Best Crystals for Aquarius

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 The humanitarian, the free spirit, the experimentalist. Aquarius is a sign focused on changing the world, building community, and expanding the mind. The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is symbolized with the icon of the Water Bearer. Their connection to water is illuminated by their intuitive and healing nature. Yet, they are an Air sign, which manifests in their abstract thinking, intellectual values, and communication skills. To shop all Aquarius items, click here. Here are a few facts about Aquarius!


Dates: January 20 - February 18

Ruling Planet: Uranus & Saturn 

Symbol: Water Bearer

Element: Air

Mode: Fixed 

House Ruled: Eleventh 


Golden Calcite is a supportive stone for Aquarius by strengthening their innate leadership skills. This crystal nourishes the heart of the humanitarian, encouraging responsible use of power to gain support and respect from those around you. A simple ritual for drafting visions into being with Golden Calcite is to write down your big dreams and goals on paper, then put the crystal on top of the words overnight. You’ve charged the crystal with your intentions by doing this, and as your carry this crystal with you it will guide you towards your path.


Pyrite is another crystal that aids Aquarius in the realms of dreams and goals. This stone is dynamic in helping manifest, and for the sign with revolutionary dreams Pyrite is a must! Channel your abstract ideas and complex thoughts into plans that can be executed in the present by working with this stone. Pyrite will bring your visions for the future into the present, helping you make them happen in the here and now.


 Aquarius is eccentric and rebellious, marching to beat of their own drum. However, sometimes they can be an extremist and unpredictable. Blue Lace Agate is a stone that encourages Aquarius to explore al the excitement and stimulation they seek in a calm, balanced manner. This crystal promotes healthy patterns and practices that honor Aquarius’ highest good. The tranquility that this crystal brings is essential for Aquarius. Meditate with Blue Lace Agate when you feel overstimulated or overwhelmed by placing it on your third eye to soothe the mind and find your truth.


To soothe the heart of an Aquarius, one should look to the powerful Rose Quartz. This crystal is the fundamental building block for love, self-love, and compassion. It balances the heart chakra which serves the Aquarius, who is always thinking about the collective heart of humanity. As a result, the intellectual Aquarius may detach from their own feelings, coming off as aloof. Rose Quartz allows Aquarius to access what is truly in their hearts from an emotional perspective rather than dealing with a purely logical approach. 

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