Stylescopes: Capricorn Season

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As the sun transits through expansive (and expensive) Sagittarius and into the toned down, practical Capricorn, our focus returns inward. Hardworking, exacting, and ambitious Capricorn encourages us to set goals and make plans for the future. Part of those plans, obviously needs to be your wardrobe. This is the time to think really long and hard about each purchase you make. Not only is Mercury in retrograde until the end of this week, but in a little over a month or so, designers across the globe will be releasing their FW2017 lines, showcasing the trends, patterns, colors, and styles we need to start collecting for the evolution of our wardrobes. That being said, two months is a LONG time to go without any shopping, so here’s some Capricorn approved wardrobe enhancing style tips to set yourself up for success in the new year:

Aries: A toned down, modest look coming from an Aries is such a rarity that it makes it that much more appealing! Try taking it down a notch and see how much your personality shines through as you’re mapping out your wardrobe this year.

Taurus: if anyone knows the meaning of luxury it’s a Taurus. It’s going to be the hardest for you to resist the urge to splurge this year but try and focus your expenses on quality pieces that can travel with you through the seasons. Focusing on some quality multi-seasonal outerwear early on in the year will help you resist impulse buys later on.

Gemini: Big changes in your inner circle of friends will give you room for more genuine self exploration in terms of you 2017 style. As you begin to discover more and more about yourself, the urge to express that truth more clearly and fully in the upcoming year means introducing some looks and styles you’ve never tried before. See how different you feel when you try on something out of the ordinary.  

Cancer: Let’s be real, you’re not planning on going anywhere in 2017. With everything that’s going on in the world, it’s exhausting just thinking about what’s on the other side of that door. What you need to invest in is the perfect lounge robe that’s chic enough to wear about during your daily routine but also allows you to cozy up on the couch.

Leo: Leos are attracted to bold pieces that more often than not, are only worn once, but Capricorn is all about sensibility and practicality, so why not invest in some bold pieces that you can use all the time? A pair of fancy sneakers detailing should do the trick!  You’ll be able to flaunt your style while on the go.

Virgo: There’s two types of Virgos out there, 1) the ones who have every outfit for the year already planned, and 2) the ones too busy or stressed out to concern themselves with outfit planning. Either way, creating a balanced schedule is going to be essential to your health and happiness in 2017. Knowing you, Virgo, you’ve probably got way too many neutrals, dark tones, and business-casual go-to pieces. Spicing things up with some bold prints and bright colors will help restore harmony to your closet and aesthetic.

Libra: In an effort to manage your indecisiveness, Libra, it’s best you always keep a few options prepared. You’ll feel your best if you can find something you can wear many different ways, like a reversible jacket to suit your ever-changing mood, or this dress which can be worn 15 different ways!

Scorpio: Another sign who needs several options available to them is Scorpio. Their need for control combined with their natural mysterious nature often leads them wearing black, black, and The best way to meet your sartorial needs this year is with some standout accessories. A pair of loud, unconventional sunglasses with some out of this world framework is just the thing you need to draw in attention, while keeping your identity and your vision protected.  

Sagittarius: You’re always prepared, because you never know where your might jet off to next! That mean you need to find some thick, quality outerwear that can stand cold temperatures, yet is soft enough to wrap yourself in on the plane to your next destination. Try adding Some sturdy and stylish denim pieces that can double as a perfect canvas for all those souvenir pins and patches you’ve collected from all your travels.

Capricorn: The good news is you’re the easiest sign of the zodiac to shop for. Hopefully the holidays sent some new style boosting gifts that speak to you. Capricorns would rather collect than shop, and it’s very likely you’ve got an assortment of sentimental wardrobe pieces that have been hanging up in your closet for years.  That being said, take advantage of your practical nature and weed out some of the pieces that might be taking up necessary space.

Aquarius: As the true individualist you’re going to need a standout accessory that shows off your funky chic side. A vibrant pop-art phone case like this Stella McCartney silicon Jaguar phone case with bejeweled eyes is certainly an eye-catcher (get it?) and suits your eccentric style:

Pisces: 2017 is the year you’re going to REALLY get organized. And not like last year organized, we’re talking some serious lifestyle revamping! Switch out those tiny trendy satchels and backpacks for a chic and functional crossbody bag with multiple compartments to help keep yourself organized and on track!

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