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Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Libra (April 19, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Libra (April 19, 2019) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

On April 19, on the eve of a brand new astrological season, a powerful full moon, and rare phenomenon, will illuminate the velvet night in the justice-seeking sign of Libra… for the second time in a row. For those of you who don’t recall, this is the second full moon in the sign of the scales, as the first took place in March, during the spring equinox. Naturally, this is not your typical full moon, and for a number of reasons, but if there’s one thing we should keep in mind during this auspicious lunation is, la luna is a constant reminder of the ever-changing rhythms of life. Nothing is coincidence, and mother moon’s dazzling gleam is a forever guide to our unique cycle, and individual path. We all live under the same sky, and at one point in time, our ancestors looked up at the very same moon, as its magic belongs to each and every one of us.

When the moon is full, it is sitting directly opposite the sun, which in turn symbolizes both masculine and feminine energies, as well as a call for balance. Interestingly enough, the essence of harmony-loving Libra deeply resonates with this spiritual equilibrium; although, the polarity between both luminaries remains. In this particular case, the sun will be in 29 degrees Aries, which also happens to be the very last degree and most evolved cardinal fire, opposing the moon in 29 degrees Libra, at the highest vibration of cardinal air. In case you’re wondering, cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) are known as the initiators of the zodiac, given their innate leadership qualities. Although, if you really think about it, the timing of their season speaks for itself: Aries season begins on the spring equinox; Cancer season starts on the summer solstice; Libra season begins during the autumn equinox, and Capricorn season on the winter solstice.

As you can see, there is intense cardinal energy coming forth during this full moon, reminding us of our powers of initiation, but it doesn’t end there. Think back to the first full moon in Libra on March 20, in regard to your committed partnerships, and general sense of compromise. During this lunation, mother moon illuminated the night sky at zero degrees Libra, opposing the sun at zero degrees Aries. Sound familiar? In astrology, zero and 29 are both critical degrees, which makes sense, as zero is a symbol of brand new life, and the beginning of a zodiac sign’s life cycle, as opposed to 29, which represents the very last cycle, and the highest vibration of energy. Talk about yin and yang, huh? One thing’s for sure: March’s full moon was part one of our full moon in Libra culmination. Are you ready for part deux?

Justice-seeking Libra is a symbol of balance, compromise, and relationships. Aries, on the other hand, is a representation of our individual identity, inner warrior, and our sense of assertion. Again, with the sun in the last degree of Aries, and the moon in the last degree of Libra, these powerful luminaries are emphasizing themes related to "I vs. we," while putting a spotlight on the way we integrate ourselves into the lives of others, and vise versa. Truth is, la luna can do no wrong, and there’s a reason why she’s igniting the energies of diplomatic Libra for a second time in a row. On another note, with rebellious Uranus sitting close to the sun, this lunation could also bring us face-to-face with shocking revelations, and unexpected surprises, regarding our committed partnerships, and one-on-one connections. In the end, what’s fair is fair, and with Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node huddling over ruthless Capricorn, it’s safe to say, justice will be served.

Artist Credit (image above): by ArtDesignWorks -- check out their portfolio here for more of their beautiful artwork to support them:


Who will make the cut, Aries? With la luna igniting your seventh house of relationships, and committed partnerships, for a second time in a row, you’re likely coming face-to-face with important truths regarding your one-on-one connections. Also, given that electric Uranus will be in the mix of this cosmic cocktail, some of you could experience shocking revelations, and unexpected surprises, within your current partnerships. Also, with your ruling planet Mars traveling through savvy Gemini, this might be related to a prominent authority figure in your partner’s life, if not his/her siblings. There’s two sides to every story. *Reflect on the following, Aries: Are you or your partner suffering injustice, or lack of compromise? If so, what can you do to fix it?*


How much is too much, Taurus? This is the second time mother moon highlights your responsible sixth house of health, daily duties, and well being… and why do you think that is? To top it off, rebellious Uranus is sitting directly over your sign, liberating you from all that is standing in the way of your greatest potential, and well… it’s safe to say, you might finally see what’s been right in front of you all along. So, whether you’re making too many sacrifices in your day-to-day, or perhaps not enough, this lunation will bring you the clarity necessary for your well being. Help yourself, if not someone who needs it. *Reflect on the following, Taurus: Does your day-to-day life measure up to your self-worth? Are you being valued?*


You are the people you surround yourself with, Gemini… or not? With la luna shaking up your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and authenticity, for a second time in a row, themes related to your individual truth will be top of mind during this time. Although, with the sun beaming through your social sector, and its ruler Mars igniting your sign, something tells me you’re feeling restless, and perhaps extra pensive, about sharing a part of you with your tribe, and/or extended network. Could it be something romantic? Or a new creative venture? Let your inner child speak for itself. *Reflect on the following, Gemini: Have you found a healthy balance between your social life and your love life? Are you being unfair with yourself, or in regard to something that brings you joy?*


The comfort you seek is within you, Cancer. Mother moon is putting a spotlight on your domestic fourth house of family, sense of security, and emotional foundation, for a second time in a row. What’s changed, in regard to this area of your life, since March 20? La luna rules you, so full moon’s are especially significant, but it looks like a prominent female figure in your life will be top of mind. The moon is mother, but it’s also a feminine entity, and with rebellious Uranus activating your eleventh house of teams, tribes, and extended network, you might experience an unexpected culmination with a female who is very dear to you during this time. Not to worry, as this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Besides, that is just one case scenario. *Reflect on the following, Cancer: How can you create a harmonious living space for you, and your loved ones? Does your tribe bring balance to your life?*



