Moon Musings: How the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer (July 2, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer (July 2, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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The season of the mystical moon child has officially arrived, and there are two very powerful eclipses headed our way. Yes, Cancer season is a time for nurturing yourself, spending time with your loved ones, and doing what makes you feel emotionally secure… but this could be somewhat of a challenge considering the celestial circumstances. Take a deep breath, moon child. I don’t want you starting the month of July in fear. On the contrary, I am mentally preparing you for what’s to come. Besides, Mother moon and the universe are always working in our favor, and this is especially true during eclipse season… but I’ll get to that in a minute! Something else I want to mention is, this is the second series of eclipses activating the Cancer-Capricorn axis, as the first took place on July 12, 2018. So some of us are pretty well acquainted with this energy, but if you want to take it a step further, themes from July 2000 and 2011 could also be resurfacing during this time. So make sure to pay attention to the events taking place. Hint: check where Cancer and Capricorn are located in your birth chart. This could help you clarify the areas of your life that are in the midst of deep restructure. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the symbolism behind eclipses, and what this Cancer-Capricorn energy has in store for us.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with eclipses, they are powerful lunations that bring life-changing events. This could either be a new beginning or a much-needed ending, but all in all, this energy is here to help us take action we never considered possible. Eclipses are a cosmic push from the heavens, which is why I mentioned the universe working in our favor is especially true during eclipse season. Think about it: have you ever considered making a big move but suddenly decide to back out once you’ve considered the consequences? Well, aside from being a highly anticipated event across the globe, eclipses are celestial gamechangers. They magically flip the script and make the moves for us. In the end, it’s just a matter of trusting the process, despite how life-altering and/or intimidating it may seem. I’ll give you a perfect example of this: the new moon on July 2 will be a total solar eclipse, as the moon will be between the earth and the sun, which in turn leaves us with no light. Now, even if this “blocking of the light” lasts for just a moment, the symbolism behind it is even more powerful. For instance, how can we see where we’re going without the light? What happens to our sense of direction during this time? Well, this is where the “life-altering” eclipse energy stems from, as surrendering to the unknown is essential throughout your eclipse journey. 

Remember, you are a divine spiritual being, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Instead, let Cancer season’s maternal waters wash away your deepest fears, so make sure to look within. This eclipse season is about self reflection, emotional processing, and ancestral healing. Nurturing your emotional body is a priority during this time, so allow yourself to slow down. Cancer is a symbol of our inner world and emotional foundation. Ruled by Mother moon, this cardinal water sign is equivalent to the divine feminine energy that already exists within us, and this new moon solar eclipse is precisely about returning to the home within ourselves. It’s time we learn how to nurture ourselves, despite the previously-set structures of our upbringing. And with the sun, moon, and North Node in Cancer directly opposing Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node in Capricorn, we are finally tuning into what matters most: our emotional truth and the family karma deeply embedded in our spiritual DNA. Our world is in the midst of a powerful restructure, and it’s up to us to find the mother within to nurture ourselves, and the people around us. A new moon solar eclipse is a powerful gateway to your new beginning, and a lucky sextile to Uranus could greet you with unexpected abundance in the process. The eclipse will also form a trine to dreamy Neptune, which will serve as a reminder to surrender to the divine. Please note: Eclipse effects can last approximately six months.

Here’s what the new moon total solar eclipse in Cancer has in store for you, according to your zodiac sign:



Don’t be afraid to go deeper, Aries. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your matriarchal fourth house of home, family, and ancestors, bringing new beginnings to your emotional foundation, and family dynamic. What reminds you of home? Do you feel at home within yourself? Your innermost feelings are a priority during this time, so don’t repress your emotions. An impromptu sextile to electric Uranus could very well remind you of the gifts you possess, and perhaps even surprise you with unexpected abundance. Open your heart. You are healing yourself and the women who came before you. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: I embrace my deepest truth, willingly and unapologetically. 


