The Faces of The Zodiac Series: Part One

The Faces of The Zodiac Series: Part One

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For the launch of our crystal-infused nail polish line, Mystic Mani, we chose 12 different women in our hometown of Los Angeles to represent the 12 zodiac signs. It was important to us that each woman would be modeling for their actual Sun sign to remain true to the spirit and diversity of each sign, hence, The Faces of The Zodiac Series. This series will document and showcase the beauty and individuality of all the unique personas found in the zodiac in order to spotlight a community that is not defined by age, gender, or race, but rather -- by the stars   We're hoping that this series will foster a positive, shared sense of pride for each of the zodiac signs and facilitate an understanding that together we are all part of one larger astrological landscape. 

Read below to see all of our renditions of the signs along with each model's answer to our question, "What do you like most about being your zodiac sign?"

Part Two of our series will be comprised of 12 men being transformed into their zodiac sign.  Stay tuned for more details and casting info in 2018!  



Like a bolt of lightning through the night sky, her spark cannot be contained. When she strikes, it's with frightening intensity -- nothing she does is a half-measure. She is able to walk through the fires of life because the eternal child within her will never be jaded. She is the first, a trailblazer, a flash that burns bright on unchartered horizons, leaving beams of light to guide us. She is ARIES. ⚡️🐑♈️ 

Model: Jess Adams 
DOB: April 22
Favorite thing about being an Aries: 

I'm a cusp so I feel like I'm the best of both worlds. I'm fiery and independent like an Aries and loyal and stubborn like a Taurus. I always felt like an Aries and when I realized I was a cusp (the power cusp) everything made sense. I've always been a leader and hate to admit have always had a temper lol.



Equal parts strength and beauty, her sensual exterior is matched with an unbreakable core. She shoulders immense amounts of stress that would intimidate most, but yet, she does not crumble -- nor does she ask for sympathy. Loyal, genuine, and reliable, she is solid through and through. Just don't provoke her beyond her limits though...remember, you mess with the bull, you get the horns. She is TAURUS. 🐂✨♉️ 

Model: Elizabeth Franchi
DOB: April 28
Favorite thing about being a Taurus:

I love how independent Taurus’ are. I really feel as though I’m a true Taurus woman. I’m strong, independent, enjoy the finer things in life and am willing to put in the work to do so. Because we are known to be stubborn, that trait translates into so many different areas of our life. If we love something we stick with it, making us incredibly loyal and enduring even in tough situations.



As curious as she is intelligent, her mind works like the hands of a clock -- two parts moving forward, sometimes in sync and sometimes not, but nonetheless, sweeping every second in an endless circle of fascination. Some of us fear change, but it's something she can't stop. She will not stand still for time, for she is always growing. She is GEMINI. 🌿👯♊️

Model: Leah Cohen
DOB: May 29
Favorite thing about being a Gemini:

I love being a Gemini because I feel like I'm always discovering and learning the many facets of myself, which is twin element of the Gemini sign.  I love that I'm able to strike up a conversation with anyone!  I've always been a social butterfly, friends with all different types of people.  Being a Gemini has it's challenges, but it's always exciting and intriguing 🖤 




Governed by the Moon, she waxes and and wanes with the changing tides. With a heart as deep and complex as the ocean, her love can be all encompassing -- nurturing and effortless when sailing smoothly. But on the high seas storms can often brew without warning, and rocking the boat is not a good idea in such sensitive waters. Do not mistake her as weak though...she has a tough shell and claws for a reason. Highly protective of those around her, her Motherly nature is just as caring as it is ferocious. She is CANCER. 🌊🦀♋️ 

Model: Marcy Flores
DOB: July 14
Favorite thing about being a Cancer:

What I like most about my sign is the connection to the moon that we have. The moon is very influential in many cultures as well as with the tide, something about it is very comforting and beautiful. I believe the qualities I embody the most of my sign are Compassion and empathy, I feel deeply and try to live a fulfilling life with the people I love.




Kissed by the Sun, even the darkest shadows seem to disappear in her presence. She reigns with rays of light, spreading warmth and generosity to those around her.  Who better to take center stage than someone who shines so bright (and loves the applause)? Ambitious, creative, and with a flair for the dramatic, she is truly a leading lady, always seeming to find the positives in life and understanding that rain or shine, the show must go on.  She is LEO. 🌞🐅♌️

Model: Lauren Denault 
DOB: August 22
Favorite thing about being a Leo: 

What I love most about being a Leo is being confident and never being afraid to lead the pack or put yourself out there. I feel like the qualities that I embody most are confidence, warm heartedness and a love for life.





Like delicate morning dew, she appears as if by magic to reset the day, softly covering the Earth in her calm, refreshing presence.  Glancing over everything with a discerning gaze, no blade of grass remains uncut and no petal is left out of place.  A perfectionist to her very core, she is a keen collector of sensible systems, making order out of the chaos -- realizing that the bigger picture won't look quite right if no one pays attention to the details.  She is VIRGO. 🦋✨♍️ 

Model: Jennifer Mun
DOB: August 30
Favorite thing about being a Virgo: 

I love that Virgos are loyal and kind. Those are the qualities I always strive to be and look for in other people. I feel that my deep sense of humanity is what I embody the most being a Virgo. Love my Virgos!



