Best Crystals for Scorpio

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Scorpio’s have a reputation for being passionate and mysterious. As a water sign, they have a magnetic charm, strong intuition, and desire for emotional depth. One of the strengths of Scorpio is their strong will, once they decide upon a path they are determined to follow it. This sign is ruled by two planets : Pluto and Mars. These planets complement each other, like fire and ice. This explains a Scorpio’s innate intensity. To shop all Scorpio items, click here. Here are a few facts about Scorpio!


Dates: October 23 - November 21

Ruling Planet: Pluto & Mars

Symbol: Scorpion

Element: Water

Mode: Fixed

House Ruled: Eighth 


Scorpio is a sign that connects deeply with transformation, specifically the death-rebirth cycle. To connect further with the “phoenix rising from the ashes” energy, Scorpio should work with the crystal Blue Calcite. This stone provides tranquility throughout the process of transformation. By alleviating stress and anxiety and dispelling emotional fear, Blue Calcite is an ally for metamorphosis. 


Snowflake Obsidian is another powerful stone for Scorpio. The detoxifying elements invoke deep healing by gently bringing boxing cycles, hidden trauma, or harmful patterns to the surface for reflection and release. A simple ritual for letting go of that which does not serve you anymore is to write negative thoughts and patterns on a piece of paper, then *safely* burning them. Place your Snowflake Obsidian in the ashes once fully burned. The stone will support your intentions for release, and you can carry it with you when you feel called.


Rose Quartz is a crystal that deeply nourishes the heart. For Scorpio, Rose Quartz will open the heart to love without the need for control. The gentle yet powerful stone supports the heart in all realms of love, from self love to romantic love! Rose Quartz aids in accepting love without any obsessive thoughts, jealously, or lingering resentments. Rather, the heart will experience overflowing compassion and forgiveness with the assistance of Rose Quartz. Place your crystal on your heart when you feel any challenges or pain in regards to love, focus on breathing in acceptance and releasing expectation as you exhale.


One of Scorpio’s strength is their intense willpower, therefore Pyrite is a stone equipped to match the intense magic of this sign! Pyrite is an ally in manifestation, helping promote positive and effective ways in which Scorpio may channel their willpower into fruition. Pyrite naturally attracts opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. Keep your Pyrite in your office or workplace for blessings in the areas of career and financial opportunity! 

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