Your exchanges and immediate surroundings matter more than you think, Taurus. Whether you’re in the process of rekindling your relationship with a family member, or perhaps learning how to express yourself emotionally, the new moon solar eclipse is activating your third house of communication, so it’s about time you start speaking from the heart. Who knows, some of you might be lacking empathy, and it’s starting to show. An electric sextile to Uranus in your sign and first house of self could serve as a celestial “coming out party” of sorts. Let’s face it, Taurus: everyone wants to meet the new and improved version of you, but your inner circle gets first dibs! Also, try not to overbook your calendar because things could get a bit overwhelming. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: I am emotionally committed to exchanges that serve my highest truth.


You are worth so much, Gemini. Have you taken a moment to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished, and built with your two hands? After all, you are a child of Mercury, and Mercury rules the hands, you know. But in all seriousness, what is your definition of security? The new moon solar eclipse will activate your second house of finances, values, and self worth, and this will bring new beginnings to that which you possess. Oh, and no more negative self talk! You’re letting go of toxic entanglements, so you might as well start recognizing your value in the process. An interesting sextile with Uranus via your secretive 12th house is here to help liberate you from past burdens, and karmic patterns. Take advantage of this energy, Gemini. The results might very well surprise you. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: My time and energy are worth more than I have ever given myself credit for.


Happy Solar return, Cancer! It’s not everyday you celebrate both a birthday season and an eclipse season, you know. You really made it. The sun and the North Node are activating your sign, and let’s just say, you’re vibrating on a completely different frequency. Besides, it’s no secret the new moon solar eclipse will undoubtedly start a revolution in your life, but more so in regard to your personal identity. You’re not the person you were a year ago, and this is legitimate proof of your soul’s growth. Pat yourself on the back, Cancer. I mean that wholeheartedly. Shedding skin is never easy, and you make it seem effortless. A sextile to electric Uranus via your humanitarian-like 11th house could gift you with a new group of friends in the process. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: I embrace my authenticity, gracefully and willingly.


No one said it was going to be easy, Leo. Releasing that which no longer serves you can be both mentally and physically exhausting, but this spiritual purge is essential to your soul’s growth. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your secretive 12th house of karma, closure, and all things behind-the-scenes, and let’s face it, you’ve got a whole lot to let go of. So don’t hold back! Besides, Cancer is a symbol of our inner world; hence some of you might experience an emotional breakthrough during this time. Ever thought of forgiving yourself, and the people who have wronged you, Leo? I think it’s time. An electric sextile to Uranus via your ambitious tenth house of career and authority figures is here to revolutionize your leadership skills, and sense of authority. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: The past does not define me. I forgive others and I forgive myself.


There’s nothing wrong with keeping things to yourself, Virgo. The real question is, are you communicating with honesty and integrity, or have you been avoiding confrontation altogether? With the new moon solar eclipse igniting your 11th house of friendship groups and extended network, you’re reflecting on whether or not you feel a sense of belonging, both in the world and amongst your crew of friends. Take a deep breath. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, Virgo. People grow apart and perhaps you’ve officially outgrown your group of friends, too. Embracing your freedom and mingling with like-minded individuals will be a priority for you during this time, so follow your instincts. Plus, an interesting sextile to Uranus via your expansive ninth house of the unknown will likely greet you with an exciting opportunity, so stay tuned. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: I am honest with myself and the people around me.


Let your soul speak for itself, Libra. What’s stopping you from taking the lead? Have you thought about your personal mission as of late? If so, what does it consist of? The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your ambitious tenth house of career and authority figures, which in turn brings you face-to-face with emotional legacies, and perhaps family burdens, stifling your professional growth. Don’t get me wrong, Libra. Family is never a burden, but what if there are chords that need to be cut for your own good? It’s time you start sharing your gifts with the rest of the world, both fearlessly and unapologetically. A lucky sextile to Uranus via your eighth house of sex, transformation, and surrender, simply proves you’re undergoing a massive rebirth. Just hold on, you’re coming home. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: Living my dharma will bring me closer to my happiness and soul’s truth.


