How The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May 5, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May 5, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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There’s an emotionally charged lunar eclipse headed our way, but before we discuss the intensity (not to mention volatility) of its astrological aspects, let’s take a deep dive into the energetic atmosphere of this eclipse story. After all, the Nodes of Fate are just months away from concluding their journey through the astrological axis of security-seeking Taurus and regenerative Scorpio. (Keep in mind, May’s penumbral eclipse will be the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio for about 8 years, which makes it all the more prominent to consider.) A fixed water sign governed by Mars and Pluto, there isn’t anything remotely subtle about smoldering Scorpio, so one can only imagine the magnitude of this lunar eclipse catharsis… and to think, it doesn’t even end there!

Also referred to as the North and South Node—the points in the sky where the Sun and Moon meet during an eclipse—the lunar nodes indicate everything from the theme of our karmic journey to the astrological energies we’re destined to work with, both individually and as a collective. Every year and a half or so, the Nodes of Destiny change signs and this shift ultimately reflects onto the energy of our emotional, and physical reality. The North Node is where we’re energetically supported and collectively headed, while the South Node represents the residual karma and visceral comfort zone(s) that need to be surrendered for our highest good. For reference, think back to January 2022, when the Nodes of the Moon first entered Taurus-Scorpio, an astrological axis that is symbolic of life and death. You’ll also want to check which houses belong to these fixed signs in your birth chart.

May’s full moon lunar eclipse is a wildcard, and for more reasons than one. For starters, lunar eclipses bring powerful endings that could take about six months to unfold, but the essence of Scorpio can be equally as alchemizing as it is destructive. Moreover, in addition to being the last lunar eclipse in this fixed water sign, it’s also working with the South Node in the same sign. This will not only bring awareness to the repressed emotions we didn’t know we had, but also assist in the transformation process that comes with the closing of a significant chapter. This is equivalent to a deep cleaning but more importantly, it’s shedding light on the unconscious parts of ourselves that didn’t feel comfortable and/or secure to embody. It’s also important to reflect on where we allowed an illusion and/or comfort zone to derail us from our spiritual journey.

This is especially true when considering the moon’s direct opposition to the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus. (Hint: what happened during the lunar eclipse in Taurus that took place back in November 2022? The second half of this eclipse-story is coming to fruition.) Themes of self-worth, value systems and financial security are coming to the forefront, but only so we can break free of the shadowy limitations that have been keeping us stagnant. Whether you look at it from a physical or spiritual perspective, a karmic chapter is coming to a close, whatever had/has the power to influence your peace of mind and sense of security is beginning to fall away. This could even be a false belief you’ve unconsciously subscribed to that’s being brought to the surface. Be mindful and discerning of your triggers, but don’t be afraid to do the necessary shadow work.

Traditional astrology believes the moon in Scorpio to be at its fall… but what’s worse is, Scorpio’s co-ruler, Mars, is also in its detriment when swimming through Cancer’s cardinal waters. (Again, to say this energy is going to be emotionally volatile would be an understatement, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, will also be retrograde in Aquarius, which continues to assist in the eclipse purge, but there’s more. Go-getter Mars will be in cahoots with the moon, and all while in harmony with the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus. This synergy epitomizes the phrase “the only way out is through,” so take this opportunity to claim your power and show up for yourself unapologetically.

In the meantime, read on for your full moon lunar eclipse horoscope and reflection:

Ready or not, here it comes! Whether it be in terms of career or romance, the shadow side of your intimate unions is being magnified under the influence of May's lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Your red-hot planetary ruler, Mars, is also igniting your fourth house of home, family matters and innermost feelings, which validates the emotional weight of your temperament. Although, with the moon sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus (your money, values and sense of security) there's an opportunity to break free from a toxic belief system, and/or comfort zone that's been inhibiting your soul's growth. Lunar eclipse reflection: Is your self-dialogue empowering you, or depleting your energy? How has your definition of stability evolved in the last six months?

