How The New Moon in Gemini (June 18, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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The only thing more riveting than a Mercury-ruled season is the magical mutability that surrounds it. This modality is equally as versatile as it is action-packed with information, and sensory overload. (Remember, mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces—mark the ending of a season, which is one of the reasons why those born with these energies prominently placed are typically more adaptable, and flexible than most.) In the case of Mercury-ruled Gemini, we’re not just referring to the *first* air sign, but also the *first* mutable sign in the zodiac. The air element is very cerebral, as it represents everything from our communication style to the way we process information. 

After becoming more in touch with our sensual delights all throughout Taurus season, we approach the end of spring with a newly found perspective. We suddenly have the words to describe our relationship with mother earth, as well as a desire to explore our immediate surroundings. This process of cognitive development speaks to the essence of Gemini. Where does this mutable air sign live in your birth chart? Gemini rules our communication style, local community and day-to-day miscellanies. This, of course, includes your siblings, neighbors and inner circle of peers who more often than not play a role in your decision-making process. More importantly, the astrological house this mutable air sign occupies in your chart can bring awareness to what piques your interests, and quenches your curiosity. 

On that note, before we take a closer look at the astrology of the upcoming new moon in Gemini, let’s clarify the spiritual meaning of this auspicious lunar phase. In addition to marking the beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle, the new moon occurs when the sun joins forces with the moon via the same degree of a zodiac sign. Moreover, the moon represents your innermost feelings and emotional foundations, while the sun symbolizes your ego and physical identity. Anything is possible when both of these ever-glowing luminaries come together, as its mysticism and potency stems from its innate fertility. Having said that, this is an excellent time to reflect on your goals and dreams, so that you may plant your seeds of intention for the future.

Vanishing into the velvet night on June 18 at exactly 12:37 a.m. EST, the moon will renew itself via 26 degrees of inquisitive Gemini. BTW, you might’ve noticed how the past couple of new moons activated the later degrees of their prospective signs. Essentially, this means that there is something we’re in the process of clearing and/or finalizing in our personal lives, but I digress. Despite whether you’re setting new intentions at this time, this is an opportunity to take in fresh insight, and perhaps even see both sides of a situation. What are you looking forward to executing and manifesting? Governed by Mercury via its sign of rulership (because it’s currently in Gemini) this lunation can bring more meaning to the dynamic of our immediate surroundings.

On a more perplexing note, the sun and moon will square off with perplexing Neptune, which is where things can suddenly seem more ambiguous than we’re comfortable admitting. That being said, if you’re feeling restless or hesitant, it’s important to cultivate balance between your logical and intuitive mind. Although, given the influence of all-encompassing Neptune, we’d be better off surrendering the need to overanalyze (Gemini) things, and allowing our third eye/inner knowing to speak for itself. Allow yourself to become acclimated to this newly found awareness.

Read on for what to expect during this year's new moon in Gemini, along with a new-moon affirmation, according to your zodiac sign:

You’re not alone—just look over your shoulder, honey! The new moon will ignite your curious third house of communication and immediate surroundings, and all while your celestial ruler continues to charge up your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression. You’re being presented with a clean slate, specifically when in regards to your mindset, messaging and general approach. While at odds with foggy Neptune, however, it is important to hold space for your intuitive downloads, as opposed to squeezing the logic out of every single piece of information. New Moon Affirmation: There’s divinity at my fingertips; I see and think clearly when I trust my inner knowing.

The new moon will shake up your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and security, and all while your celestial ruler, Venus, continues to charge up your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings. You’re likely taking a closer look at your value systems, specifically when in regards to your living space and/or personal life. This lunation will also face off with Neptune via your 11th house of ideals, creating friction between what you know firsthand vs. what you aspire to become, or manifest. If you feel as though your finances are being affected, don’t be discouraged by the uncertainty. Allow this lunation to bring you out of your comfort zone, because you’ll likely see something with a new pair of lenses. New Moon Affirmation: I surrender resistance and fear; I am aligned with my soul’s purpose.

This one’s got your name on it, so make a wish! The best part? In addition to having the sun and moon joining forces in your mutable territory, you also have your savvy planetary ruler, Mercury, on your side. Meanwhile, with both Mars and Venus sizzling through your curious third house of communication and immediate surroundings, you are likely as vocal and expressive as ever with your peers. The catch? This lunation will square off with Neptune in your career sector, adding a layer of uncertainty and ambiguity to the mix. That said, if you’re having trouble making a professional decision, or feel as if you’re lacking clarity around a particular topic, be sure to follow your intuition. You don’t need evidence to validate your inner wisdom. New Moon Affirmation: I value my truth above superficial appearances; I trust the path that I am currently on.

The moon rules you, and it will renew itself in Gemini via your 12th house of closure, dreams, inhibitions and unconscious patterns. This could bring awareness to a subconscious mindset and/or self-dialogue that no longer resonates with your soul’s vibrations. This is especially true when in regards to your future goals and dreams, as the moon will also face off with Neptune in Pisces, via your expansive ninth house of wisdom, education and self-discovery. The path may not be as clear as you’d like, but this doesn’t mean your higher self doesn’t already know where it’s going. New Moon Affirmation: I am more in tune than I realize; I release all the negative thoughts blocking my third eye.

