Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Aquarius Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (Feb. 11, 2021)

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Your New Moon In Aquarius Horoscope & Mantra, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Welcome to the new age. It’s a catchy phrase during times like these, especially when you can almost hear Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” on a loop in the back of your mind,  but let’s change the channel for a second. How is it even possible for sounds to travel through buildings and everything else in-between? Lo and behold, the power of electromagnetic waves; the transferring of energy across space and matter. The element air is truly extraordinary but if you’re not yet familiar with its universal essence, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, if this is quenching your curiosity, you’ve already begun to cultivate its power. Please note: All four elements—fire, earth, air, water—have a unique vibration; the key is to understand their significance. The first breath of life and a human’s primary nutrient, the element air is symbolic of the mind, wisdom, and the Eastern part of creation. And though it cannot be captured nor tamed, there’s no denying its numinous presence. 

As per traditional astrology, the element air is considered masculine and left-brained, but this doesn’t take away from its divinity as it is an ongoing reminder of the life force that exists all around us.  There’s more to the universe than meets the eye, and the winds of change are constantly communicating with you. All you have to do is listen. Whether it be while turning the page of your favorite astrology book or in the comfort of your Grandparent’s living room soaking in their irreplaceable insight, the wisdom of air is all around you. So in honor of Aquarius season, let alone our transitioning into the age of air, let’s open our minds and hearts to the new beginning we’re collectively experiencing. The word “new” couldn’t be more fitting for the current astro-weather, which is another reason why this year’s new moon in Aquarius will be nothing short of radical. “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Happening on Thursday, February 11 at exactly 2:06 p.m. EST and 23 degrees Aquarius, everything about this lunation is leading us towards the future. And though the effects may seem jarring and/or unexpected at first, it’s what’s needed to collectively adjust to this new era. As you know, the sun and the moon meet at the exact same degree of a zodiac sign during the new moon phase. However, in this particular case, there will be seven heavenly bodies—sun, moon, Mercury retrograde, Pallas Athena, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn—simultaneously transiting through this fixed air sign, but it doesn't end there. More than half of these planets will clash with Aquarius’ modern ruler Uranus, while the other half square off with warrior Mars. And with Mars and Uranus igniting Taurus’ fixed earth, this lunation is not only asking us to innovate, revolutionize, and build upon the structures we’ve established for ourselves, but also challenging us to stay consistent in the process.

If there’s anything the current astrology is trying to tell us is, there’s still so much to communicate, discover, and integrate with our current reality. And though change very much corresponds to Aquarius’ revolutionary essence, its fixed air continues to be an untamable force. When taking Aquarius’ divine archetype into consideration, you come to learn that its celestial vibration revolves around the divine wisdom of humanity, and the universal realm of intellect. As the Water Bearer showers us with its cosmic waters, it bestows us with the gift of knowledge and collective consciousness. And though Aquarius’ zodiac archetype epitomizes the self with the innate spirit of cooperation, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if every single person on the planet walked to the beat of their own drum. The unparalleled chemistry of your individuality derives from the electricity of our infinite universe, and this lunation marks the beginning of a future where you’re free to be fearlessly and unapologetically yourself. Freedom will reign.

Read below your new moon horoscope and mantra, according to your zodiac sign:


Cultivate the power of camaraderie, and vibe with your eclectic tribe, Aries. This year’s new moon in Aquarius will touch down on your experimental eleventh house of associations, colleagues, community, friendships, hopes, future visions, and sense of belonging in the world. This is the area of your life where you’re most disruptive, and prone to tapping into your inner rebel. It’s where you effortlessly stand out in a crowd, and were named “Most Likely To Start A Revolution” in your high school yearbook. And though you’re a fearless leader and audacious pioneer, sometimes all you need is the right team to make a difference. Your team spirit will be highlighted but with your planetary ruler Mars sitting alongside Uranus in your comfort-seeking second house of money, security, and value systems, you’re also passionate about the financial freedom you crave. Prepare for some serious multitasking! New Moon Mantra: I am aware of my intellectual charms and unique gifts; I have so much to give.


Break free from your invisible debt to tradition, Taurus. Detach from pressures projected onto you by your superiors. Dazzle the public with your eccentricity. A radical new moon in Aquarius is shaking up your ambitious tenth house of authority, career, legacy, public image, and contribution in the world. This is the area of your life where you prefer taking the unconventional route, and are genuinely fond of having a reputation for being unusual. It’s where your free spirit takes the lead, and makes a difference for being utterly unique. And though you’re typically quite stubborn in your ways, there are still some seeds that need to be planted to manifest the status you crave. Something else that’s important to remember during this time is, both Mars and Uranus are providing you with the energy and dynamite you need to take charge, but balance is key. Find a happy medium between your fierce individuality and the discipline needed to achieve your goals; one cannot exist without the other right now. New Moon Mantra: The autonomy I crave lies in my self-awareness; my freedom is my legacy. 


