from Chiron, which can also signal a time for reflection and re-evaluation, specifically when pertaining to the way we assert ourselves and confront what goes against our core values and general autonomy.


What do you stand for? With Aries’ planetary ruler, Mars, in conjunction with taskmaster Saturn in Pisces, the next six months will be about solidifying your principles and asserting your convictions. The fiery energy of Mars combined with the disciplined influence of Saturn in the intuitive sign of Pisces invites a blend of action and reflection. This alignment challenges you to channel your passions responsibly and to apply your insights in practical ways, ensuring that your actions align with your deepest values and beliefs.


Read on for your solar eclipse horoscope and reflection, as per your sun and rising sign:


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Prepare for a powerful solar eclipse in your sign, marking a significant moment for personal transformation and healing. Conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) and Mercury retrograde, this marks an opportunity for introspection and self-discovery, especially when considering your planetary ruler, Mars, conjunct Saturn in Pisces. This contradicting synergy calls for a mindful examination of your hidden fears, unconscious patterns, and unresolved issues. Confronting internal challenges while reflecting upon the impact of your actions could lead to profound and liberating breakthroughs. Reflection: How can you harness your personal strengths to address and heal your inner wounds? In what ways can you balance assertion and discipline?


April's solar eclipse activates your 12th house of surrender, suggesting a period of rich introspection and spiritual growth. While conjunct Chiron and Mercury retrograde, this is simultaneously supporting you as you deep dive into your subconscious and emotional realms. You're exploring and healing aspects of your life you might've previously chosen to keep hidden once upon a time. Meanwhile, with Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces—touching down on your 11th house of society—you're also cultivating a more disciplined and measured approach in your community as you confront some of the undercurrents surrounding your sense of belonging in the world. Reflection: Are hidden aspects of yourself coming to light? How can you apply discipline and mindfulness to strengthen your connections and role within your community?


The upcoming solar eclipse brings a focus to your social sphere and long-term aspirations, Gemini. If you're not rethinking your role in a social setting, you could be reflecting and/or revisiting past wounds surrounding your sense of belonging in the world, thanks to the influence of Chiron and Mercury retrograde. Additionally, with Mars conjunct Saturn in your 10th house,  now is the time to apply determined effort and strategic planning to your career goals. This combination can also highlight tensions between your professional ambitions and your responsibilities. Take time to go within and consider how your social connections and career aspirations align with your personal healing journey. Reflection: How can you balance your fiery ambitions and current responsibilities to create a career that is both fulfilling and authentic? What steps can you take to make this happen?


On your mark, get set, go! The solar eclipse in your 10th house marks a significant phase in your professional life and public image, Cancer. While in close proximity to Chiron and Mercury retrograde, however, this could simultaneously signal a period of healing and reflection, specifically when regarding your sense of authority and reputation in the world. With Mars conjunct Saturn in your ninth house, there is a greater emphasis on expanding your horizons, whether through education or travel, as long as there's a calculated and well-planned approach. This encourages you to balance your adventurous spirit with a sense of responsibility, ensuring your experiences are both meaningful and structured. Reflection: How has your perception of authority influenced your professional life? What steps can you take to effectively balance your thirst for adventure with the discipline required in your career?

The solar eclipse is charging up your adventurous ninth house of education and unknown territory, bringing focus to your quest for knowledge and exploration. The sun and moon will also be in close proximity to Chiron and Mercury retrograde, encouraging you to reflect on your belief systems and experiences when it comes to taking the lead. If you've been hesitant to take a chance and expand your worldview, the next six months offer a crucial period for overcoming these doubts. This is essentially a gateway to embracing new opportunities for learning and growth. Mars conjunct Saturn also signals a time of intense transformation, urging you to confront and manage shared resources or issues surrounding intimacy. Reflection: What changes can you make to add excitement and adventure to your personal journey? How have your previous challenges inspired and empowered you?