We all get by with a little help from our friends, so don’t hesitate to lean on your soul tribe for support. The moon will renew itself in Gemini, and via your socially conscious 11th house of associations, community affairs and visions of the future. Fortunately, with both Mars and Venus sizzling through your sign, you have both the courage and confidence to make things happen. Whether it be a professional network you’re hoping to work with, or a group of individuals who share similar hopes and dreams, you’ll want to be sure to harness the energy of this lunation moving forward. Sitting in a perplexing square to Neptune, there could be a blockage and/or lack of clarity within a significant partnership. Don’t jump to conclusions until you have your facts straight. New Moon Affirmation: My purpose and passion bring me closer to the success I crave; my mind is energized and focused.

The moon is renewing itself in Gemini, and it’s touching down on your bossy 10th house of authority, career moves and public persona. Keep in mind, it’s not just the sun and moon charging up this area of your chart, as your planetary ruler, Mercury, is also transiting this area of your chart. All in all, this brings emphasis and focus to themes surrounding everything from your professional environment to your desire for leadership. On a more challenging note, this lunation will square off with Neptune in your relationship sector, which creates friction between the role you’re mentally embodying vs. the foundation of a contractual agreement. You may feel at odds when approaching a particular relationship, but don’t let the uncertainty derail you. New Moon Affirmation: I am achieving my dreams; I am capable of anything I put my mind to.

The possibilities are endless, and you’re seeing this first-hand. Perhaps it’s a combination of being back in your breezy (air) element, and the fact that your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, is dazzling your 11th house of community as we speak. Either way, the moon is renewing itself in Gemini via your 10th house of authority, reputation and legacy in the world, which presents you with an opportunity to start again, whether in terms of career or your social standing. The challenge, however, could potentially stem from the moon’s square to Neptune in your sixth house of day-to-day due diligence, as you could feel a sense of ambiguity when in regards to your deliverables, or your general well being. New Moon Affirmation: What I am seeking is seeking me; my hard work will soon turn into success.

The moon is renewing itself in the curious sign of Gemini, bringing fertility and new beginnings to your eighth house of intimate unions, shared resources and energetic exchanges. What makes this all the more interesting is, you have both Venus and your co-ruler, Mars, charging up your 10th house of reputation, public persona and legacy in the world. Having said that, this new investment could very well revolve around your professional life, but with Neptune fogging things up in Pisces, you could simultaneously feel creatively blocked at this time. Either way, don’t be discouraged by the uncertainty; your muse may be fickle but it’s still your guide. New Moon Affirmation: I am a powerful manifestor; I consciously choose to invest my energy wisely.

If you’ve been feeling unsure about the future of a relationship, or simply lacking the clarity you seek, be sure to keep an open mind during this lunation. For instance, the moon will renew itself in Gemini via your committed seventh house of agreements and significant others. Keep in mind, both Mars and Venus are in the midst of dazzling your ninth house of expansion, opportunity and self-discovery, which can bring awareness to a contractual agreement, if not a joint venture you’re considering in the near future. The sun and moon will also face off with Neptune, which could create feelings of restlessness and/or uncertainty, specifically when in regards to family matters, and/or your living space. New Moon Affirmation: I trust the pull in my heart guiding me forward; I communicate with honesty and integrity.

The moon governs your relationship sector, and it’s renewing itself in Gemini via your responsible sixth house of health, work routines, and everyday duties. Whether it be about a significant other or a business partner, you’re being presented with an opportunity to maximize your day-to-day affairs. This could be whilst connecting with those in your immediate environment, but the moon’s square to Neptune in this area of your chart could simultaneously blur the lines between what’s practical vs. what you’re intuitively sensing. Also, when considering the effects of both Mars and Venus in Leo—dazzling your eighth house of intimate unions and shared resources—chances are this conversation revolves around finances, and/or themes of give and take. New Moon Affirmation: My words mean business, and my positive mindset makes sure it all falls into place.

It’s time to brainstorm, and put some of those brilliant ideas in motion! The moon will renew itself in Gemini via your expressive fifth house of love, passion, creativity and celebration, bringing fertility and new beginnings to everything from your personal branding to your desire for recognition. For some of you, this could be a newly found awareness around words of affirmation, while others of you use your words to make art. Conversations are as stimulating as ever, and with both Mars and Venus charging up your relationship sector, it’s safe to say your swagger is on point. On the dark side, this lunation will square off with Neptune, which means you could be second-guessing yourself and/or lack clarity around your passion projects. New Moon Affirmation: I choose to talk to myself kindly; I celebrate my quirky eccentricities and sparkling mind.

The moon is renewing itself in Gemini, bringing emphasis to your fourth house of home, family matters, and innermost feelings. What does “home” and “safety” mean to you? Are you comfortable expressing yourself, specifically when it comes to your personal life? There is a new beginning taking place in regards to your home sweet home, even if it’s something as simple as re-adorning your living space. Meanwhile, with Mars and Venus dazzling your sixth house of work responsibilities and day-to-day due diligence, you are likely as energized and as confident as ever, both in the workplace and in terms of your fitness routine.The catch, however, could potentially stem from the moon’s square to your celestial ruler, Neptune, as you could feel uncertain and/or out of your element when it comes to your approach. Where to begin? New Moon Affirmation: I am exactly where I need to be at this very moment; I am a magnet for miracles.

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