Redefine your philosophy, Gemini. Question people’s faith out of blatant curiosity. This year’s new moon in Aquarius will touch down on your expansive ninth house of adventure, education, faith, experience, entrepreneurship, opportunity, media, publishing, self promotion, long-term vistas, and unknown territory. In addition to being the most curious sign in the zodiac, you’re also the most inquisitive. And whether you believe it or not, given your innate skepticism, this is the area of your life where you’re able to cultivate your sparkling wisdom for the greater good. It’s where you create your unique hypothesis, and radically question belief systems. This lunation is here to help you spread the word with the masses, and publish your mark on the world. Whether it be a new mentor, or perhaps an academic degree, you’re being called to explore your horizons. Mars and Uranus are igniting your unconscious twelfth house of all things behind the scenes, which will ultimately challenge you to find the inner peace you desire. One day at a time. Be gentle with yourself. New Moon Mantra: I find freedom in the unknown because I am exactly where I need to be. 


Explore the freedom that exists within your intimate unions, Cancer. Experiment in the bedroom. Revolutionize your idea of commitment. Think outside the box when it comes to your investments. Liberate yourself from debt. A radical new moon in Aquarius will ignite your erotic eighth house of intimacy, debt, death, sex, taxes, transformation, joint collaborations, shared resources, and energetic exchanges. And while you may find this unusually intriguing—which couldn't be more fitting for Aquarius—this is the area of your life where you’re most likely to rebel against the norm. In fact, ever wonder why you’re so careless when swiping your credit card at the mall? Or what makes you a genius between the sheets? The Uranian electricity stemming from Aquarius comes to life in this area of your birth chart, but you’re more than just a Sci-Fi fantasy. This lunation is encouraging you to go inward, and ponder about what you’re actually willing to share with another mind, body, and soul. New Moon Mantra: I’m my own best friend; I give myself permission to experience new things.


Harness the power of your majestic aura, Leo. It’s no wonder people can’t help but gravitate towards you, they’re a divine reflection of your fierce individuality. And though you have no problem being front and center among  the rest of the crowd, your independence is priority. Your relationship sector is where you’re prone to raising havoc, and starting a revolution all on your own. Truth is, your innate ability to make an impression on others is rare, and this year’s new moon in Aquarius is bestowing you with a fresh start in this particular area of your life. Personally, professionally, and/or romantically, this is an opportunity for you to engage with others, and perhaps consider new ways of meeting your peers half way. With your freedom top of mind, take a second to reflect on the individuals you surround yourself with, and why. In the meantime, both Mars and Uranus will ignite your career sector which could, in turn, challenge your one-on-one relationships, especially if you’re in the middle of a career change and/or competing for the top. Find your center. New Moon Mantra: My energy speaks louder than words, but I hold space in my heart for others.


Revolutionize your daily routine. Spruce up your living space with the latest technology. Create space for your rituals, and shake up anything that feels remotely mundane. The irony of being a perfectionist, and yet having inconsistent habits, but this is where you’re destined to rebel, Virgo. You're a true visionary and pioneer when it comes to being efficient and productive, and the upcoming new moon in Aquarius is here to bring new beginnings to this area of your life. On that note, how can you make the most of your current routine? Does your schedule allow you to have the freedom you long for? This lunation is encouraging you to think outside the box in terms of efficiency, so don’t hesitate to disrupt your current routine. On a challenging note, both Mars and Uranus will be triggering a desire for expansion and restlessness, especially if you’ve been working towards a specific goal. You’re exactly where you need to be, but it’s time to explore other horizons and step outside your comfort zone. New Moon Mantra: When I embrace the unknown, I attract the ultimate possibilities.


Rekindle the relationship you have with your inner child. Embrace your eccentricities. Dance to the beat of your drum, erratic and offbeat. This year’s new moon in Aquarius will touch down on your famous fifth house of affection, infatuation, love, praise, romance, and self-expression, bringing new beginnings to everything from your creative muse to your unconventional dating habits. Don’t dim yourself down; this is the area of your life where you’re most likely to stand out in a crowd, and start a revolution of love by simply being yourself. It’s no wonder the whole world swoons at the mere sight of your presence, but there’s still room to experiment. Keep in mind, themes of creativity, fertility, and passion are prominent during this time, so don’t disregard the power of your mojo. This lunation is not only encouraging you to step into your fullest potential, but to also create space for the things you adore the most. The catch? Both Mars and Uranus are challenging you to integrate your desires and/or talents with your prior commitments. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a happy medium between your authenticity and your intimate unions. One shouldn’t exist without the other. New Moon Mantra: When I am authentic, I am calm, at peace and supported.


