Capricorn Season: Beginning Our Journey

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Capricorn season sends us straight into the blizzard as we begin our trek towards the top of our proverbial mountains. The beginning of the winter solstice presents us with a golden opportunity to discover the potency of solitude as we formulate and strategize our next move. Capricorn is symbolized by the hardy, steadfast mountain goat who is not only comfortable braving the bumpy trails to the top but confident as he leaps and bounds over any obstacles in his path. The Sun's arrival in the 10th house of the zodiac invites you to sample a flavor of maturity that feels powerfully pleasant rather than patriarchal. During this time we grapple for control and speak sternly, bordering along challenging. Cutting to the chase of the matter, we are able to make finally things happen (and quickly)! 

A Capricorn that knows what he or she wants quietly plans for the long-term, and with Capricorn's ruling planet of Saturn returning home for the holidays, this new year could be the start of some major career moves and beneficent changes. Matters and concerns focusing on future stability, and long-term plans come to the forefront of our to-do lists as we take matters into our own hands. As the Cardinal Earth sign, Capricorns naturally gravitate towards leadership positions. They are good at implementing structures and rules that benefit the their offices and households. 

Saturn in Capricorn encourages us to explore the values of this sign in depth, and gives us a near 3 year period in which to do so. Wherever Saturn travels, it brings its serious attitude. In its ruling sign of Capricorn, it provides us with tremendous will-power, determination and strength to get $#!& done! The pendulum swings toward a more polished and professional look. Heavy coats in made-to-last materials and fabrics are preferred as we begin to treat each purchase as an investment.

If this Saturn transit marks your first Saturn return, (if you are born between February 15th 1988- February 5th 1991) congratulations! Be prepared for some growing pains as you begin your astrological transition into adulthood. Saturn returns deliver great responsibility and great advancements. Many of us are starting to find footholds in our careers, settling down with romantic partners, purchasing first houses, and establishing the framework for the rest of our adult lives.

Get your goals met by tuning in to your inner guru and connecting to your higher self. Practicing patience and self-discipline is the recipe for perfection. But as they say, all work and no play makes Capricorn a dull... seagoat? Capricorn marks the beginning of the Winter Solstice followed by a slew of winter festivities. They have a great respect for traditions, customs, and towards their ancestors. This makes celebrating amongst family members and solid, lifelong friends are a few of Capricorn's favorite things. 

Capricorn season lets us discover the true meaning of discipline and self-control when our goals are aligned with our inner world, rather than our outer one. Once we stop allowing external forces to control our perceptions we can begin to think clearly and speak freely. Instead of looking for fame and recognition, we seek fulfillment and sense of purpose.

With the New Year's dramatic Full Moon entrance comes a whole new electrifying energy that forces us to get up and go. January is going to be an excellent month to get the ball rolling on personal projects and career advancements. Set pen to paper and draft out your goals. Attack them one by one (Capricorn takes ALL the required steps rather than make risky moves). Be patient with yourself and go steady. 2018 is all about creating a more harmonious approach to life! Prepare for things to really kick off on January 11th when Mercury joins the team in the sign of the Seagoat.  

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