August New Moon (2017): Solar Power in Fiery Leo

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Lunar and Solar Eclipses are closely intertwined, so when we speak of the work being done during this once in a lifetime event, we must pay close attention to the happenings and circumstances which have transformed us over the last couple of weeks. While the Lunar Eclipse affects us on a deeply personal and emotional level, tugging at the heartstrings of the shadow self, the lesson of the Solar Eclipse is figuring out how to lead with the heart and share the amazing transformations we've made with the rest of the world.

Leo while fiercely independent needs to be the center of attention. To them, nothing is worth doing without an audience to entertain for. Much in the same way, when we feel we have reached a level of spiritual progress or when a heaviness has been lifted up off our soul, we instinctively follow the need to share this new self and new information with those we care about.

During the Lunar eclipse, we faced our shadow selves head on. For many of us it took a lot of strength and courage to take an objective look at our fears and shortcomings and let go of the attachments to our egos. This eclipse we are blessed with a New Moon, and a new beginning. New opportunities arise with our newfound selves which are feeling lighter and freer than they have all year.

The Solar Eclipse in Leo is particularly powerful because Leo is the only sign of the Zodiac ruled by the Sun. With the Moon joining the sun in this royal and regal sign, we combine the heart with the mind on its journey towards ascension, purifying our thoughts in the blazing fire energy of the 5th sign. As the moon aligns with the sun in front of Earth on August 21st, the first total solar eclipse to cross the United States in over 100 years, our higher selves shall emerge suddenly and swiftly, like a phoenix rising from the ashes to rule over our souls with love and dignity.

With this newfound sense of purity and desire to spread the love, we are going to feel inclined to take on new adventures, especially creative ones. However, the tricky thing about this Solar Eclipse and New Moon is that we also have Mercury spinning in retrograde. I'm sure by now you've already had several friends calling to complain about their internet connection, their train delays, their laptop getting a virus, and their inability to focus. The messenger planet is trying its best to keep us from jumping into things too fast, a quality unfamiliar to those born under the sign of Leo.

The same goes for relationships. The solar eclipse will draw fresh energy and new faces into your life and you’re going to want to dive into deep friendships or even start off a potential romance at this time. Love born during this time isn’t necessarily doomed to fail, however there could be obstacles in attaining true depth and understanding until Mercury returns station direct.

To reach your goal this lunar cycle, you're going to need to learn to be patient (ideally until September 5th) like a cat hunting a mouse. Envision your dream and allow it to play around in your head for a while before going in for the kill.


The eclipse falls closely next to the fixed star Regulus, the brightest star in the Leo constellation which bestows both grand successes, and major losses brought on by conflict and war. For thousands of years Regulus has been in the third decan of Leo, ruled by aggressive Mars, shining its light of success on the masculine, patriarchal structures of our society. The star typically moves at the rate of 1 degree every 72 years and the time has finally come for Leo Regulus to transit into the divine feminine sign of Virgo. We see this shift in the political and social movement of our times. Women's issues along with environmental issues are taking center stage amidst a very chaotic and unsettling time. 

The other main influence on the solar eclipse is a helpful trine aspect to Uranus, the planet of change, revolution and excitement. Could this be the green light for the feminized political uprising that's been brewing over the last year? The effects of eclipses can last from 90 days to 6 months after the main event, so it is likely we will see a fair share of political upheaval throughout the course of this year. If marching, rallying, and spreading awareness on social issues is on your list of fun things to do on a Saturday night, now's gonna be the time to prepare for your call to action for when Mercury returns station direct.


How many of our #Lunatics will be watching the eclipse on Monday? 

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