Your Venus In Aries Horoscope (April 20, 2019), According To Your Zodiac Sign

Your Venus In Aries Horoscope (April 20, 2019), According To Your Zodiac Sign

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On April 20, Venus, goddess of love and sultry cosmic covergirl, concludes her magic carpet journey through the mystical realms of enchanting Pisces, and dives headfirst into the cardinal fire of go-getter Aries until May 15. Truth is, the goddess of love thrives when in the sign of Pisces, given that the irresistible Aphrodite was born from the sea. Remember, whichever sign Venus is glamping through determines our perception of love, pleasure, romance, and sensual delights. With that said, the essence of ethereal Pisces is compassionate, enigmatic, and all-encompassing; hence those who are born with Pisces placements are naturally mysterious, and at times, difficult to comprehend. However, their universal feels stem from their connection to the divine source, which is why their visions could seem unrealistic, and out of this world. Thus, while swimming through the depths of this mutable water sign, Venus saw the world through rose-colored glasses, and the same illusion was in turn reflected onto our relationships, and values. In the end, Venus in Pisces knows absolutely no boundaries, but more importantly, she desires one thing, and that’s unconditional love.

However, that was then, and this is Aries. Days go by, seasons change, and the celestial Gods continue to evolve through the zodiac wheel. Thus, it’s time to wake up from our sweet slumber. Life is cyclical, and the shift from Pisces to Aries is equivalent to opening your eyes after a vivid dream. Meaning, Venus in Aries is anything but mysterious. After all, Aries is ruled by rambunctious Mars, planet of aggression, assertion, and sex, ergo its hot-headed personality, and confident approach. In Aries, the goddess of love is zealous, enthusiastic, and independent with her desires, values, and relationships. Truth is, Venus in Aries loves herself first, which is why self love is such a big theme during this time. Now, while some of you may very well thrive during this transit, I’ll have you know, the Venus-Mars combination is somewhat of a paradox, given the astrological symbolism behind both of these celestial entities. Ever heard the term, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus?” Not saying this is a valid statement, but it makes this combination of energies that much more interesting, don’t you think?

Needless to say, if we blend lady Venus’ desire for romance, and Mars’ innate ability to take charge… what do we get? If you guessed issues with commitment, and a wandering eye, than you’re half right. Although, it’s not that Venus in Aries loathes being in a relationship, she simply prefers something a little more exhilarating, and impromptu. Fact is, Aries is notorious for acting on impulse, not to mention fueling its carnal instincts. Meaning, if our desires were spiritual and otherworldly in Pisces, they’re physical and audacious in Aries. See the difference? On the dark side, however, Venus in Aries’ red-hot passions could lead to impulsive spending, egotism, and temper tantrums. On that note, it’s important to be mindful of our partner’s needs, and remember to compromise, despite the rush of adrenaline running through our veins. Single? Venus in Aries thrives on freedom, so have a good time! For those of you who are coupled, on the other hand… play nice! This transit could spark unnecessary quarrels, and just for fun. Think you’re a Venus in Aries? You can find your Venus sign here.



You better work, showstopper. With the queen of the cosmos pirouetting through your sign, you’ll be sizzling with zeal, and smoldering charisma. However, aside from your killer confidence, and undeniable magnetism, you’ll likely be in the mood to adorn yourself, too. Looking to swap your winter perfume for something lighter this spring? With lady Venus igniting your cosmic landscape, you’ll be doing everything in your power to look, and feel the part. Single? Like I said, there’s no denying you during this sassy transit, although, some of you might very well enjoy flying solo for the time being. Your independence is golden, and flirting will be your favorite pastime. *Transit Tips: Be bold and let your passions speak for themselves.*


Make time for yourself, Taurus. Gorgeous Venus is mysterious and bashful when traveling through this area of your chart, so you’ll likely be feeling more reclusive than usual during this time. Although, in reality, the delicacy of sweet Venus might very well inspire you to do something selfless for someone you love. Do they deserve it? Make sure you set firm boundaries. For those of you who are single… the enchanting melodies of the goddess of love are as alluring as ever, but given the secrecy of the enigmatic 12th house, you’ll prefer to keep things low key for the time being. *Transit Tips: Be gentle with yourself, and guard your spirit.*


Sharing is caring, Gemini. With luscious Venus igniting your philanthropic eleventh house of social groups, teams, and tribes, you’ll be highly admired by your peers, and experience harmony within your friendship circles, and extended network. Truth is, despite your love for the petty gossip, sweet Venus is here to help you detach from the usual shenanigans, and in turn, dazzle the bond between you and your ride or dies. Looking for love? Lady Venus prefers to keep things light when in this area of your chart, but themes related to teamwork and camaraderie are certainly likely during this time. In fact, single Gems could discover a secret admirer amongst their crew of friends. *Transit Tips: Your heart has plenty of love to go around.*


