How The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (Apr. 20, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries (Apr. 20, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Are you ready for lift-off? We’re well into the first eclipse season of the year, and the presence of Mars is palpable. The second new moon in Aries of the season, it isn’t just April’s total solar eclipse that is governed by Mars, but also May’s penumbral lunar eclipse in Scorpio. (As you may remember, solar and lunar eclipses come in pairs, and occur within two weeks from each other.) Often referred to as the God of War, the red planet fuels our aggression, energy, carnal instincts, and levels of assertion. That being said, it is essential that we recognize the undeniable influence of Mars, as it validates the magnitude of this eclipse season. 

If you’re not very fond of eclipse season, you’re definitely not alone. This astronomical event can certainly be intimidating, but there are a minimum of four eclipses each year, which means that this isn’t our first rodeo. A catalyst for powerful breakthroughs and changes, eclipses usher in new beginnings and shake-ups—both individually and collectively—that could be equally as disruptive as they are life-altering. However, this stellar phenomena is equivalent to a divine intervention, compliments of the cosmos. After all, it’s these moments—where we’re left with no choice but to leap forward into the unknown—that ultimately bring us closer to our destiny. 

The first of the eclipse of 2023 will take place on April 20 at 12:12 a.m. EST via 29 degrees of Aries. Solar eclipses take place during a new moon—which is when the moon passes between the sun and the Earth—but in addition to this being the *second* lunar cycle to begin via the sign of Aries (as the first started during the spring equinox)—it’s also not an ordinary solar eclipse: April’s eclipse is considered a “hybrid” solar eclipse, as it is a combination of both an annular and total eclipse. Also, kickstarting two lunar cycles (in-a-row) via the fiery sign of Aries should not be overlooked, as there are momentous energies building strength and stamina, which can be remarkably fertile… or on the dark side, destructive and full of rage.

Keep in mind, this is the first eclipse we have in the sign of Aries since September 2015, so feel free to reflect on this time of your life, and double-check where this cardinal fire sign live in your birth chart. An audacious pioneer driven by its sheer passion, Aries’ cardinal fires have the power to inspire us with bravery, courage and determination. However, if we’re impulsive and reckless with our energy, the fiery inspiration can quickly come across as pompous, ego-driven and self-centered. Something else that makes this eclipse all the more intriguing, the first new moon in Aries was at zero degrees, and this one will activate the 29th degree of this cardinal sign. These are both critical degrees in astrology, which reminds us that as one chapter closes, another opens.

During this eclipse, Aries’ ruler (Mars) is not only transiting through emotionally driven Cancer—a sign where it is at its detriment, given its slow moving pace and indirect behavior—but also squaring off with the wounded healer, Chiron. To say that this aspect is triggering, when it comes to our areas of vulnerability, would be an understatement. However, we’ve been working with this energy since Chiron first entered Aries back in 2018, and will continue to do so until 2025. Sitting in a disillusioning square with powerhouse Pluto—after recently entering Aquarius for the first time since the 18th century—the next six months could bring awareness to the shadowy attributes of our community affairs as well as the individual(s) we’ve aspired to become.

Do these social contributions truly and wholeheartedly resonate with your authentic self? When looking back at where it all began, were your aspirations, ideals and future visions in alignment with your soul purpose? Or were they built upon superficialities? There is a sense of crumbling and an illusion of defeat, but the changes ahead are a blessing in disguise. You know what they say, “the only way out is through.”

Read below for what to expect during April's total solar eclipse in Aries, along with an affirmation that could with help you navigate the energy that's ahead:

Do not lose sight of the person you are, and hope to become. Your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations is being supercharged by Mars, which means you are prone to being more emotional than usual, but you are so much stronger than you realize. Moreover, in addition to being the second new moon in your sign this season, this solar eclipse is symbolic of a powerful portal of energy that you are walking through, and working with from now until 2025. You were born a leader, so remember to have faith in yourself. The solar eclipse in your sign will be challenged by shadowy Pluto, but the rebirth you're experiencing—personally and in terms of your sense of belonging in the world—is here to liberate you in ways you’re not expecting. Sitting closely with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, allow this energy to create room for growth, and opportunity. Affirmation: I hold my head high and face my fears straight in the eye; I act with courage and confidence.

