How The New Moon in Taurus (May 19, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The New Moon in Taurus (May 19, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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As much as we’re astrologically conditioned to stop and smell the roses all throughout Taurus season, the cosmos has another plan in store this year. The good news is, we’ve officially closed out a tumultuous eclipse season (followed by Mercury going direct on May 14) but the sky is incredibly active. For instance, in the days leading up to (and surrounding) May’s new moon in Taurus, three planets will change signs: Jupiter, Mars and the sun. That in itself speaks volumes, but there are more dynamic aspects to consider as well. However, let’s take a closer look at the energies of the new moon, before we get ahead of ourselves. 

On May 19 at exactly 11:53 a.m. EST, the moon will renew itself via 28 degrees of sensually driven Taurus. As you may remember, the new moon takes place when the sun joins forces with the moon via the same degree of a zodiac sign. The beginning of a brand-new lunar cycle, this moon phase presents us with a clean slate to start again, and fertile energies to manifest with. Don’t be discouraged by its lack of visibility; on the contrary, the new moon reminds us of the true potency that lies in the dark. Similar to when you go inward, and/or take a step back to work on something behind the scenes, this lunar phase is equally as mysterious as it is auspicious.

Speaking of planting seeds of fertility, when considering Taurus’ fixed earth element, there is truly no such thing as soil more rich. Governed by luscious Venus, it’s no wonder this astrological season takes place when Mother Nature is in full bloom. Abundant and vivacious, its Venusian expression is a manifestation of our earthly pleasures and delights. Taurus is sustenance; its archetype is also a reminder of our innate self-reliance, because the truth is, we are complete exactly as we are. This season is about honoring our biological rhythm, as we are becoming more conscious of our physical vessel and general sustainability. 

There will be six planets in this sign of Taurus during this lunation: sun, moon, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and the North Node. Really let that sink in, because this doesn’t happen very often let alone during a new moon. I do want to point out the North Node, as it amplifies the energy of the zodiac sign its transiting through. That said, there are new beginnings and foundations being established under this lunation, but within close proximity to change-maker Uranus, disruptions and/or exciting new chapters are also likely. Sitting in a harmonious sextile to dreamy Neptune, there is an intuitive and supportive synergy guiding us forward, and possibly even strengthening our connection to spirit. 

Luna will also harmonize with Mars, which is where we lean on our instincts and intuition to take action. Keep in mind, the influence of Uranus could shake things up after you’ve decided to commit to a particular path, but it’s important to trust in its divine intervention. In fact, these unexpected shifts could lead to a nice surprise, as it is a blessing in disguise. More importantly, however, Jupiter will face off with Pluto retrograde via zero degrees of their prospective signs. Now, despite the undeniable tension of the square, its influence is also positive because what is being amplified, unveiled and/or transformed is simultaneously helping us become more aligned with our true north.

Look at it this way: if watering your own garden requires you to minimize and simplify, so be it. In the meantime, reflect on what it is you truly value and possess as an individual, and spiritual being. A new-found sense of stability awaits you, but you must first claim what is yours, and own up to your self-worth.

Read below for what to expect during this year's new moon in Taurus, along with an affirmation, according to your zodiac sign:

Your sense of stability is shifting, but not in the way you think. This new moon will ignite your financially savvy second house of comfort, finances, and stability, and all while in close proximity to change-maker Uranus. This is an opportunity for you to surrender outdated attachments and unconscious patterns that aren't serving your highest good. Venus in Cancer is the ruler of this new moon, so themes of home, family and emotional foundations are bound to come up for review. However, while in harmony with Mars and Neptune, it is important for you to follow your inner knowing as you step into this new reality, as you are being encouraged to trust the process and reconnect with a new-found sense of security. New moon affirmation: The universe supports me on my soul journey; I am fully aware of my worth and capabilities.