Find comfort in the chaos, Scorpio. Tap into your inner genius. Call upon your ancestors and ascended masters. You were born to become one with the collective, and a radical new moon in Aquarius is here to help you navigate these unique parts of you. Whether it be in terms of your physical living space and/or family dynamic, this is an opportunity for you to break through and rise above ancestral traumas, in order for you to establish the future you’ve been working so hard for. More importantly, this is an opportunity for you to find freedom within yourself, but there’s still some work for you to do. In fact, with your traditional ruler Mars sitting close to rebellious Uranus in your committed seventh house of significant others, you’re also being challenged to hold space for others in the process. And though it starts and ends with your individual journey, the family dynamic you desire is built upon a solid foundation, and healthy partnership. What is your definition of stability? What does safety mean to you? Does this individual have what it takes to fulfill you at a soul level? New Moon Mantra: I support myself in everything that I do, and let go of expectations of others.


Cultivate your sparking wisdom, Sagittarius. Tap into your inner genius. Express your opinion about something that’s out of the ordinary. This year’s new moon in Aquarius will shake up your chatty third house of communication, neighbors, siblings, thought process, immediate exchanges, inner circles, and local environment, bringing new beginnings to everything from your outspoken personality to your stubborn perspective. And though you’ve never hesitated to speak your truth, it’s important to recognize where it stems from. Aquarius governs your communication sector; hence this is where you’re the loudest, most rebellious, and at times even a bit interrogating. Your powers of observation are out of this world, and your unique POV can move the masses. Whether it be via writing and/or socializing, the opportunity to engage, and share your wisdom with the world is in your hands. Lean on the people around you; learn something new. Explore your surroundings, as there are plenty of resources. Mars and Uranus are bound to create chaos via your responsible sixth house of due diligence, but not if you use the energy wisely. Be bold and take the necessary action. New Moon Mantra: I find freedom when I’m fully aware of my thoughts and actions.


Redefine your values, Capricorn. Explore your financial horizons. Rehash your eccentric possessions, and earn a living with your unique gifts. As you may know, Aquarius governs your second house of comfort, finances, money-making abilities, spending habits, and sense of security. It’s no wonder you’re constantly plotting your next world takeover. In fact, your financial flashes of insight and investments towards the future have everything to do with your professional success, not to mention your VIP seating at the C-Suite. Keeping this in mind, a radical new moon in Aquarius will light up this area of your birth chart, bringing new beginnings to everything from the money you earn to your latest vision. So whether you’re reconsidering the value of your latest project or perhaps detaching from things that no longer measure up to your self-worth, this lunation has you covered. However, with Mars-Uranus creating chaos in your romantic fifth house of romance, praise, passion, and self-expression, you could experience tension between your current M.O. vs. the desire to indulge in all the fun. Work hard now so you can play harder later. New Moon Mantra: Only the best is yet to come; I embrace the present but look forward to the future.


Redefine yourself, Aquarius. Be the rebel you were always destined to be. Liberate yourself from stagnant energies weighing down on your free spirit; surround yourself with a community of people who allow you to be unapologetically yourself.  This year’s new moon in your sign is not only supercharged with fertility, but also incredibly potent. After all, it’s not everyday the sun, moon, Mercury, Pallas Athena, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn transit through your sign simultaneously, so don’t hesitate to tap into the magic of the cosmos as much as possible. The power lies in your galaxy DNA. Opportunities for abundance, expansion, growth, and new beginnings are afoot, so take some time to set your intentions. However, in the midst of your personal life flourishing, both Mars and your modern ruler Uranus will be raising havoc in your domestic fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundations. You’re likely more preoccupied than usual with the idea of stability, expanding your family, and/or your physical living space, which could feel somewhat stifling to your free spirit. Multitasking can be challenging but finding balance between thriving in your personal life, and taking care of things at home is key. New Moon Mantra: I am ready for change; something wonderful is about to happen.


Drift. Dissolve. Find peace in the freedom of solitude, Pisces. This year’s new moon in Aquarius will touch down on your karmic twelfth house of dreams, rest, sleep, solitude, spirit, hidden agendas, and all things behind the scenes, inviting you to take a much-needed step back from the daily hustle and mundane grind. Are you being gentle with yourself, Pisces? Have you been paying attention to your dreams? It’s no wonder Aquarius governs your unconscious twelfth house. You’re a genius in the astral realm, and it’s about time you tapped into the universal charms you inherently possess. Whether it be via a meditative state or spending time in solitude, this lunation is asking you to find your inner peace. Write in your dream journal. Take a nap. Find a crystal that resonates with you. Mars and Uranus will be lighting a fire in your chatty third house of communication, immediate circles, and local community, inspiring you to put yourself out there and engage with your peers, but this also creates friction between your desire for some alone time. If there’s ever been a moment in time where you’re being called to embrace your duality, it’s right now. Multitasking can be tricky, but this gives you more reason to brainstorm and innovate. Spend some time with yourself first. New Moon Mantra: I allow myself to go with the flow, and release expectations of others, including myself.

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