Best Crystals for Libra

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Libra is a sign of balance, sensuality, and aesthetic. This romantic sign is ruled by the planet Venus, of course! Venus is a planet of both love and beauty. Libra’s are known to be harmonious, diplomatic, and romantic. The symbol associated with Libra is the scale. Libra is a sign that is able to see both sides of a situation or issue — because of this, they maybe indecisive. This is a sign that has both good taste and charm! To shop all Libra items, click here. Here are a few facts about Libra.


Dates: September 23 - October 22

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Scales

Element: Air

Mode: Cardinal

House Ruled: Seventh

Libra is a sign that seeks harmony in all relationships, adjusting to others’ needs. Green Aventurine is a stone that supports Libra as they strive to create ideal partnerships. The Libra may need guidance in maintaining their individualism throughout the relationships by boosting will power and establishing a clear sense of purpose. As you engage in various relationships, family, lovers, friends, colleagues, turn to Green Aventurine for support. You can hold onto this crystal or keep it in your pocket when you have conversations with others.


Amethyst Cluster is a crystal that every Libra should work with! This stone is calming and soothing, boosting reflective energy for the Libra. Meditation is a helpful practice for Libra — especially as an air sign. Quiet your thoughts and expand your mind with Amethyst. 


For a Libra, finding balance is a constant objective. To assist in clearing negativity and removing blockages, Black Tourmaline is a stone to turn to. This grounding and protective crystal will protect Libra from any negative influences that might try to sway you. While you can see both sides, Libra, be sure to stay true to yourself. This stone is an ally for that. Purify your space by place Black Tourmaline by the door, to protect your home from any negative energy.


The Venus-ruled sign of Libra should absolutely work with Rose Quartz! Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal to help attune Libra’s true feelings in regards to love, while curbing any superficial distractions of confusion that might keep them riding the fence. Rose Quartz teaches love in many realms, expanding the heart chakra and connecting to true self love and acceptance. This crystal will support Libra in giving and receiving love in balance. A simple ritual for Rose Quartz is to place it in a special place, then sprinkle fresh rose petals around it. Speak words of love to yourself as you do this to boost confidence. 

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