August 7th Full Moon: A Total Eclipse of the Heart

August 7th Full Moon: A Total Eclipse of the Heart

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Procrastination is part of the human condition. We avoid what’s painful and stay in our comfort zones. That’s why we occasionally need a little cosmic kick in the pants to push us off the fence and into action. During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth lies precisely between the Sun and the Moon (known as an opposition between the Sun and the Moon) and for a brief spell, we can see the Earth’s shadow turning the luminous Full Moon intense shades of reds, browns and grays. According to astrology, Lunar Eclipses give us a glimpse into our “shadow self.” We all want to think of ourselves as good, kind people, but let's face it, we’re also human! What we discover about ourselves and others during Lunar Eclipses can be tough to swallow, even shocking, but also paves the way for opportunities to embrace our wholeness and illuminate the areas in which we have room to grow. Owning up to our fear, anger, jealousy and rage is the way to get a handle on them. If we’re willing to accept the good along with the bad, Lunar Eclipses can be magical moments of self-discovery!

The set of eclipses we will experience this month deal with relationships and polarities. The full moon/partial lunar eclipse in intellectual and social oriented Aquarius on August 7th is opposing the Sun in prideful, gregarious Leo.  Aquarius represents the impersonal while Leo represents all that is personal.  Relationships and self-discovery are sure to be themes this month, as the esoteric conflict this opposition presents is having to transcend our egos and our sense of self to explore outward forms of expression that can serve the greater good, or at least not be 100% all about you.  So striking a balance in all relationships will be key in navigating the energetic waters this month.  That being said, don't be surprised by a sudden shift in movement, as a profound epiphany will likely come to you during this time. If something has been lacking in your life, you'll start to feel this rising to the surface, along with other emotional wounds and subconscious trauma, but fear not!  Although these emotions may feel ugly initially, there is a truth to them that can no longer hide.  Coming face-to-face with the dark is necessary to transforming it into light.

Some people may sense a time of stillness or hesitation during an eclipse, like the glittering moment before a pendulum swings back in its opposite direction.  This is the essence of an eclipse, and is a similar sensation to that felt within a magic circle. They provide us with a time, "between the worlds," or a window through which we can work our magic. Consider this fact about lunar eclipses: a lunar eclipse can only occur during the night of a full moon. This means you will be working with full moon energy, a time when everything becomes magnified...emotions and feelings, both good and bad.  A full moon is a period of illumination that literally shines a light on us that lifts away the veils of disillusion, showing us what things in our life no longer serve us and subsequently, what we need to release and let go of.  So think of a lunar eclipse like a full moon on steroids -- considerably more potent and with longer lasting effects that can stick with us for up to six months.

With an objective view of our shadow selves illuminated by the Aquarian Moon, we are able to gently ask for the universe to remove our shortcomings and unwanted patterns so that we may better be able to serve ourselves and others. A good ritual to perform during a lunar eclipse both releases and renews.  As the moon wanes during the eclipse, focus on ridding yourself of blocks. As it waxes back to full, focus on increasing your courage and compassion.

Lunar Eclipse Release & Renewal Ritual

There are several ways to incorporate fiery Leo energy and the mental air qualities of Aquarius during this eclipse. Try out this easy ritual we've made to release any unwanted habits or emotions and to renew the mind, body, and spirit.

Ritual Supplies:

  • Journal or a sheet of paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • White or silver candle
  • Non-flammable surface (bowl, plate, or slab)

Ritual Instructions:

  1. Take a few deep breaths. Spend several minutes grounding yourself, before you begin.
  2. Write down an obstacle, negative thinking pattern, or something which you wish to rid yourself.
  3. Cast your circle using salt or envisioning a ring of white light around you. Call upon the spirit of Leo the Lion to instill within you the courage and strength to face your shadow self head on. You can also pray to a Lion, or a feline goddess such as Bastet, or Sekhmet to assist you with this spell.
  4. Light a white or silver candle to honor the energies of the Full Moon. Meditate on the flame of the candle. See the potential to bring about great change within this tiny flame. Just like you, under the right conditions, this tiny spark has the ability to grow into an unstoppable force of nature, wielding the potential to bring about great change.
  5. Have a nonflammable surface ready and then feed the piece of paper to the flames. Gently blow across it, as if lighting a sage smudge and walk in a circle counterclockwise, repeating the manta Sat Nam (if paper burns too quickly, place it on the nonflammable surface and allow it to continue burning there). As you step counterclockwise, imagine your steps undoing and erasing any negativity thought patterns, or mental blocks that are preventing you from living according to your greatest truth.  

Sat Nam is a mantra commonly used in Kundalini Yoga and amongst its practicioners. It is frequently repeated three times at the end of a yoga session, and would be totally appropriate for this summer's Lunar Eclipse. Sat Nam translated to "truth is my identity". The “Truth”, which is bigger than any human truth, isn’t a matter of right or wrong or even a concept that we can clearly articulate. By chanting “Sat Nam” or meditating upon it with your breath, you call into your awareness the state of the vibration of truth. 


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