Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Aquarius (Jan. 21, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Aquarius (Jan. 21, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Take a deep breath. As the sun approaches the second-to-last season in the astrology wheel, we are collectively greeted with electric insight and fresh perspective, specifically when in regards to what the future holds. More than often referred to as the sparkling intellectual of the zodiac, Aquarius is a social rebel with a progressive mind; the more unconventional and disruptive, the more revolutionary. Where does this fixed air sign live in your birth chart? Believe it or not, everyone’s birth chart is comprised of all 12 zodiac signs. The astrological house(s) governed by Aquarius, however, can hint to the area(s) of life where you typically go against the grain or are perhaps more eccentric, rebellious and freedom-loving. Governed by experimental Uranus, in addition to this fixed air sign’s lightning-like intellect, its scientific and strategy-loving persona is precisely what encourages us to tap into our higher mind, individually and as a collective.

Remember, in the eyes of the water bearer, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; this speaks to the unique gifts, skills and visions we individually carry with us throughout this lifetime. The question is, how are you sharing this magic with the rest of the masses? Without further ado, especially when considering the back-to-back delays and setbacks that energetically dominated the beginning of 2023, the first new moon of the year is not only considered a supermoon — due to its close proximity to the earth — but also governed by none other than experimental Uranus. Change is here. Also, powerhouse Pluto will be entering Aquarius in March, marking the beginning of a brand-new era, given the generational influence of this slow-moving planet. As for the new moon energy, you’ll want to pay attention, as it will likely foreshadow what is to come of Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. Are you ready to plant your seeds of intention?

Vanishing into the sky on January 21 at 3:53 p.m. EST, via the first degree of socially conscious Aquarius, this much-needed reset will not only bring fertility and momentum to your future goals, but also your sense of belonging in the world. The best part? Despite the inevitable post-retrograde shadow energies, both Mercury and Mars are officially in direct motion, making this lunation all the more potent and motivating. A symbol of our cosmic intelligence, this is an opportunity to ponder new ideas and explore the potential of our social collaborations. In-person or via the world wide web, let the future be your main point of focus. How can you become more aligned with your individual goals and aspirations? Sitting in an invigorating sextile to expansive Jupiter, having the courage to tap into our autonomy and authenticity could bring on the start of an exciting adventure. This could be with regards to education, creative pursuits or travel.

Venus will be sitting just a degree away from taskmaster Saturn, bringing emphasis to everything from what needs to be considered with regards to our responsibilities to our financial security overall. For instance, are you financially up to par when considering your plans for the future? Is there something you need to be more conscious of moving forward? If it pertains to matters of love and romance, this sobering synergy speaks to you and your significant other’s level of maturity. We are all a work in progress, and our one-on-one relationships are no exception. What are you signing up for, and does it make sense committing to this long-term? It gets more interesting, as Aquarius’ planetary ruler, Uranus, will be stationing direct on January 22, the day after this new moon. Electric and spontaneous, this is not only redirecting our energy, but also setting us free in the process. This will require a significant amount of change and honesty, especially if you want to get the ball rolling.

Read your new moon in Aquarius horoscope and affirmation according to your zodiac sign below:

You’re feeling like you’re on top of the world, but this is just the beginning, Aries. The moon will renew itself via the first degree of Aquarius—touching down on your socially conscious 11th house of associations, community affairs, individual freedom and future visions—which, in turn, presents you with a clean slate, and an opportunity to step into a brand-new dimension of reality. Keep in mind, with your celestial ruler, Mars, and Mercury both in direct motion, you have the mental and physical stamina needed to move forward with confidence, and enthusiasm. Sitting in a harmonious sextile to Jupiter in your sign, a new chapter begins, and one where you can be your most authentic self. New Moon Affirmation: I am unique and bright; I choose to remain unaffected by the judgment of others.

