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How The Full Moon in Scorpio (April 23, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Full Moon in Scorpio (April 23, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Val Mesa on

art by the talented:

Each year, while the sun journeys through the sensually driven sign of Taurus, we are greeted with an intensity-filled full moon in Scorpio. This astrological axis (Taurus-Scorpio) epitomizes the phrase "as above, so below," as it mirrors the eternal dance between the tangible and the intangible, the material and the spiritual. Taurus, symbolized by the slow and steady bull, represents the earthly realm, with its focus on stability, security, and the pleasures of the senses. In contrast, Scorpio, represented by the enigmatic scorpion, delves into the depths of the psyche, exploring the realms of passion, power, and transformation.

This is all the more reason to revisit your birth chart and uncover the magic of this astrological axis. For instance, which astrological houses belong to both of these fixed signs? Sitting directly across from each other, the house belonging to Scorpio will essentially speak about the depth of your emotional longings and most transformative experiences, while the house belonging to Taurus sheds light on your material possessions, value systems, and overall sense of security. Understanding and embracing the energies of this astrological axis can unlock the full potential of your inner resources, so you can navigate challenges with greater insight and cultivate a deeper sense of balance and fulfillment.

Happening on April 23 at exactly 7:49 p.m. ET, the full moon in Scorpio will be the first interaction between the sun and the moon since the solar eclipse, but still a continuation of the energies that were at play during this time. Feel free to consider the momentum of this past eclipse season and how the energy has been a contribution to your life. More importantly, when considering the essence of Scorpio, this fixed water sign wants us to dig into what’s hidden beneath the surface and really get to the heart of what we’re feeling. While the sun in Taurus longs for simplicity—prioritizing what is practical and secure—Scorpio is more concerned with what’s happening in the depths of your being.

Remember, during the full moon phase, the sun makes a direct opposition with the moon, which is often considered a call for balance. In this particular case, however, we’re being called to create a balance between the opposing energies of Taurus (Venus) and Scorpio (Mars and Pluto). Again, while Taurus represents stability, security, and the pleasures of the material world, Scorpio embodies intensity, transformation, and the mysteries of the psyche. Reflect on what is being illuminated at this time because… chances are, it’s something you’ve been repressing for quite some time. This is not an assumption—Scorpio energy runs that deep.

During April’s lunation, both the sun and moon will square off with powerhouse Pluto in Aquarius, Scorpio’s modern ruler. It’s also important to note that the Lord of the Underworld will be the focal point of this T-Square, making this Scorpio full moon a lot more Plutonian than we expected. After all, Pluto re-entered Aquarius not long ago, so it’s not every day we experience such powerful transits, let alone one activated and led by Pluto himself. In addition to challenging us to confront a deep-seated truth, we could also acknowledge something we’ve outgrown during this time. Keep in mind the essence of Pluto in Aquarius could bring themes of community, friendship, and future visions to the forefront.

Don’t bother trying to see the logic in your intuition—you already know the truth.

In the meantime, read on for your full moon in Scorpio horoscope and reflection:

To say this lunation is powerful would be an understatement, Aries. Brace yourself for the intensity that's to come, as the moon will reach its peak via your eighth house of intimacy, joint ventures, and other people's money. This could stir things up within your emotional world and social circles. Be sure to navigate this with courage and honesty, especially if you're having to confront financial and/or emotional entanglements. On a brighter note, there is power in your ability to embrace change, as you can potentially harness this lunation to deepen connections and solidify financial strategies. Full moon reflection: What areas of life do you need to release control so you can allow transformation to unfold naturally? What boundaries need to be established? 

The full moon will unleash profound energy, particularly in your one-on-one relationships, Taurus. Illuminating your seventh house of agreements and significant others, anticipate deep emotional revelations and transformative shifts in your connections. Pluto's influence from your 10th house of authority may clash with the sun in your sign and the moon in your relationship sector, sparking conflicts between personal and professional desires. Be sure to navigate with honesty and compromise amidst these intense energies. Full moon reflection: What deeper truths are emerging within your relationships, and how can you use this awareness to foster greater intimacy and understanding with your partner and significant others?

At this time, profound shifts and insights are bound to unfold, particularly within your day-to-day routine, Gemini. April's full moon is shining a light on your sixth house of rituals, health habits, and daily devotions, but with the sun in your 12th house, inner conflicts may emerge between the transformation at play vs. your spiritual beliefs. Subconscious patterns are also likely to arise, but the key is to embrace self-awareness as well as the growth you're experiencing simultaneously. Full moon reflection: What subconscious patterns are emerging within your current routines, and how can you use this to facilitate deeper self-understanding and personal growth?

This year's full moon in Scorpio heralds a time of intensity and transformation, Cancer. Hovering over your fiery fifth house of creativity, children, authenticity, and passion projects, Luna is beckoning you to explore the depths of your soul's desires and unleash your creative spark with courage and confidence. Yet, amidst this creative fervor, the influence of Pluto from your eighth house may cast a shadow, stirring potential friction between your individual aspirations and your societal obligations. This clash of energies invites you to navigate a delicate balance between honoring your personal passions and fulfilling your commitments to others. Full moon reflection: What boundaries do need to be established to protect your creative energy and honor your personal needs while engaging with others?

