Halloween Costumes To Match Your Zodiac's Personality

Halloween Costumes To Match Your Zodiac's Personality

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It happens to us every year... you come up with the BEST idea for a Halloween costume some time earlier in the year, and once Halloween is merely weeks away, you can't seem to remember what that amazing idea was! Well, no need to worry, #Lunatics. If you're having trouble deciding on a costume this year, why not try one of these specially selected disguises inspired by the 12 signs of the zodiac!

Aries: Power Ranger

Aries are all about action, and what symbolizes power and brute force more than the Power Rangers? Now all you have to decide is if you will be donning the classic Mighty Morphin suits or the sleek, modernized versions found in this year's reboot!

Taurus: The Queen

A stylish and regal sign such as yours needs a costume fit for royalty! There are plenty of inspiring queens throughout history who have become iconic Halloween favorites. Whether you decide to go way back in time with a Cleopatra look, or resurrect yourself from the gallows as Marie Antoinette!

Gemini: The Twins

Given your social nature, it wont be hard for you to find a friend to partner up with this Halloween to deliver the classically creepy concept of the evil twins from one of our favorite horror movies: The Shining! Be sure to throw in some blank stares, extra long silences and enjoy yourself a glass of REDRUM!

Cancer: Wonder Woman

It may take some coaxing to get you to come out of your shell this Halloween, but you're sure to feel safe and protected bearing the shield of the almighty Wonder Woman! Seeing as your sign is ruled by the ultimate Feminine force of nature (the Moon) it's only fitting you find a badass female figure to transform yourself into on this magical night!

Leo: Living Art

The most artistic sign of the zodiac needs a costume that shows off your creative skills! This year, transform yourself into a living breathing work of art using some face paint, some old frames, and your wild imagination! Whether you go as a Picasso or the Girl with the Pearl Earring, your nod to the arts community will not go unnoticed.

Virgo: Daria

Halloween doesn't seem like your holiday does it, Virgo? The hypersexualized costumes, the blood, guts and gore, the processed sugary treats... You need a costume that accentuates your judgmental, pessimistic attitude! Throw it back to everyone's favorite 90's hit Daria! Plus, green and black? Totally your colors, earth-child!


Libra: Ballerina

Striking the perfect balance of beauty and strength, a ballerina costume is totally fitting for our Libra Lunatics! Whether you choose to go with the traditional pink tutu or a more sinister black swan look, you can count on having a ball twirling and leaping through the moonlight, giving your friends and unforgettable performance!


Scorpio: Elvira

This is your night, Scorpio! You play up the dark and mysterious vibes all year long and now's the time to shine as the queen of Halloween! Go for an iconic Halloween legend like The Mistress of the dark, Elvira or perhaps even Morticia Addams for a vampy, glamorous look that shows off your gothic flair!

Sagittarius: Alien

Inspired by travels beyond this world, an Alien outfit is the ultimate Sagittarius costume to compliment your adventurous nature. You can go super sci-fi with full on body paint or opt for something a bit more chic with a pair of bug eye glasses and some metallics! WE WANT TO BELIEVE!

Capricorn: Clown

Remember when all those knife-wielding clowns were all over the news this year? Yeah, that was a thing... and with the new IT movie being released, many of us will feel inspired to throw on a red nose and go to town in the paint. This is your chance to let go of your serious side, Capricorn, and let your true colors shine! Whether you choose to go with a friendly or frightening ensemble we know you'll enjoy brightening up everyone's night!

Aquarius: Anonymous Hacker

Innovative and political with a technological twist-- all you need for an anonymous hacker costume is a mask and an iPad! This costume is totally current - just make sure to leave the bipartisan arguments at home. Now pour yourself a glass and start meddling with those election votes!

Pisces: Fortune Teller

A mermaid? Too obvious. For a sign as intricate and complex as you, you can come up with something better than that! Given the fact that Pisces is the most intuitive and psychic of all the signs, perhaps this year we try working a fortune teller costume complete with some tarot cards and a crystal ball?




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