How The New Moon in Taurus (May 7, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The New Moon in Taurus (May 7, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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While basking in the peak of springtime, we witness our previously set intentions come into full bloom. Still, the upcoming new moon in Taurus invites us to reconsider our perception of stability, sensuality, and pleasure. How has your sense of security evolved in the past year? What are you working towards obtaining in the material world? The new moon phase marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, which is precisely why it’s such a pivotal time in the cosmos. Mystical and sacred, this lunar phase offers you the opportunity for reflection, renewal, and intention-setting. Similar to the way one would hope to plant seeds in soil that is rich and fruitful, it's important that we consider whether the intentions we’re setting for the future truly align with our core values. 


This year’s new moon in Taurus will renew itself on May 7 at 11:22 p.m. EST via 18 degrees of this fixed earth sign. In addition to it being the first earth sign in the zodiac, its fixed energy is symbolic of its consistency and commitment. On the dark side, this could also speak of Taurus’ stubborn mindset and inability to consider other perspectives. More importantly, the astrological house that this zodiac sign occupies in our birth chart represents areas of life where we are prone to prioritizing stability, security, and pleasure. Governed by Venus, Taurean energy is essentially here to remind us to stop and smell the roses, as it has everything to do with our appreciation and connection to the physical world. What are you grateful for?


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Not that there’s ever been such a thing as coincidences in astrology, but this lunation couldn’t come at a better time, especially when considering the intensity of this past eclipse season, followed by Mercury retrograde in Aries. With the sun and moon joining forces in Taurus, and its luscious ruling planet, Venus, happy as can be in its home sign, this is the breather we’ve all been desperately waiting for. It’s time to pause and take a moment to soak it all in. After all, there’s no rushing the slow-moving bull. On the contrary, it takes its time to get acclimated and put down roots. We are no exception at this time…so if, for whatever reason, you’re feeling rushed, remember to take a deep breath and exhale. You are exactly where you need to be at this very moment.


Astrologically, this is quite the charming lunation, as Luna will sit with the sun and Venus in Taurus as Jupiter begins to separate from Uranus in the same sign. That said, when looking back at springtime last year, how has your sense of self-worth evolved? What’s changed when regarding your value systems? The new moon is an opportunity to start again, so consider what you want to begin. Consider the areas of life where you’ve felt insecure or uncertain, and reflect on what grounds you so you can channel that same energy into your intentions. Be present in the moment, and open your heart to receive the blessings headed your way. Celebrate your efforts and hard work as you enter this new chapter of spiritual wealth and personal stability. 

See below your new moon horoscope and affirmation; be sure to read for your sun and rising sign:


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Keep your eyes on the prize, Aries. Themes surrounding your financial stability and sense of self-worth take center stage under May's new moon in Taurus. Touching down on your security-seeking second house of values, possessions, and money-making abilities, this is an opportunity for you to solidify your income streams and manage your resources more effectively.  New moon affirmation: I am deserving of the abundance headed towards me; my self-love is magnet for prosperity.


Happy new moon, Taurus! Take a moment to reflect on everything, from your blessings to your core values. Self-care takes precedence under this lunation, but it's also an opportunity for you to embrace your authenticity and pursue your desires with confidence. More importantly, with your sensual planetary ruler, Venus, in the mix, feel free to dress the part while you're at it! Put your favorite perfume on—whatever makes you feel beautiful. New moon affirmation: I am abundant & worthy of love; I embrace my authenticity with beauty and grace.


Ground your energy and rediscover your inner sanctuary, Gemini. The new moon is igniting your mystical 12th house of spirituality, privacy, and unconscious patterns, offering you the opportunity to surrender outdated patterns and pave the way for spiritual growth. Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you toward inner peace and emotional clarity. New moon affirmation: Trusting my inner wisdom brings me closer to inner peace; I am committed to the process.


New possibilities are beginning to bloom, Cancer. Leave it to a fruitful new moon in Taurus, via your socially conscious 11th house of associations, community affairs, and individual freedom to pave the way for exciting ventures. Set intentions to foster meaningful connections and expand your social circle. Luna is encouraging you to step into your power within your social sphere, forging bonds that bring both joy and fulfillment. New moon affirmation: I welcome the bonds & opportunities that align with my highest goals and aspirations.


This is a reminder to never give up on your dreams, Leo. With the moon renewing itself in Taurus via your 10th house of authority, this is an opportunity for you to position yourself for professional growth and pursue your ambitions with confidence and courage. Reflect on whether you're holding yourself accountable when considering responsibilities and your reputation in the world. New moon affirmation: I embrace the challenges that come my way, knowing they are stepping stones to my success.


Finding comfort in the unknown is easier said than done, but you have the support of the cosmos, Virgo. Luna is renewing itself in Taurus, activating your expansive ninth house of education, belief systems, and unknown territory, encouraging you to embrace new experiences and broaden your horizons. Whether it be a new-found value system or a business venture, trust your instincts, even if that means taking a risk. New moon affirmation: I am secure in my journey of exploration & growth; I trust my inner compass.


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The more willing you are to embrace your vulnerability, the deeper your connections will become, Libra. Under the new moon in Taurus, hovering over your eighth house of intimate unions and shared resources, you're encouraged to lean into your authenticity and allow yourself to bond freely with your loved ones. Being honest with yourself will strengthen everything from your personal relationships to the foundation of your shared assets. New moon affirmation: I am open to receiving love & support from those around me; I am deserving of genuine connections.


Are you fully and wholeheartedly committed to this union, Scorpio? With the moon renewing itself in Taurus via your seventh house of significant others, you're being presented with the opportunity to address lingering tensions or conflicts within your one-on-one connections, and ideally pave the way for greater growth and intimacy. Trust your instincts as you are worthy of relationships that are stable and based on mutual respect. New moon affirmation: I trust in the divine timing of my connections & welcome the lessons they bring.


Your well-being is under the influence of May's new moon in Taurus. Hovering over your sixth house of daily routines and acts of service, Luna is presenting you with the opportunity to establish a healthy lifestyle that supports you mentally and physically. While prioritizing self-care rituals and balancing your diet, the power of consistency will help you bring about positive changes in your life. New moon affirmation: I am dedicated to establishing a balanced lifestyle that supports my mental & physical health.


Your happiness is worth indulging in, Capricorn. With the moon renewing itself in your sister-sign Taurus, activating your fifth house of love, creativity, romance, and passion projects, you're being called to embrace the pleasures of life, and allow yourself to have more fun. Luna is simultaneously urging you to release rigid structures as a way to embrace more spontaneity. Trust in the wealth of your creative musings, and watch how beautifully they flourish. New moon affirmation: I welcome in the pleasures life & allow myself to experience joy and playfulness.


Honor the hearth of your inner sanctuary, Aquarius. The moon is renewing itself in Taurus via your cozy fourth house of home, family matters, and emotional foundations, offering you the opportunity to nurture your personal space and create a sense of bliss and harmony within. Luna is also encouraging you to prioritize your self-care and emotional well-being, creating a home (within and around you) that reflects your true essence while providing a haven of love and comfort. New moon affirmation: I cultivate a sense of rootedness and belonging within my home, and family unit.


Think twice before making assumptions, Pisces. The moon is renewing itself in Taurus, via your third house of communication, thought processes, and immediate circles, offering you the chance to enhance your skills and seek opportunities for stability and intellectual growth. Embrace the power of your positive affirmations, and don't be afraid to use your self-expression to manifest your dreams into reality. Your curiosity is blooming, and your perspective is shifting simultaneously. New moon affirmation: I welcome stability & clarity in my thought processes, allowing for greater understanding and insight. 

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