Healing and surrender are prominent themes throughout this eclipse story, Taurus.  Reflect on the areas where your personal identity and/or individual autonomy are being compromised. This is because there's a part of you that intuitively knows a chapter is closing. If you're feeling vulnerable with regards to siblings, peers and/or your local community, it's because of Mars' square to the wounded healer, Chiron. On another note, your communication style could appear as defensive or impulsive, so be sure to reflect on the triggering truths that are being unveiled during this time. As for the Lord of the Underworld, (Pluto) it will be a catalyst for your professional success, and sense of authority moving forward. Affirmation: I face my insecurities and overcome them; I confidently release what no longer serves my highest good.

Take the lead, Gemini. Your 11th house of associations, community affairs, and sense of belonging to the world is ignited under the influence of this total solar eclipse. This eclipse marks the second new moon in Aries, and the beginning of a socially conscious chapter. As a result of this celestial event—and eclipse journey, between now and 2025—you will be able to make a name for yourself in society and in the community. Keep in mind, past wounds and vulnerabilities are closely linked to Mars square Chiron. However, this is an ongoing theme you're working on between now and the end of this eclipse series. Pluto is challenging this eclipse after debuting in Aquarius—via your ninth house of expansion—but venturing into the unknown can catalyze your belief systems, and long-term goals. Affirmation: I release my need to impress those around me; I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

Be the leader you aspire to become, Cancer. A powerful solar eclipse is supercharging your bossy 10th house of authority, career and public persona. This is ushering in life-altering new beginnings, and all throughout an eclipse series that lasts until March 2025. Fueled by none other than red-hot Mars in your sign, aggression and passion may be at your fingertips, but channeling this energy is easier said than done. After all, there is a karmic pattern and/or wounding that you are in the process of overcoming, perhaps related to your parents or your family legacy. Shadowy Pluto in Aquarius is also challenging your connection to intimate unions and energetic entanglements, but this simultaneously liberates you from energies that are keeping your personal and/or professional progress dormant. Affirmation: I am overcoming my childhood fears; I have the courage and strength to take the lead moving forward. 

Follow the path that resonates with you most, Leo. This month's total solar eclipse in Aries is heating things up, but the journey isn't as easy as you want it to be. Fortunately, you love challenges, and now is the perfect time to confront your fear of the unknown. Moreover, this solar eclipse is governed by Mars in Cancer—via your 12th house of inhibitions, secrets and unconscious patterns—you are more likely to feel dominated by your emotions, which could trigger defensiveness and/or impulsivity. However, it's imperative that you reflect on where this trigger stems from, as Mars will simultaneously face off with the wounded healer, Chiron. Your past hurts and/or vulnerabilities are surfacing, but it's an energy you're healing between now and 2025. Sitting in a challenging square to powerhouse Pluto, you will find that what seems like a catastrophe is actually a catalyst for your liberation in many ways. Affirmation: Everyday my courage grows stronger; I choose the best path forward, regardless of past fears and discomfort.

Don't let your doubts dissuade you from trusting in the universe's plan for you, Virgo. Naturally, with a total solar eclipse charging up your eighth house of mergers, joint ventures, and shared resources, a disruption could rock your foundation in unexpected ways. However, a death of the ego leads to rebirth. The eclipse's ruler, Mars, continues to illuminate your 11th house of community affairs. However, it also squares the wounded healer, Chiron, emphasizing a core wound (possibly regarding privacy or autonomy) you're working to overcome. You have the opportunity to change the dynamic of your contributions to others through the influence of cathartic Pluto in your sixth house of health, routines, and service. This will ultimately lead to your freedom and personal growth. Affirmation: I am committed to myself, unconditionally; I make difficult decisions with a clear and confident mind.