Use your words, and lean on your immediate circle, Leo. With la luna re-visiting your third house of communication, siblings, and local community, something tells me you might have a few things to hash out, with either a sibling, or a prominent female in your inner circle. Given that disruptive Uranus will be in the mix, this could be regarding a parental figure, or someone in authority. However, this might sound strange, but you never know what you’re going to get with Uranus. Still, both parties need to be open to compromise, or perhaps meet each other halfway in the process. Needless to say, it’s important that you speak your truth. *Reflect on the following, Leo: Do your exchanges lack compromise? Have you been putting too much emphasis on the petty details, as opposed to seeing the bigger picture?*



Remember who you are, and where you came from, Virgo. Mother moon is putting on a spotlight on your money-hungry second house of income, values, possessions, and self worth for the second time in a row, as there are a number of things you need to re-visit in regard to your finances, and perhaps sense of security. With Libra’s ruling planet Venus in Pisces, something tells me this could be related to your current partnerships, or one-on-one connects. Disruptive Uranus is also in the mix, liberating you from everything that is stopping you from expanding your horizons. Maybe you and your significant other are ready to cross the pond. *Reflect on the following, Virgo: Are you and your partner willing to meet half way with each other’s spending habits? Are you aware of the sacred charms you possess?


Two times a charm, Libra. With la luna revisiting your sign, and your planetary ruler Venus in the later degrees of dreamy Pisces, some of you could be experiencing a culmination in regard to your health, or perhaps your day-to-day environment. Listen to your body; don’t overwork yourself. Moreover, with rebellious Uranus in the mix, you’re likely liberating yourself of a negative habit, or something that’s been weighing you down. Let it go. Pay attention to the downloads you receive, as your intuition will be heightened during this time. *Reflect on the following, Libra: Which parts of you are you ready to let go of? Are you making the necessary sacrifices to live your very best life?*


Let go and let God, Scorpio. Mother moon is shedding light on your secretive 12th house of closure, dreams, and all things behind-the-scenes for a second time in a row, and for good reason. Admit it: You’ve never been too fond of sharing, and you’re sure as heck not willing to compromise… so what is it going to take? With the moon’s ruler Venus in the last degrees of Pisces, perhaps some of you are finally learning to have compassion within your relationships. You’re either making too many sacrifices, or simply not enough, Scorpio. Rebellious Uranus is also in the mix of this cosmic cocktail, so this lunation might very well be your breaking point. You’re done holding on to resentments. *Reflect on the following, Scorpio: Are you repressing grudges within your relationships? Are you afraid of being authentic in your one-on-ones?*



Ready to move on, Sagittarius? With la luna illuminating your socially-conscious eleventh house of teams, tribes, friendship circles, and extended network for a second time in a row, some of you might say your goodbyes to an important group of individuals. Change is inevitable, Sag. Besides, with disruptive Uranus revolutionizing your sixth house of health, and day-to-day routine, something tells me you’re moving onto bigger and better things - your favorite. However, make sure you don’t make impulsive decisions either, as your ruling planet is retrograde in your sign as we speak. Listen to your intuition, and let your soul speak for itself. *Reflect on the following, Sagittarius: Does your tribe know how you really feel? How can you tap into your humanitarian spirit?


Show the world what you’re really made of, Capricorn. Mother moon is shaking up your ambitious tenth house of career, leadership, and sense of authority for a second time in a row, and this one is especially interesting for you, as this is your traditional house of rulership. We all know how much your career means to you, but have you been making unnecessary sacrifices as of late? For some of you, this could be the opposite, as this area of your chart could also represent a prominent parent in your life, and well… our elders need our help sometimes, too. Moreover, with electric Uranus in the mix, some of you might decide to start your own creative venture. Uranus loves technology, so the more techie the better! *Reflect on the following, Capricorn: Are you getting the professional recognition you deserve? Have you considered incorporating something into your work routine that will bring you harmony?


Trust your inner compass, Aquarius. With la luna igniting your expansive ninth house of education, travel, personal philosophy for a second time in a row, something tells me you’re finally growing the courage to take that much-needed leap of faith. Besides, your ruling planet Uranus is already shaking up your emotional foundation, and liberating you from all the things weighing you down from your highest potential. You can do anything you set your mind to, Aquarius. Balance is everything. On another note, however, this lunation might spark some restlessness within you, so make sure to take it easy. *Reflect on the following, Aquarius: Is your immediate environment aligned with your “bigger picture” mentality? If you could change something about your current surroundings what would it be?*


Surrender, Pisces. Mother moon is illuminating your eighth house of sex, transformation, death, and shared resources for a second time in a row. With that said, are you being fair within your intimate unions? Perhaps there’s something you’re not being completely honest about. Communication is an essential ingredient to any relationship, and with rebellious Uranus revolutionizing your third house of important conversations, and general exchanges, looks like some of you might finally say what you need to say. Your sense of self is in the process of metamorphosis, so make sure to keep an open mind during this time. *Reflect on the following, Pisces: Are you and/or your intimate partners meeting each other halfway? How can you be a more diplomatic communicator?*

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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