This one's got your name on it, so make it count, Taurus. In addition to having both the sun and the moon joining forces in your sign, you have the support of Mercury, Uranus and the North Node. Plant your seeds of intention, but be sure to reflect on what you're looking to stabilize and solidify in the longterm. Whether personally or financially, success comes in unexpected ways, especially when considering the influence of change-maker Uranus. Governed by Venus in Cancer via your third house of communication and immediate surroundings, you are being presented with an opportunity to invite a new experience into your life. Reflect on what you value when in regards to your interpersonal connections, and sibling relationships. New moon affirmation: I am committed to what brings me stability; I honor the sacred rhythm of my soul journey.

It's one thing to portray an energy, and it's another thing to embody it. With the new moon activating your 12th house of surrender, healing and unconscious patterns—while its ruler, Venus, dazzles your second house of values, stability and finances—there is greater emphasis on what makes you feel when no one is around. Moreover, the moon will meet with both Mars and Neptune, highlighting your intuitive awareness when in regards to your current profession, and career goals. Be it an attachment or a lifestyle you found comfort in once upon a time, you're being guided to surrender what is no longer worthy of your precious time, and energy. New moon Affirmation: I honor and value my connection to spirit; stability surrounds me wherever I go.

Success comes to you in unexpected ways, but you can start by reconnecting with your soul family. After all, this new moon will ignite your 11th house of associations, community affairs and sense of belonging in the world, but there's more. Venus is the ruler of this lunation, and its currently swimming through your cardinal waters, which means your presence is needed and very much felt. Speaking of which, this is precisely what is being brought to your attention under this lunation. This could have been something you were unaware of at one point in time, but the waves of change are undeniable. In harmony with Mars and Neptune, you're being guided towards a new path, and establishing a new foundation in the process. New moon affirmation: My past cannot determine my future; I am confident in the pursuit of my goals and dreams.

A new-found sense of authority is bestowed upon you during this new moon, Leo. Hovering over your 10th house of career, reputation, public persona and legacy in the world—while its ruler, Venus, occupies your 12th house of closure, healing and unconscious patterns—you are being encouraged to go within, and hold space for your personal needs and emotional foundation. The moon will harmonize with Mars and Neptune, which simultaneously brings awareness to everything from your intuition to your personal boundaries (or lack thereof). More importantly, upon entering your career sector, Jupiter will face off with Pluto retrograde in your partnership sector, which can be equally as beneficial as it is intimidating at first. Changes are needed for the sake of your growth. New moon affirmation: I am secure in myself, my life and in my surroundings; I welcome in the abundance I deserve.

A new path is opening up for you, and it's leading you down a path of simplicity and stability. This is all thanks to the new moon in Taurus, as it will ignite your ninth house of expansion and self-discovery, and all while its ruler (Venus) transits your 11th house of associations, community and sense of belonging in the world. The value of your ideals, and the foundation of your soul groups is being brought to your attention at this time. Reflect on what it is you're longing for, because there are opportunities being presented to you. In harmony with both Mars and Neptune, this could have something to do with the emotional dynamic and/or general boundaries surrounding your one-on-one commitments. With Jupiter facing off with Pluto retrograde, there are necessary changes happening in your day-to-day, and though it may not be in alignment with your goals at first, unexpected situations turn into blessings. New moon affirmation: I am committed to my growth and value, even when it requires me to venture into the unknown.

While in the pursuit of claiming what is rightfully yours, you are required to surrender what is not. Activating your eighth house of mergers and shared resources—while its ruler, Venus, transits your 10th house of authority, reputation and public persona—you're being encouraged to reflect on your emotional investments, both in your personal life and/or in the workplace. Are you taking a stand for what you desire? In harmony with Mars and Neptune, you could simultaneously empathize with an authority figure, while others of you take a closer look at your parent-child dynamic. More importantly, when considering Jupiter's square to Pluto retrograde, there is expansion and transformation surrounding this new-found stability, and/or value system. Are you comfortable with the idea of taking a stand? New moon affirmation: Honoring my worth in my personal and professional life brings my the stability I crave; I do not need to fear.

