Sun Moon Rising Nail Polish Bundle (You Pick 3)

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The sun, moon, and rising signs are like the dynamic trio of your birth chart. Your sun sign reflects your core identity, the moon sign dives into your emotional landscape, and the rising sign sets the stage for how you present yourself to the world. With our Sun Moon Rising Nail Polish Bundle, you can choose nail polishes that resonate with each of these essential placements, allowing you to express your cosmic essence right at your fingertips!

Each of our Mystic Mani polishes are infused with real, micronized crystals, letting you take their healing energy with you on the go. Here's a look at what crystals each polish contains: 

We recommend pairing our polishes with our Super Cleanse Top Coat for best results. 

NOTE: FOR ORDERS MADE THROUGH INSTAGRAM SHOP, please tell us which 3 polishes you'd like to receive by emailing your selection to (not .com). To avoid this additional step, we recommend purchasing through our website where you can select the polishes in advance. Visit

Don't know your sun, moon, or rising sign? Just plug your birth date, time, and place into any astrology website or app, and voila! If you're not sure about your exact time of birth, you can still find out your sun sign easily by just using your birth date. For your moon and rising signs, some astrology websites and apps offer the option to select a default time (like noon) or provide interpretations for both the earliest and latest possible times on your birthdate. While it's not as precise as knowing your exact birth time, it can still give you some insights to work with!

All Love By Luna nail polishes are 21-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. 15ml bottle.

Our 21-free formulas do not contain the following: animal derivatives toluene, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde releaser, formaldehyde resin, phthalates, cyclic silicones, camphor, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), glycol ethers of series E, hydroquinone (HQ), triphenyl phosphate (TPP), nonylphenol ethoxylates, tera-butyl hydroperoxide, chromium oxide greens, bismuth oxychloride, carcinogenic mutagenic reprotoxic (CMR) substances, synthetic fragrances, ethyl tosylamide.

Focus on your desired intention and meditate with bottle in hand for 1 min. Shake bottle upside down vigorously to activate crystals (crystals tend to settle at bottom and formula may separate during shipping; this is normal).

With your intention still in mind, apply 2 coats of polish, allowing them to fully dry in between, and seal with a clear top coat of your choosing for best results. Whenever you see your polish, be reminded of the intentions that you've set!

We also recommend using these polishes in sync with the lunar cycle. Apply during the new moon for cleansing and renewal, and the full moon for manifestation and illumination.


scorpio nail polish

"My ♏ Rising & ♏ Moon approve this outstanding polish!!! Feeling those black depths w/glimpses of a blue sheen breaking through to soften the darkness..This is my 2nd bottle & definitely not my last!" - Jennifer

libra nail polish

"This colour is even better in person. I’ve washed dishes, done laundry and clean up after my little toddlers. I’m wearing two coats of colour and one coat of the top coat. The picture shows my nails after 4 days of wear! I’m so impressed. The Owner is so friendly and responsive too." - Vanessa

cancer nail polish

"The most stunning color I own. Every time I wear this color, I receive compliments. As a Cancer, it's my go-to. If you're on the fence, buy it, it's a year round staple in my polish arsenal." - Katie B.