Surrender to the universe, Scorpio. You are a divine being, and the possibilities are endless. Besides, with the new moon solar eclipse shaking up your expansive ninth house of education, higher learning, and unknown territory, it’s no secret that your next big adventure awaits. For some of you, going back to school is next up on your bucket list, while the rest of you consider the possibility of relocating just so you can chase your dreams. Like it or not, your Cancer-Capricorn eclipse journey will consist of you venturing into unknown territory. But it’s only a matter of having a little faith, Scorpio. Are you ready? An exciting sextile to Uranus via your seventh house of partnerships could very well put you in contact with the right connections in the process. The days where you second-guessed your every move, due to toxic thought patterns and genetic programming, are over. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: My inner compass has my best interest and I will follow it.


It’s time to put your heart into that which truly matters, Sagittarius. So whether you’re soul searching or simply starting to realize where you’ve gone wrong, the new moon solar eclipse will activate your auspicious eighth house of sex, death, and transformation, and in turn bring you face-to-face with the things no longer serving your highest truth. This, of course, could be anything from a sexual relationship to a financial investment, but their time is up. Period. Don’t bother dwelling or stressing either, Sag. Instead, take advantage of this time to heal and forgive yourself in the process. This is a powerful catharsis, and this lunation is gifting you with the necessary courage to leave it all behind you. A sextile to electric Uranus via your sixth house of health and day-to-day routine could surprise you with an exciting opportunity. So stay tuned. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: I willingly let go of that which stifles my spiritual growth.


You get what you give, Capricorn. Although, are you actually getting as much as the work you’ve been putting in? This year hasn’t been easy, and that is an understatement. And whether it’s that you’ve been putting too much effort into something and/or someone that doesn’t deserve it, or you’re in a situation where you’re simply not being valued, the new moon solar eclipse will most definitely be a gamechanger for you, Capricorn. This lunation will ignite your seventh house of partnerships, and you will likely question your current relationships in the process. Think about it, who are you in your current relationships? And who have you become overtime? Things to ponder. A lucky sextile to Uranus via your expressive fifth house of creativity is here to revolutionize your love life, and perhaps gift you with some colorful passion, too. Besides, you deserve to have a little fun, too. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: I fully surrender to the universe, and my soul’s evolution process.


Are you happy, Aquarius? Be honest with yourself. Does your day-to-day routine bring you personal fulfillment? Have you been doing your due diligence, mentally and physically? The new moon solar eclipse will ignite your orderly sixth house of health, details, and daily environment, and in turn bring you some much-needed clarity in the process. For some of you, this will clarify whether or not you’re working with purpose, and for others it will serve as a reminder to tend to your mental, physical, and spiritual well being. A lucky sextile to Uranus, your ruling planet, via your ancestral fourth house of home and emotional foundation, could very well revolutionize your current reality. Besides, what is it going to take for you to start living your truth? Don’t be afraid to look within, Aquarius. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: Nourishing my mind, body, and soul is essential to my daily routine.


The world is your oyster, Pisces. You’re a beautiful unicorn and it’s time you start owning the spotlight. The new moon solar eclipse will shake up your expressive fifth house of passion, creativity, and romance, so make sure to open your heart in the process. Besides, when was the last time you did something that brought you joy? Your inner child is begging for some attention, and it deserves it, too. Needless to say, this is your chance to bask in your unique gifts, and celebrate the colorful authenticity of your being. An interesting sextile to Uranus via your communication sector could very well surprise you with an unforgettable opportunity. This area of your chart rules technology and social media, so feel free to go work on a snazzy new Instagram account while you’re at it. Set yourself free, Pisces. New Moon Solar Eclipse Mantra: My inner child is alive within me and I fully acknowledge its unique presence.

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Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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