Hanging with the C-suite, Cancer? The queen of the cosmos is sparkling through your ambitious tenth house of career, destiny, and reputation in the world, and even your superiors are starting to turn neck. This charming pick-me-up will inspire you professionally, while dazzling your public persona. Feeling ambitious? This is an excellent time to mingle with your mentors, and socialize with your colleagues. Single crabs could meet a sweet prospect in the workplace, or perhaps crush on someone in authority. On another note, this area of your chart can determine your presence via social media, so feel free to post that audacious selfie! *Transit Tips: Bask in the spotlight, and celebrate your successes.*


Dare to go where no one’s gone before, Leo? With the irresistible planet of love wandering through your exotic ninth house of education, travel, and personal philosophy, you’re expanding your horizons, both spiritually and romantically. Some of you could find love while on an adventure, or perhaps enroll to a study abroad program overseas. The more spontaneous, the better. Lady Venus’ taste is exotic and spirited when in this area of your chart, so different cultures are always a plus. Coupled cubs could take off on an impromptu vacation during this time, too! *Transit Tips: Open your heart, and expand your mind.*


Don’t be afraid to go deep, Virgo. Enchanting Venus is dancing with your ghosts through your eighth house of sex, transformation, and shared resources, and she’s gifting you with an opportunity to merge with another mind, body, and soul. The planet of love craves intensity when in this area of your chart, so you’ll likely be more attracted to mystery, and the occult during this time. Coupled Virgos could decide to pay off their debt, or perhaps make a sweet investment. Financial gains via your partner is likely during this time. *Transit Tips: Find confidence within yourself, and your partner.*


Let the love in, Libra. With the goddess of oh la la whispering sweet nothings through your seventh  house of partnerships, you’re as passionate as ever, and likely taking action via your one-on-one connections. Craving excitement in your relationships? Lady Venus naturally rules this area of your chart, and in assertive Aries, she thrives when taking the lead. Compromise is important, but so is your autonomy, and this is exactly what your ruling planet is showing you as we speak. Commit on your terms, sweet Libra. *Transit Tips: Find freedom within your relationships.*


Take care of you, Scorpio. Sensual Venus is detoxing through your sixth house of health, service, and routine, and you’re seeking more pleasure in your day-to-day life. In the mood to work out? Feel free to splurge on some celestial workout apparel for a little inspo! The planet of love is here to help you feel good, and look good while doing it. Single Scorpios could find love in the workplace, or the gym! See, sweet Venus prefers to be hands-on when traveling through this area of your chart, so in the meantime… remember that you have the same hours in a day as Beyoncé. Put in the work! *Transit Tips: Your habits, health, and surroundings are a reflection of you.*


It’s a flirting marathon, Sagittarius. With coquettish Venus dancing through your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, and children, you’re as attractive as ever, and you’re well aware of it, too. Truth is, lady Venus is an effervescent starlet when in this area of your chart, so there’s no way you won’t feel the glitter running through your veins. Don’t believe me? You’ll be center of attention without even trying. Falling in love? You will be a slave to your passions during this time, so try not to make any impulsive decisions. Then again, a smoldering romance is very likely. *Transit Tips: Fuel your passions, and become your own muse.*


Listen to your heart, Capricorn. The planet of love is sitting over your domestic fourth house of home, family, and soul foundation, and you are basking in the sensual delights of your home sweet home. Put it this way: Lady Venus is an interior decorator when traveling through this area of your chart, which in turn, will likely inspire your decision to revamp your humble abode. Cozy or quaint? Venus is sprinkling her delicious charms over your private sector, and making sure your sleeping pillows are extra plush. Home is where your heart will be. *Transit Tips: Take the initiative to bring harmony to your living space.*


Say what you need to say, Aquarius. With eloquent Venus using her words via your third house of communication, siblings, and immediate environment, you’re likely in the mood to socialize, and mingle, with your local community, and double tap your little heart out. Something you need to get off your chest? Sweet Venus is here to caramelize your exchanges, and gift you with charming new contacts. The planet of love thrives in this area of your chart, so your words will likely come across as alluring, and effortlessly quaint. *Transit Tips: Be more assertive when communicating, while acknowledging what others have to say.*


Your pleasure comes first, Pisces. The queen of the cosmos is living the good life via your second house of wealth, possessions, and self worth, which means you’ll likely be in the mood to splurge on some of your favorite things. See, lady Venus naturally thrives when in this area of your chart, as it is her house of rulership, and sensual desires. However, aside from the financial perks, and the lavish living, you will be craving intense physical contact during this time, too! Looking for love? This transit will probably make you feel pickier than usual when it comes to love, so make sure to keep an open mind. *Transit Tips: Make yourself a priority, and indulge in the pleasures of life.*

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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