You're confronting personal and professional taboos and desires, Virgo. The upcoming solar eclipse in your 8th house signifies a period of profound transformation and introspection. This is especially true when considering its close proximity to Chiron and Mercury retrograde, as it offers you a chance to heal old wounds related to trust, vulnerability, and shared power dynamics. Mars will also conjunct Saturn in your relationship sector, indicating a time for serious evaluation, specifically in the realm of your one-on-one relationships. This could bring challenges and opportunities for growth in your connections; the key is to maintain a healthy balance between your levels of assertion and your ability to empathize with others. Reflection: In what ways can you address past wounds related to intimacy to foster deeper connections? Is there a pending conversation you have yet to initiate that could help you heal? 


It's no secret that you're undergoing a significant phase in your relationships, but the journey continues, Libra. Sitting together with Chiron and Mercury retrograde, April's solar eclipse is not only an opportunity for you to heal from the past but also a chance to reassess and refine your communication within these relationships. Moreover, with Mars conjunct Saturn in your sixth house, there is a greater focus on bringing disciplined effort and structure to your daily rituals. This is also a reminder of the interconnectedness surrounding your personal growth, mindset, and daily habits. Reflection: What habits can you adopt to better balance your personal and professional life? Are you seeking more clarity in your relationships; if so, how can you achieve it?


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This is a pivotal time for your health and daily routines, Scorpio. April's solar eclipse—in close proximity to Chiron and Mercury retrograde—is highlighting everything from your work environment to your general well-being. In addition to asserting yourself in your day-to-day life, this is an ideal time to identify and heal from past issues or challenges related to your habits and lifestyle. Keep in mind, with Mars conjunct Saturn in your fifth house, you may simultaneously seek more structure and stability in your passion projects and creative endeavors. Reflection: Are your habits and daily devotions in alignment with your authenticity? What steps can you take to balance your need for creative expression with the need of structure and responsibility?


Authenticity and self-expression take precedence under this solar eclipse, Sagittarius. While activating your passionate fifth house of art, children, and joy, the sun and moon will conjunct Mercury retrograde and the wounded healer Chiron. This will not only support your creative process but also encourage you to open your heart and essentially heal your solar plexus chakra. It's a wonderful time to reflect on how your previous experiences have shaped your approach to joy and perhaps even romance. Additionally, with Mars conjunct Saturn in your 4th house, you may feel compelled to establish more structure and stability in the homefront. Reflection: How can you incorporate more structure into your personal life without losing sight of your creative musings and heart's desires? What brings you joy?


Your home life and innermost feelings are under the spotlight of April's solar eclipse, Capricorn. In close proximity with Chiron and Mercury retrograde in Aries, there is a greater focus on your healing, specifically when regarding family wounds and patterns.  So much so, this could be a powerful time for making peace with your past and laying the groundwork for a more nurturing and stable home environment. Meanwhile, Mars conjunct Saturn in your third house instills a sense of determination as you confront and address conflicts with a more disciplined approach. Reflection: How have your past experiences influenced your mindset and communication style? What lessons from your upbringing can you apply to create a more stable home life?


Redefine your approach, and don't be afraid to take the lead, Aquarius. April's solar eclipse is activating your curious third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate surroundings, all while sitting in close proximity to Chiron and Mercury retrograde in Aries. In addition to offering you the opportunity to heal from past misunderstandings, it's encouraging you to reflect on how your mindset and early environments have essentially impacted your lifestyle. This may also involve reassessing your approach to learning, revisiting old ideas, or resolving past communication issues. With Mars conjunct Saturn in your second house, there could also be significant revelations when it comes to your value systems and overall sense of security. Reflection: What can you do to create a more positive and inspiring environment? Are your thoughts in alignment with your core values?


This is a full-circle moment for you, Pisces. April's solar eclipse touches down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, values, and money-making abilities, all while sitting in conjunction with Chiron and Mercury retrograde. In addition to this being an opportunity to confront unresolved issues and wounds that need healing, it's a chance to reconsider your sense of self-worth and overall perception of abundance. Additionally, with Mars conjunct with Saturn in your sign, there could be a push-and-pull dynamic between your desire to take action and the need to create discipline. Reflection: What can you do to ensure your financial plans are in harmony with your personal standards? How has your relationship with money evolved? 


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