With the charm of all the stars in her eyes, she wears her heart on her sleeve and disarms with a smile.  A lover of peace, harmony, and justice, she is a dot of balance in a sea of extremes, the only constellation that is neither animal nor human.  Represented by the scales, her mind tips from rational logic to spontaneous emotion, striving to find the perfect medium.  To walk the line with her is to open your mind to infinite paths. She is LIBRA. 💖⚖️♎️ 

Model: Jackie Sophiea
DOB: October 1
Favorite thing about being a Libra:

As Libras, we are known for wanting peace and harmony; which can be a good and bad thing. Bad part? We have a hard time saying no in order to keep everyone around us happy and I definitely am always putting everyone else before myself which I need to work on balancing.




Across the vast expanse of the oceans, she is like the Bermuda Triangle — a place of mystery, dark secrets, and hypnotic power.  She may be a Water sign, but fire flows through her veins.  Living life at the extremes, she is transformed by intense experiences, walking through cycles of death and rebirth like a phoenix rising from the ashes, each time a little stronger than the last. Her piercing eyes see through any facade, so if you’ve betrayed her you’ll feel her sting.  But for those who have truly entered her heart, you’ll find a passion and love like no other. She is SCORPIO. 💦🦂♏️ 

Model: Net Suki
DOB: November 21



Like a flickering flame, she dances wherever the winds take her -- roaming the Earth in her eternal quest for higher learning and purpose.   Optimistic, adventurous, and a little brazen, she is the true wild child of the zodiac, fueled by an insatiable wanderlust and need for personal freedom. Prepared to live life to its fullest, you can always count on her to buy the ticket and take the ride.  She is SAGITTARIUS. 🌎✈️♐️ 

Model: Natalie M.
Favorite thing about being a Sagittarius:

I like that Sagittarius is a fire sign. That itself explains a lot about my personality. I've been told that I'm a combination of friendly and feisty. I'm also very impulsive, which sometimes gets me into trouble. But hey! Sometimes bad choices make great stories. ;)




As a master of self control with relentless dedication, she not only has the ability to move mountains, but also traverse their highest peaks. Never shirking away from responsibility or duty, she will tackle even the most insurmountable obstacles with patience and a pickaxe. No shortcuts here. Underestimate her willpower and you will have made a formidable adversary -- she will beat most signs in a battle of attrition. Sure footed in every decision she makes, the desire to climb is natural, because for her, there is nowhere to go but up. She is CAPRICORN.🐐🌁♑️

Model: Rachel Sedory
DOB: January 15
Favorite thing about being a Capricorn:

Being a Capricorn has given me the ability to be really helpful and hard working all the while maintaining a good attitude. I take pride in my work-ethic; it has always seen me through and elevated me to higher ground.




Rebellious by nature and sharp as a tack, she is the ultimate non-conformist, always looking to change the status quo. Unlike her light hearted Air Sign sisters, she is no gentle breeze. Swirling with brilliant ideas and carried by unconventional currents, she's a hurricane of independence impossible to predict. Expect her to fit the mold and she'll take it, flip it upside down, and then break it -- for her, there are no limitations. With a grand and humanitarian outlook on life, this quirky visionary is original in every sense of the word. She is AQUARIUS. 🌪🌟♒️

Model: Nikki Keeshin
DOB: February 10
Favorite thing about being an Aquarius: 

I love being an Aquarius because we're the weird ones. We're intelligent, independent thinkers and we're all very different from each other.




Like wispy tendrils of gossamer, she brushes by like a daydream -- an ethereal being adrift in a sea of her own imagination. Romantic, intuitive, & highly creative, you'll frequently find her waxing poetic under the moonlight or playing with watercolors under the stars. True, her head is often in the clouds, but one must transcend to such heights to see all that remains unseen. As she gently flows with the river of life, she floats between this realm and the next, understanding the full spectrum of light and darkness that exists in between, uniting us all. She is PISCES. 🐠🔮♓️

Model: Monica Ahanonu
DOB: March 1
Favorite thing about being a Pisces:

I am a very artistic, creative and curious person which is something Pisces embody.  I am incredibly intuitive and really have lived most of my life by following my intuition - it really surprises me how spot on my intuition usually is, I love it about myself.  I also definitely feel that I have the ability to adapt myself to various personalities and situations as most Pisces do.  I am definitely a Pisces spot on I would say.


What do our #Lunatics think of our zodiac-inspired looks?  


Huge thanks to our cast & crew for making our vision possible:
Videographer/Photographer: Jennifer Wu
Creative Director/Producer: Katie Huang
MUAS: Jasmine Guerrero & Jan Degillo
Hair: Caitlin Sennott & Jillian Sepe 
Nail Techs: Lily Artemisia & Farah Yazid
Music: N2N
BTS Videographer: Kyle Padilla

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