Your fixed personality has been left with no choice but to adapt to a series of unexpected shake-ups, but this eclipse story is also a call for balance, Taurus. Touching down on your seventh house of agreements and significant others—all while sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in your sign—this lunar eclipse is urging you to retrace your steps, specifically when in regards to the one-on-one partnerships and relationships that might've influenced your sense of security, and individual freedom. When considering the rulers of this lunar eclipse (Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Aquarius), many of you will come to terms with the toxicity stemming from your immediate environment, thought process and/or desire to be in authority. Lunar eclipse reflection: What parts of yourself have you compromised for the sake of a commitment? Have these connections flourished in a positive way?

Reflect on the inspiration behind your day-to-day rituals, and the dynamic of your routines, Gemini. This lunar eclipse isn't going to be as smooth as we would like it to be, so it'd be best to release all of the pressure and/or burdens you have on your plate at this time. After all, the eclipse will shake up your sixth house of health, due diligence and acts of service, but all while making a direct opposition to the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in your 12th house of unconscious patterns, and all things behind the scenes. Whether it be a comfort zone you choose to keep private, or a subconscious programming around the worth of your daily efforts, this energy is setting you free. Lunar eclipse reflection: What needs to be eliminated in your day-to-day life for the sake of your inner peace? Are your habits healthy or extreme?

Your inner child is calling, Cancer. Whether it be creatively or in terms of your desire for recognition, this lunar eclipse is bringing awareness to the shadowy attributes of your self-expression, as well as the areas where you may lack "self love." Igniting your fifth house of children, romance, passion projects and your heart's desires, this lunar eclipse will sit directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in your 11th house of community. Keep in mind, this eclipse is also ruled by Mars in your sign, which continues to validate the strength behind your emotionality... or on the dark side, the resentment you've unknowingly projected onto others. It's time to surrender the fear and the pain. Lunar eclipse reflection: Have you unconsciously allowed your desire to "fit in" to inhibit your authentic expression? Is your inner child holding a grudge?

Going within takes courage but luckily, you don't have a problem in that arena... right, Leo? Easier said than done when you're governed by the sun, but the shadowy Underworld surrounds your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings. In other words, this lunar eclipse is bringing awareness to the dark side of your emotional foundations, as well as the unconscious fears that may have influenced your sense of authority. Sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, this is an opportunity to retrace your steps and reflect on what fuels your sense of security. Maybe it was your relationship with an authority figure, or the struggles you watched someone dear to you face when in regards to their financial security. You're breaking the cycle, because it's time. Lunar eclipse reflection: How can you rewrite this story on behalf of your ancestors? How have you come into your own in the past six months?

Some say that we are a reflection of those we consciously choose to surround ourselves with, Virgo. And with the lunar eclipse activating your thought-provoking third house of communication, siblings, neighbors and immediate surroundings, a shadowy attribute could come up to the surface, perhaps in a way you were not expecting. This could be an unconscious belief system you've attached yourself to for the sake of feeling secure, or perhaps a sudden epiphany around your insatiable urge for travel, adventure and the truth. Sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, what you may once valued in your close peers could shift dramatically, especially with the ruler of this eclipse (Mars) charging up your 11th house of friendship and community affairs. Lunar eclipse reflection: Does your soul still resonate with the energy of your inner circles? What truths are you discovering on your own terms?

You're taking notice of your shadow side, especially when it comes to your shared resources and intimate unions, Libra. Whether it be a toxic value system you unknowingly attached yourself to, or perhaps the fear of not being able to make ends meet without the help of a significant other, this eclipse is here to set you free. Fueled by Mars in Cancer—via your 10th house of authority figures, public persona and legacy in the world—you could be reflecting on the financial hardships of a prominent parent, if not feeling intuitively led to ask for a salary increase in the workplace. Whatever the case may be, the results might surprise you, as your full circle moment will be equally as revealing as it is liberating. Call your power back. Lunar eclipse reflection: Have you been unknowingly compromising your sense of self-worth? Do you resonate with your significant other's unique value systems?