Your evolution is impenetrable, and that in itself is a superpower, Taurus. What professional goals have you set in the recent past? Are they in alignment with the professional you've become and/or are becoming? The new moon will ignite your bossy 10th house of authority, career ventures, public persona and legacy in the world. Do keep in mind, the ruler of this lunation will be stationing direct in your sign the following day, but its journey through your sign continues to validate the strength behind your personal revolution. How are you showing up for yourself, and the rest of the world at this time? Your celestial ruler, Venus, will be sitting alongside Saturn, adding a layer of humility, sophistication and practicality to both your finances, and relationships. New Moon Affirmation: The more I embrace my intellectual and eccentric gifts, the more I will thrive as a professional. 

The way you look at the world is changing in a big way, Gemini. Although, with the help of January’s new moon in Aquarius—touching down on your expansive ninth house of adventure, travel, higher learning and self-discovery—chances are, there are new avenues of opportunity opening in your favor. Keep in mind, Uranus is the ruler of this new moon, but it is currently transiting through your 12th house of surrender, closure and unconscious patterns. Is there a subconscious fear and/or lack of self-worth that is stifling your new beginning? Also, with Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, some of you may opt for venturing down a completely different path, if not reconsidering your investment overall. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. New Moon Affirmation: I embrace my brilliance and unconventionality; I release the excuses that held me back.

Sharing is caring, but not everyone is worthy of your time and energy, Cancer. In the meantime, the new moon will touch down on your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint ventures, shared resources and other people’s money. Sitting in a sweet sextile to lucky Jupiter—via your bossy 10th house of authority, career, legacy and reputation in the world—this could be with regards to a new work venture, if not an online business you’re starting on your own. Btw, with Uranus being the ruler of this lunation—currently occupying your 11th house of associations, community affairs and individual freedom—this new beginning could bring emphasis to everything from your social media presence to a new friendship you’re spontaneously choosing to nurture. New Moon Affirmation: My prosperity is unlimited; I commit to my investments with intention.

Lean on your community for support, Leo. The moon will join forces with your celestial ruler, the sun, for this month’s new moon in Aquarius, but it will ignite your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others. The ruler of this lunation (Uranus) is currently transiting through your bossy 10th house of legacy, public persona and reputation in the world, suggesting the possibility of this *new* partnership having something to do with your professional life. On another note, with Venus sitting alongside Saturn, you are also being encouraged to be practical, honest and humble with your dealings moving forward. Are you and this significant other on the same page? Is this endeavor aligned with your future goals? Sitting in a sextile with lucky Jupiter, your ability to simultaneously put your faith in the unknown can be incredibly rewarding. New Moon Affirmation: I deserve love, loyalty and respect; I keep those in support of my authentic expression close.

Think outside the box when it comes to your day-to-day rituals, Virgo. The moon will renew itself via the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, bringing fertility and momentum to your sixth house of health habits, work routines, and acts of service. Spontaneous and innately rebellious, the celestial ruler of this new moon (Uranus) is transiting through your expansive ninth house of adventure, entrepreneurship, higher learning and self-discovery as we speak, suggesting the possibility of you venturing into the unknown in order to see this new beginning flourish at its fullest potential. Venus will be in close proximity to taskmaster Saturn—via your practical sixth house of due diligence—which is simultaneously encouraging you to prioritize your well being, as well as your mindfulness rituals in the process. New Moon Affirmation: I choose to focus on what makes me feel healthy and strong; my mind, body and soul are in harmony.

Your love language is uniquely yours, Libra. Incase you needed that friendly reminder, January’s new moon in Aquarius will ignite your expressive fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression, all while its ruler (Uranus) continues to revolutionize your intimate eighth house of mergers, joint ventures, shared resources, and other people’s money. Whether in terms of your sex life or a shared asset, this lunation is urging you to be unapologetically devoted to yourself, and your self-love. Keep in mind, your celestial ruler, Venus, will be sitting in close proximity to serious Saturn which could, in turn, highlight the more sobering facts of your passions, if not a hobby you’ve recently started to cultivate. Does this investment align with your long term goals? In a sextile with Jupiter, a significant other could unexpectedly save the day, so never say never. New Moon Affirmation: My creativity is irreplaceable; I am complete within myself, and I allow my ingenuity to flow through me.