Your one-on-one partnerships are leveling up under this new moon, as it will renew itself via your committed seventh house of contractual agreements, while its ruler (Venus) transits your ninth house of philosophy, self-discovery and unknown territory. Keep in mind, the moon will harmonize with Mars, as well as Neptune in your fifth house of self-expression, which means you are being encouraged to tune into the spirituality of a connection, without wearing rose-colored glasses. There is greater attraction to worldly, religious and well-traveled partners when Venus wanders your ninth house, but Jupiter's square to Pluto retrograde simultaneously brings light to the shadow side of this new adventure, specifically when regarding your living situation and/or family matters. New moon affirmation: I trust in the power of divine timing; I am worthy of a stable and committed partnership.

Old habits die hard, but the cosmos got this one in the bag for you. Touching down on your sixth house of health, daily rituals and work routines, the new moon is presenting you with a clean slate, specially when it comes to the dynamic of your due diligence and general well being. This is not only an opportunity to create new rituals, but also a chance to redefine your role in the workplace. Venus, the ruler of this lunation, is currently transiting your intimate eighth house of intimacy and shared resources, suggesting the opportunity to work closely with a family member, if not merge with feminine energies that bring you closer to the vibes you crave. Your celestial ruler, Jupiter, will be at odds with Pluto retrograde, and though this is likely to bring abrupt changes to your everyday environment, it's important to trust that there is beauty in the breakdown. New moon affirmation: I choose to prioritize my health habits; I am committed to the lifestyle that best suits my well being.

Monetize your talents, skills and abilities. Your talents are your moneymaker, and you are the brand. Abundant and fertile with endless potential, the new moon in Taurus will ignite your fifth house of happiness, creativity, musings and self-expression. Its ruler, Venus, will simultaneously transit your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others, suggesting the possibility of you deciding to take a relationship to the next level, while others of you collaborate with those who inspire you. Luna will harmonize with Mars and Neptune, suggesting that you could be intuitively guided towards a particular commitment, but it's time to set things in motion. Jupiter square Pluto retrograde will simultaneously bring expansion to everything from your artistic muse to your desire for financial gains. Reflect on what is truly worthy of your investment. New moon affirmation: I do not need to fear; I am a creatrix at heart and my musings are fruitful.

The sustenance and nourishment you crave already exists within you, Aquarius. Although, with the new moon hovering over your fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings, there is an opportunity to plant new seeds of life, both when in regards to your living space and emotional foundation. The ruler of this new moon, Venus, is currently transiting your sixth house of health, due diligence and acts of service, suggesting the possibility of you feeling an intuitive pull towards a brand-new lifestyle, one of which reflects on your personal surroundings. This could be in terms of your cooking and health habits, while others of you re-adorn your living space, and make room for an at-home gym. Keep in mind, Jupiter is also squaring off with Pluto retrograde in your sign, highlighting the transformation and expansion you're experiencing, both within and all around you. Don't be afraid of your destiny. New moon affirmation: I transcend my fears and doubts; I am protected when I follow my intuition.

Nothing wrong with being a busy bee, especially when you're in the pursuit of something you value. Touching down on your third house of communication, social media and immediate surroundings—while its ruler, Venus, dazzles your fifth house of authenticity, creativity and self-expression—you're being encouraged to follow your heart and intuition, especially when in regards to your talents, skills and abilities. What gifts are you hiding from the rest of the world? Luna will harmonize with Mars in your fifth house, and Neptune in your sign which, in turn, presents you with the opportunity to redefine your identity, and/or revamp your creative branding. Keep in mind, Jupiter's square to Pluto retrograde is catapulting you into the unknown, but despite the discomfort that could come with it, this new experience is for your highest good. You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for, Pisces. New moon affirmation: I am a magnet for abundance; I choose to surround myself with fruitful and loyal connections.

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