How The Full Moon in Capricorn (July 3, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Full Moon in Capricorn (July 3, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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The only thing more mysterious than the moon’s glimmering and enigmatic lure are the cyclical energies that come with it. Although, if you pay close attention to Mother Moon's many phases, you’ll likely come to find that they are equally as enriching as they are validating. A reflection of our human development, getting in touch with the lunar cycle is essential to our soul’s growth, as it not only helps us become grounded within ourselves but also more self-aware of our emotionality. On that note, observing the moon’s ebb and flow brings awareness to the natural fluctuations occurring within and around you. For instance, where the new moon presents us with a clean slate to plant our seeds of intention, the waxing crescent phase begins to build momentum in order for us to set those plans in motion. The full moon, on the other hand, marks a time of celebration and harvest. It is equivalent to a full-circle moment, and the same way it adorns the night sky with its majestic presence, it shines a light on what’s hidden from our conscious mind. As you may remember, the moon sits directly opposite the sun during the full moon phase. This is a call for balance between the divine feminine (moon) and sacred masculine (sun) energies within us all. 

With all of that being said, there’s a full moon headed our way, and it will reach its peak of fullness via 11 degrees of Capricorn on July 3rd at exactly 7:38 a.m. EST. At this very moment, the sun will be sitting alongside Mercury in Cancer while in opposition to the moon in Capricorn. For reference on this energy, think back to the new moon in the same sign that took place on December 23, 2022. Also, take a moment to reflect on the essence of Saturn-ruled Capricorn, as well as the astrological house it governs in your birth chart. (Hint: this is the area of life where you’re typically the most pragmatic, or likely require the most discipline and structure.) More importantly, this lunation marks the half-way point of the calendar year. And if there’s one thing Father Time (a.k.a. Saturn) does best, it’s “checking in” on our personal and professional progress. For instance, what have you been working on since December 2022, and how has this come to fruition in your life? Have you been tending to your goals, and doing everything that it takes to succeed in the process? Governed by the taskmaster planet (Saturn), Capricorn’s cardinal earth is symbolic of the foundation that allows us to solidify our life purpose. What do you want your legacy to be about? What would you tell the world upon reaching the top of the mountain?

With the sun and Mercury in domestic Cancer, there is greater emphasis on the emotional exploration behind your future goals and dreams. Look at it this way, while Capricorn speaks to the foundation of our life’s structure, Cancer represents our sense of security and innermost feelings. That said, who are you when you come home after a long and strenuous day of work? This is precisely where Cancer’s archetype comes to life. So, consider this an opportunity to not only check-in with yourself and your goals, but also reflect on how you’re “feeling” about this new venture. Does it feel safe? Are your feet planted firmly on the ground? This full moon in Capricorn is shining a light on where we need to honor our own authority. Moreover, with Capricorn’s ruler (Saturn) retrograde in Pisces, we are also becoming more aware of the boundaries that need to be set moving forward. Neptune-ruled Pisces not only teaches us how to cultivate faith, but also how to surrender our fears and doubts to the divine. In other words, where are you being too idealistic? Are the sacrifices you’re making truly worth it? On a brighter note, Jupiter will be in harmony with this lunation, and all while transiting security-seeking Taurus. This is a beneficial aspect, as it is supporting everything from our endeavors to our aspirations moving forward.  

In the meantime, read on for your full moon in Capricorn horoscope and reflection, according to your zodiac sign:

Everything from your sense of authority to your approach on a professional endeavor is being brought to your attention at this time. Charging up your 10th house of parenting, boss moves, authority figures and legacy in the world—while its taskmaster ruler, Saturn, retrogrades through your 12th house of surrender—it's important to consciously go within in order to reflect on your personal needs, despite whether or not it sits well with the rest of the world. The financial decisions you make at this time (and/or your personal value systems) are supported by both Jupiter and Saturn. Full moon reflection: Are your personal and professional goals in alignment with one another? What did you accomplish this past year?

Before looking towards the future for validation, take a moment to reflect on where it all began. For instance, the moon will reach its peak of fullness in Capricorn—via your expansive ninth house of self-discovery and unknown territory—bringing everything from a longterm goal to an significant journey full-circle. Keep in mind, this could be a new-found philosophy around friendship, or a collaboration you have in the works. Saturn is, after all, the ruler of this lunation, and it's retrograde in your 11th house of community and future visions. Follow your intuition when it comes to your immediate exchanges. Full moon reflection: How have your longterm goals and dreams evolved in the past year? What are you genuinely seeking at this time?

Your full-circle moment will likely revolve around the foundation of your mergers, shared resources and contractual agreements. Luna will peak in pragmatic Capricorn, bringing awareness to your 8th house of intimate unions, energetic exchanges and other people's money, but there's more. With the sun and your celestial ruler, Mercury, igniting your second house of finances, security and values, you're being encouraged to go within and truly honor your personal needs in the process. This could be professionally, or perhaps when it comes to a prominent authority figure. Check in with yourself, and set the necessary boundaries. Full moon reflection: What kind of structure are you looking to cultivate by the end of 2023? How has the foundation of your exchanges transformed?

