New Year, New Me: What The Stars Have In Store for 2018

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According to numerology, 2018 is an 11 or a 2 year (1+1=2). While  2017 was a Universal 1 year, marking the start of a new 9-year cycle,  2018 a continuation of that cycle. It will be a fantastic year for peer inspiration, peer leadership, and a heightened awareness of one's unique role in the community.

We begin the year with a gorgeous super full moon in Cancer and the auspicious sign of all planets moving direct until March 8th. We move forward with positive anticipation that all dreams are possible and begin the year at full speed. 

The universe is in a state of natural order with all the planets are traveling forward. From our geo-centric view, having our entire solar system moving together, in the same direction, feels like a flowing cosmic river, gently travelling in the same direction. From the position of the Sun or Earth’s perspective, having all planets in direct motion presents an organic, harmonious group passage through our magical universe.

We are encouraged to use this miraculous timing with deep intent for personal and worldly advantages. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, because come March 22nd the first Mercury retrograde will be here to shake things up as usual. Interestingly enough, all retrograde this year will be happening in three fire signs. First Aries, then Leo, and lastly Sagittarius. Of the four elements, Fire has the most unexpected and volatile quality. When Mercury backspins through these signs, things can get ugly. 

Our first eclipse on January 31st in Leo is at a special degree in the zodiac connected to the planet Neptune. Our dreams, ideals, and creativity are expected to open up in a huge way. Have a look at which houses in your natal chart you have Leo and Aquarius in to get more clues about which area of your life (represented by the Leo-Aquarius axis) needs reconciliation.

Mars in Aquarius will be expressed in the fight for humanitarian principles, and civil rights. No matter the gender, race, religion, country of origin or political affiliation, we will continue to rebel until equilibrium is reached. Venus in Scorpio will be keen to protect those who have been sexually or financially exploited whilst also laying the foundations for proper revenge. Mars representing the archetype for male dominant energy, and Venus embodying the feminine principle both eventually will retrograde and have their station points square each other resulting in disagreement of how and where to spend our time and energy.

Saturn remains in its ruling sign of Capricorn magnifying our focus on career climbing and bringing an emphasis on order and structure into our lives.

Uranus will move into Taurus on May 15th and stay in Taurus until November 6th when it then retrogrades back into Aries. In essence we will have half the year with the rebel planet in the earthy sign of Taurus and half in the direct action fire sign Aries. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was between 1934 and 1942- a period of history recovering from worldwide depression and being thrown into WW2. With Uranus in the second house of wealth and finances, we can expect the rise of new ways of spending money, block chain, bitcoin, and other lesser known startups that bypass banks and fees could end up doing quite well at this time as we see less and less people using paper notes.

Jupiter experiences no harsh aspects while continuing its transit throught Scorpio this year. Its sextile position with Pluto will be one of the most significant in 2018. This transit brings success through positive change. You don't have to force anything at this time, just prepare yourself for unexpected changes. This is a natural development in your life associated with an increase in personal power and influence.

Overall, 2018 will provide us with tremendous focus and energy that will give us a better sense of direction. A strong social conscience helps you and everyone around you. Whatever you do for others this year will surely return to you in a different and perhaps more generous form.


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