You're rising from the ashes like the Phoenix, Scorpio. And though the process of shadow work is never a walk in the park, this lunar eclipse is here to liberate you and help you surrender what's been keeping your spirit stagnant. Touching down on your first house of self, while sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, an abrupt change in your one-on-one partnerships could set you free, but not in the way you're expecting. Keep in mind, Mars in Cancer (in your expansive ninth house of self-discovery) is fueling this eclipse—along with your modern ruler, Pluto, via your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings—which means the ending of this chapter could reflect a ancestral pattern and/or belief system you're ready to break free from. Feel your feelings, and don't be afraid to lean on a mentor for wisdom and emotional support. Lunar eclipse reflection: Do you feel inhibited or empowered around your significant other(s)? Is the comfort you experience in your commitments authentic, or an illusion?

You're surrendering what no longer serves you, especially the need to compromise your day-to-day affairs, for the sake of meeting a significant other halfway. This could be work-related or when it comes to general acts of service, but with the full moon lunar eclipse charging up your 12th house of closure, inhibitions and unconscious patterns, you could have an unexpected epiphany around the time and energy you invest into your external reality, as well as the driving force behind your health habits. Given that Mars will be leading this lunation — via your eighth house of intimate unions and shared resources — this could be stemming from the desire to continue nurturing an emotional connection, if not a significant other's family traditions. Lunar eclipse reflection: Are your investments in alignment with your soul's truth? Or is there a power dynamic you're unaware of? 

A much-needed rebirth is underway, but all you need to do is follow your heart, Capricorn. Igniting your 11th house of community affairs and social contributions, this lunar eclipse will bring awareness to the darker attributes of your friendship groups, as well as the power dynamics that surround your social cliques. Fueled by Mars in Cancer in your relationship sector—and Pluto in Aquarius via your stability-seeking second house—you could have an unexpected realization during this time, perhaps when in regards to your desire for recognition and/or individual freedom. If you've been seeking validation from a particular community, this could come up as well. However, the eclipse will sit directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus, highlighting your personal attachment to an identity you believe to be of value. Lunar eclipse reflection: What makes you feel secure in your self-expression? Have other individuals influenced your idea of happiness?

What's getting in the way of you taking the lead, and doing things your way, Aquarius? Whether it be your perception of success, or an idea (around stability) that was unconsciously projected onto you as a child, this lunar eclipse is bringing a karmic cycle to a close. Touching down on your bossy 10th house of legacy, reputation and public persona—while sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in Taurus—you're being encouraged to reflect on the unconscious comfort zones and/or illusions you might've believed to be true once upon a time. Be it with regards to your living space, or what is of "value" in your personal life, you're liberating yourself from an unconscious "codependency" that is no longer resonating with your truth. Granted, with your modern ruler, Uranus, in the mix, expect the unexpected. Pluto is also in your sign—not to mention the co-ruler of this eclipse—so don't be afraid to find power in your eccentricities. Lunar eclipse reflection: Are your professional goals in alignment with your soul's frequency? Have you unknowingly attached yourself to an unrealistic lifestyle?

Gone are the days when you used to look at the world as a dark and untrustworthy place, Pisces. Igniting your expansive ninth house of wisdom and self-discovery—while sitting directly across from the sun, Uranus and Mercury retrograde in your third house of communication and immediate surroundings—you're having an unexpected shift in perspective, specifically when in regards to finances, security and what is of genuine value to you. After all, with the eclipse rulers activating your fifth house of authenticity (Mars) and 12th house of unconscious patterns (Pluto), your passion and desire for freedom is precisely what is fueling the ending of this chapter. You might have always felt comfortable in your duality, but it's time to pick a path without the fear of the "grass being greener on the other side" getting to you. Lunar eclipse reflection: Are you aware of the darker undercurrents surrounding your personal philosophy? Does this worldview stem from a place of comfort, or a false expectation?

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