Your perception of home, family and security is evolving, because everything is a learning experience, Scorpio. And despite whether you’re in the process of starting a family of your own, this month’s new moon is here to bring your visions of the future into fruition. Igniting your domestic fourth house of innermost feelings, emotional foundations and all things revolving around your home sweet home, you are being encouraged to plant your seeds of intention, specifically those aligned with your ideals. Aquarius is symbolic of community, so if you have a big family, this would speak to the relationship you share with these individuals, especially with Uranus transiting through your partnership sector. On another note, Venus will be in close proximity to taskmaster Saturn in this area of your chart, highlighting the practical and brutally honest side of things, especially when it comes to your financial security and commitments in general. New Moon Affirmation: I can visualize and manifest the home I crave, because I am the architect of my life.

The community you seek is a reflection of your approach to those in your immediate environment, Sagittarius. And with the new moon touching down on your curious third house of communication, thought process and local surroundings, there is an opportunity for you to cultivate this area of your life, perhaps in an unconventional way, too. Aquarius is, after all, ruled by revolutionary Uranus, which just so happens to be transiting through your sixth house of health, daily rituals and work routines. How do you spend your days? Do you feel productive and in alignment with your future goals? Venus will, however, be in close proximity to Saturn, highlighting the more sobering facts of this initiative and/or endeavor… but, if you’re being honest and humble when it comes to your values and finances, then there’s no harm in experimenting. New Moon Affirmation: When I speak up for myself and what I value, I honor intellect and intelligence.

The definition of “right and wrong” is relative, so why not stay true to your unique value systems, Capricorn? The new moon will touch down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, investments, money-making abilities and unique talents, all while its ruler (Uranus) continues to wander through your expressive fifth house of love, creativity, passion projects, and authenticity. Whether it be a hobby you’ve recently started to explore, or an unconventional source of income brought to you by your unique skills, this lunation is urging you to honor your eccentricities, and go against the grain. Venus will also be sitting close to your taskmaster ruler, Saturn, suggesting there being a more practical approach to this endeavor, but recognizing what is worthy of your investment is only the first step. In harmony with Jupiter, themes of home and family could compliment the energy of this new beginning. New Moon Affirmation: I choose to prioritize my freedom; wealth comes to me in new and exciting ways.

Happy new moon, Aquarius! In addition to celebrating the magic of your solar season, the sun will be joining forces with the moon—via the first degree of your sign—for this month’s sparkling new moon. New year, new energy, new you? Keep in mind, your celestial ruler (Uranus) will be stationing direct the following day, but it continues to revolutionize your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, innermost feelings and soul foundations. Are you spontaneously choosing to relocate? Maybe you’re deciding to make an offer on a home. Whatever the case may be, and with the influence of Venus conjunct Saturn in your sign, there is a layer of seriousness attached to this new beginning. So, considering your long term goals and whether (or not) this initiative is in alignment is a must. New Moon Affirmation: I am free and fully present in my everyday life; I am confident in my personal level-up.

You’re closing a significant chapter in your life, but this isn’t the end of your individual journey, Pisces. On the contrary, with the moon renewing itself via the revolutionary sign of Aquarius—via your 12th house of secrets, inhibitions, privacy and unconscious patterns—you are being encouraged to prioritize your healing, rest and life behind the scenes. Maybe it’s a social media detox, or some well-deserved alone time after being surrounded by a community of individuals. With the new moon’s ruler, Uranus, transiting through your curious third house of communication, thought process and immediate surroundings, you are simultaneously revolutionizing everything from your perspective to your approach. Although, with Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, it’s important to be honest with yourself, especially when in regards to your subconscious patterns of self-sabotage, or perhaps your coping mechanisms overall. It’s time to set yourself free, and forgive yourself along with those who may have wronged you once upon a time. New Moon Affirmation: I release all social constructs and programming; I allow my spirit to express itself freely and without restraint.

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