Relationships take precedence under the light of lunation, Cancer. Although, this is especially prominent for you, considering we're also in the midst of your solar season. With the moon reaching its peak of fullness in pragmatic Capricorn—your committed seventh house of agreements and significant others—a significant partnership could come full-circle at this time. Keep in mind, both the sun and Mercury are occupying your sign, simultaneously encouraging you to check-in with yourself, and remain true to your feelings in the process. And with taskmaster Saturn retrograde in Pisces and your ninth house of expansion, there is greater emphasis on the beliefs you have of this partnership. Full moon reflection: Are you comfortable asserting yourself and expressing your needs? How have your contractual agreements evolved in the past year? 

Take a step back, and retreat if needed, Leo. The full moon will touch down on your responsible sixth house of health, due diligence and acts of service, and all while sitting in opposition to the sun and Mercury in your sleepy 12th house. Whether consciously or unconsciously, it's important to hold space for your mental, physical and spiritual well being, especially if you've been overworking yourself or simply preoccupied with day-to-day duties. Also, the ruler of the lunation (Saturn retrograde) is currently activating your eighth house of intimate unions and energetic exchanges, which adds a layer of pragmatism and structure to your interpersonal relationships. Full moon reflection: Is there an equal amount of give and take in this commitment? Have you established a formal agreement?

With the full moon igniting your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression, you are likely gaining awareness on the foundation of your desires, if not the muse behind your creativity. Others of you could be seeking recognition or acknowledgment from an authority figure, but with the sun and Mercury charging up your 11th house of associations and individual freedom, it's important to reflect on the dynamic of your social contributions and aspirations, specifically those that no longer resonate with the person you're becoming. Saturn is also retrograde in your relationship sector, suggesting the possibility of you surrendering a union moving forward, while others of you feel the need to set firm boundaries. Full moon reflection: What talents and skills are you ready to master? Have you unconsciously inhibited yourself or your authenticity for the sake of a commitment?

Luna will touch down on your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings, bringing awareness to everything from your emotional foundation to the structure of your humble abode. Given that Saturn (ruler of this lunation) is symbolic of the Father in astrology, the taskmaster's retrograde journey through your sixth house of due diligence will shed light on where you've been lacking discipline and/or direction in your everyday life. Although, while in opposition to the sun and Mercury in Cancer, it's important to communicate and reflect on how you're feeling about this, whether in regards to your sense of authority or towards a prominent parental figure. Full moon reflection: Are you staying true to yourself, and maximizing your day-to-day lifestyle? How has the structure of your daily routine evolved in the last year?

The foundation of your communication style and immediate surroundings is being illuminated under July's full moon in Capricorn, as it will touch down on your curious third house of the mind, and local community. For reference, think back to the new moon that took place back in December 2022, as you are likely gaining insight and perspective on similar themes during this time. More importantly, with the sun and Mercury sitting in direct opposition to the moon—via your expansive ninth house of travel and self-discovery—you're being encouraged to be more vocal when in regards to your emotionality, and that which makes you feel genuinely secure. Full moon reflection: Whether romantically or professionally, do feel secure in your unique expression? How has your personal branding evolved in the past year?

In order for you to feel rooted in your personal life, you will need to communicate or better yet, have some much-needed heart-to-heart conversations with your significant other(s). Luna will reach its peak of fullness in Capricorn, bringing celebration and full-circle moments to your second house of finances, security and value systems. Meanwhile, the sun will join forces with Mercury (the ruler of your relationship sector) in Cancer, bringing insight and perspective to eighth house themes such as "giving and receiving." If you've been experiencing blockages or restrictions with family dynamics, (thanks to Saturn retrograde) this is something else you may need to get clear on. Full moon reflection: What familiar (home) attachments have you surrendered this past year? Do you have a financial plan in the works for the future?

This one's for you, Capricorn. Make a wish, and don't hesitate to lean on your significant other(s) for support. The moon will reach its peak in your sign, bringing intentions you set back in December 2022 to fruition. Luna will also sit in opposition to the sun and Mercury in Cancer (via your relationship sector) suggesting that this could possibly revolve around an important conversation you had in the recent past, if not will need to have moving forward. This, of course, goes hand in hand with your taskmaster ruler Saturn, as it is retrograde in Pisces via your communication sector and third house of local affairs. A new system and structure will likely be put in place. Full moon reflection: How can you remain true to your sense of authority, without losing sight of your partners needs? What are you looking forward to accomplishing by the end of 2023?

Take a step back, and reconnect with your higher self, Aquarius. This is especially true with the moon reaching its peak of fullness in Capricorn, and your secretive 12th house of closure, dreams and unconscious patterns. Keep in mind, the sun will be sitting alongside Mercury in Cancer, via your responsible sixth house of health, daily due diligence and acts of service, simultaneously highlighting how important it is to communicate, speak up, and ask for help when needed. After all, you may prefer to work solo behind the scenes, but that doesn't mean it's mentally, physically and/or spiritually fulfilling. Full moon reflection: Have you been over-sacrificing yourself for the sake of maintaining your sense of authority? How can you maximize your day without having to burn out?

This month's full moon will charge up your socially conscious 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom, and all while sitting in opposition to the sun and Mercury in your fifth house of love, passion and self-expression. Meanwhile, with the moon's taskmaster ruler, Saturn, retrograde in your sign, you're being called to reflect on everything from your recent accomplishments to what you're genuinely trying to achieve for yourself before the year comes to a close. This is where you're honoring your sense of authority, but also remaining open to criticism and tough love if it brings you closer to the self-mastery you seek. Full moon reflection: What actions are you taking to achieve your personal and professional goals? Are you being true to your heart's desires in the process?

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