This lunation marks a pivotal moment of introspection and transformation in your personal life, Leo. As the full moon graces your fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings, and emotional foundations, you may find yourself reflecting on your roots and early upbringing. However, the influence of Pluto (your significant others) could create friction between your personal and professional life, as you could feel burdened by the challenging demands of home and career simultaneously. Use this time to navigate these complexities with authenticity and grace, seeking balance and alignment between your private and public spheres. Full moon reflection: In what ways can you cultivate open communication and collaboration with your significant others to navigate challenges and conflicts effectively?

Your curiosities are at an all-time high, Virgo. This is all thanks to April's full moon, as it ignites your chatty third house of communication, immediate surroundings, and thought processes, sparking a deeper desire to understand the undercurrents of your conversations and exchanges. However, the influence of Pluto in Aquarius introduces a dynamic of tension between your thirst for knowledge and your commitment to stability and routine. It's a delicate balancing act between what's top of mind and the need to ground yourself in structure. Full moon reflection: Are there any limiting beliefs or rigid thinking patterns that are hindering your ability to embrace new perspectives and ideas? How can you release them?

Re-evaluate your values and possessions, Libra. The full moon in Scorpio is bringing awareness to your stability-seeking second house of money, finances, and creature comforts, prompting you to confront the root of your sense of security. However, with Pluto in Aquarius (via your fifth house) generating friction, conflicts may arise between your desire for financial freedom versus your need for emotional intimacy and transformation. Find balance by embracing change while honoring your values and commitments. Full moon reflection: Are beliefs or attachments around money and possessions holding you back from embracing change and pursuing a greater sense of fulfillment?

Happy full moon, Scorpio! This one's got your name on it, which means it's most certainly not for the faint of heart. In addition to this being a time for self-reflection and personal transformation, it's important to be gentle with yourself as you navigate the intensity and emotions that are bound to arise. For instance, the influence of Pluto in Aquarius (via your fourth house of home) could bring tension between your relationships and your sense of security. Use this opportunity to delve deep into your emotional world, communicate openly, and nurture both your personal growth and your connections with others. Full moon reflection: How can you channel the transformative energy of this lunation to manifest your desires and cultivate a greater sense of personal stability?

Prepare for a journey into the depths of your subconscious, Sagittarius. The full moon in Scorpio is activating your mysterious 12th house of secrets, closure, and unconscious patterns, inviting you to confront everything from unresolved emotions to the mysteries hidden in the depths of your psyche. Pluto in Aquarius (via your third house of the mind and immediate exchanges) creates friction between your desire for introspection vs. the dynamic of your day-to-day. The key is to find a balance between the need for inner exploration while maintaining open dialogue and establishing boundaries with those around you. Full moon reflection: How can you create a sacred space and carve out time for solitude amidst the demands of your daily routines and relationships? What insights or revelations are you receiving?

You're having to take a closer look at your ambitions and social networks, Capricorn. As the full moon illuminates your 11th house of associations, community affairs, and future visions, Luna will bring deep insights surrounding your long-term goals and dreams. This could simultaneously shed light upon colleagues, connections, and/or acquaintances who aren't on a similar frequency as you are. Also, with Pluto in Aquarius generating tension between your sense of belonging in the world vs. your need for recognition and self-expression, it's important to find a balance between your need for personal fulfillment and social pursuits. Full moon reflection: How can I discern which relationships and social connections align with my long-term goals, and which may be hindering my progress?

Heightened emotions and intensity surround your professional life. As the full moon in Scorpio casts its light upon your 10th house of authority and reputation, you may find yourself grappling with questions of purpose and direction while experiencing a heightened sensitivity to the dynamics of power and recognition in your chosen field. Pluto (in your sign) is also creating friction between your ambitions versus your desire for emotional security. This undeniable tension could manifest as a conflict between your drive for success and your longing for a sense of rootedness. Full moon reflection: How can you align your career ambitions with deeper values and aspirations, ensuring that your professional pursuits are meaningful and fulfilling?

You're embarking on a journey of self-discovery, Pisces. April's full moon in Scorpio brings light to your expansive ninth house of adventure, wisdom, and unknown territory, quenching your thirst for knowledge and experience. On the dark side, however, the influence of Pluto in Aquarius (in your twelfth house) stirs up friction between your pursuit of enlightenment and your need for introspection and spiritual renewal. The urge to venture into the unknown prompts you to confront deeper layers of your being, specifically unconscious patterns that could be hindering your growth at this very moment in time. Either way, this is an opportunity to explore the depths of your psyche as Luna sheds light on hidden aspects, facilitating profound transformation and evolution. Full moon reflection: How can you embrace the journey of this emotional experience, and what steps can you take to expand your self-awareness and understanding of the world around you?

Valerie is an astrologer, writer & visual storyteller. She writes horoscopes for PopSugar, StyleCaster, Elite Daily and more. For more of her work, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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