Best Crystals for Pisces

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The intuitive and sensitive Pisces is symbolized by the image of fish, ruled by the element of the water. This sign is deeply connected to their emotions, which can be both a strength and a challenge. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are known as wise, old souls. Piscean energy is mystical, deep, and dreamy. This sign indulges in fantasy more than reality, especially in the realms of romance. Here are a few facts about Pisces!  To shop all Pisces items, click here!


Dates: February 19 - March 20

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: Fish

Element: Water

Mode: Mutable

House Ruled: Twelfth


Peacock Ore blesses Pisces with uplifting and cleansing energy. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is able to appreciate the full spectrum of experience that life has to offer, both highs and lows. This crystal reinforces this message while supporting the process along the way. Every obstacle has a silver lining, just keep swimming! When you take a relaxing bath, place Peacock Ore on the side of the bathtub. Close your eyes and feel the healing water on your skin and the soothing energy of the crystal. Peacock Ore supports the full journey of spiritual growth and development for Pisces. 


One of the many strengths for Pisces is their ability to navigate the depths of the mind, soul, and spirit. However, they may need support in obtaining mental clarity. Fluorite Octahedron is a beneficial crystal for Pisces as it provides purity of thought, helping Pisces align with their deepest intentions. The shape of the octahedron calls to its properties of sacred geometry. With this it connects to the element of air. Air is the element associated with the heart, so this stone is also soothing to matters of love and compassion. This crystal helps align and clarify your mind and your heart so that you think and act from a place of love and truth. 


Black Tourmaline is a stone that protects Pisces, acting as an energetic shield to prevent negativity.  Pisces are generous and kind-hearted by nature, always offering a helping hand no matter the situation. However, sometimes this is at their own expense. A lesson for Pisces to learn and practice is “setting boundaries”. Black Tourmaline supports Pisces in creating limits with others, honoring their own needs before someone else’s. When you’re feeling overwhelmed or energetically depleted, sit on the ground with your Black Tourmaline and draw a circle with it, like a wand, around you. This is a symbolic sphere of protection that you are creating. Envision yourself surrounded by light. You may also place this stone in any space in which you may need protection.


Pisces have a dreamy and ethereal nature. Amethyst Point is a crystal that pairs well with this sign, allowing Piscean intuition to access even higher consciousness and spiritual guidance. As a balancing stone, Amethyst points help align Pisces duality towards positive expression while curbing escapist tendencies. This stone is also soothing for the nervous system. Place Amethyst under your pillow or near your bed for help sleeping or to connect deeply to your dreams. 

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