Best Crystals for Capricorn

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Capricorns are known as the most determined sign of the zodiac. The symbol of this sign is The Sea Goat. One part goat, which is an animal that slowly but surely climbs the highest mountains. The tail represents this signs connection to water, illuminating that they are creative and intuitive. Just like the goat, Capricorns move forward diligently, focusing on achieving success no matter how long it takes. Capricorns are an earth sign, meaning they are grounded and practical. This sign is known to be resourceful, wise, and tenacious. Here are a few facts about Capricorn! To shop all Capricorn items, click here!


Dates: December 22 - January 19

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: Sea Goat

Element: Earth

Mode: Cardinal

House Ruled: Tenth


Capricorns are focused on career, always planning their next strategic move to achieve their goals. Pyrite is a powerful stone for this persistent sign! Pyrite it a powerful tool in manifestation, boosting prosperity and abundance. This crystal is helpful in making strategic decisions and maneuvers, while renewing vitality and endurance when you burn the midnight oil. Keep Pyrite on your desk to invoke developments in business and career.


Green Aventurine is an uplifting stone for Capricorn! While this sign enjoys their solitude, they may experience feelings of isolation from to time. To alleviate feeling too stuck in your own head, Capricorn should turn to Green Aventurine to attract joy and positive energy. This crystal is associated with boosting confidence, optimism, and releasing negative thoughts.


When you find yourself needing protection or grounding energy, Capricorn’s should work with Smoky Quartz. This detoxifying crystal aids in purging any fear, anger, jealousy, and negative energy that is not serving your highest good. Specifically for Capricorns, this stone will relieve self criticism while providing clarity and wisdom upon which path forward is best. When you’re feeling frustrated, angry, or detached, hold your Smoky Quartz at the base of your spine, the location of your root chakra. You can envision the crystal shining light throughout your body and releasing any negativity or darkness.


White Howlite is a soothing crystal, a sacred stone associated with relaxing nerves and relieving tension. For Capricorn, who is so often wrapped up in thought, this is a highly beneficial stone. White Howlite also expands the mind and encourages healthy emotional expression. It’s important to rest, Capricorn! For finding deep rest, keep White Howlite under your pillow or by your bed. If you’re experiencing stress or frustration, simply hold the White Howlite in your hands for calming.

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