A relationship is something your sign knows a thing or two about, but this eclipse takes things to the next level. Over your seventh house of commitment, compromise, and significant others, a powerful awakening is taking place in your partnership sector, challenging you to consider your sovereignty and freedom. Mars rules this eclipse, and it is still charging up your authority house in your 10th house. Between now and 2025, it is critical to set boundaries for yourself (and your relationships) moving forward, whether it be with regards to a family legacy, or your identity as a parent. A change in heart and/or a desire for recognition will also be emphasized by the eclipse's alignment with shadowy Pluto. This deconstructing brings powerful breakthroughs. Affirmation: I embrace my fullest potential, even if it makes others uncomfortable; I act assertively and decisively.

Do what you do best, and be an alchemist in the dark, Scorpio. April's total solar eclipse will shake up your daily routine, providing a much-needed detox for your mind, body and soul. Igniting your responsible sixth house of day-to-day affairs while your co-ruler (and the eclipse’s ruler, Mars) journeys through Cancer, and your truth-seeking ninth house of faith and discovery. There is a divine plan in motion, even if you don't know the "next steps." For now, reflect on the dynamics of your upbringing and whether these beliefs still resonate with you. Bringing emphasis to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, amidst squaring off with your modern ruler, Pluto, brings awareness to the dismantling of your personal foundation, between now and 2025. Affirmation: Challenges do not have the power to dim my spirit; I have faith, resilience and my ancestral wisdom.

Your inner child shines through during this solar eclipse in Sagittarius, activating your heart chakra and renewing your self-expression. In this astrological connection, the fifth house of authenticity and self-love has been amplified, while the eighth house of intimacy and shared resources is being stimulated. It is important to contemplate whether the force behind your desires is the result of an unconscious wound, as well as what it might mean for your life in general. Is this action and musing authentic to you, or are you ignoring a past wound? As Mars challenges Chiron in your fifth house of children and happiness, it emphasizes a vulnerability you're healing. Additionally, the eclipse will face off with Pluto in your communication sector. This will bring awareness and revelations to the shadow side of your inner circle and local community. Affirmation: My joy is a result of my commitment to making the most of my experiences; the fire in my heart radiates with courage.

There are few things more personal than this solar eclipse, Capricorn. In addition to igniting your fourth house of personal matters, family affairs, and innermost feelings, Mars, its ruler, continues to ignite your seventh house of partnerships, commitments, and significant others. This eclipse story brings you back to your roots, but a core wound may also be contributing to your relationship dynamics. It is especially important to not undermine what is coming up for review with Mars squaring Chiron. If you are prone to defensive behavior in your current relationship(s), this is something to consider, as you are in the process of redefining your foundation. Pluto in Aquarius will also challenge the eclipse, highlighting the shadow side of your community affairs, especially when it pertains to the values you hold regarding your sense of belonging in the world. Affirmation: The foundation I am seeking lies on the other side of my fears; I am confident when I rely on my rational mind.

You're intrigued by something that's leading you down a new path, Aquarius. This solar eclipse is touching down on your immediate environment, and ushering in powerful changes that could unfold within the next six months. Meanwhile, go-getter, Mars—ruler of your third house of communication, inner circles, and local affairs—is bringing emphasis to your sixth house themes, such as your wellness habits and day-to-day life style. Are your daily duties and work routines in alignment with your personal autonomy, and desires? Mars is also squaring the wounded healer, Chiron, which can simultaneously highlight a vulnerability and/or feeling of resentment. After its recent arrival in your sign, Pluto will challenge the eclipse, thereby bringing light to the darker attributes of your "persona" and sense of self. You must confront these parts of yourself if you are to grow and transform. Affirmation: I surrender old habits so I can cultivate new ones that support and empower me; I am my best source of inspiration.

Pisces, liberate yourself and honor your uniqueness. With momentum and renewal, the solar eclipse will ignite your stability-seeking second house of finances and value systems, while Mars, its ruler, continues to energize your heart-centered fifth house of authenticity, recognition, and self-expression. Do you have confidence in your pursuit of what inspires you? A past wound or area of vulnerability in your sense of self-worth will be highlighted by Mars square Chiron. Make space for the things that genuinely bring you joy, and be kind to your inner child. Pluto in Aquarius will also be at odds with the eclipse, which could highlight the unconscious/darker side of your community affairs at the same time as your fixation on belonging. Affirmation: I am uniquely gifted and belong in any space I walk into; I have the courage to follow my heart.

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