New Moon, New Me (Jul '17): Awakening Your Inner Artist

New Moon, New Me (Jul '17): Awakening Your Inner Artist

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As the sun transits through Leo the Lion, sparks of creativity and passion begin to fly! The bright, burning sun has woken us from our proverbial slumber and fuels us with the fire and energy to create and enjoy life. Leos are ruled by the Sun, which is directly connected to our egos and the expression of our identity. Making art is the one of the purest form of self expression and while Leos are the sign best known for their talent, creativity, and grandiose ways, there are artistic talents inside each of us that could be lying dormant, waiting for to be discovered! If you're feeling so inclined to explore for your hidden artistic side during this upcoming New Moon in Leo, why not try one of these creative passions based off the skills of your zodiac sign!


Aries: Performance Art

Ruled by Mars, the planet of direct action, Aries feel best when they're on the go. Their restless need for stimulation could make finishing creative projects quite difficult unless they immerse themselves in the process entirely. Performance art requires commitment from start to finish, but Aries will appreciate the integration of movement into their art and can become quite a successful performer! Using themselves as a tool and canvas can help eliminate selfishness and gain control of the ego!


Taurus: Cooking

Was this one too obvious? We all know nobody throws down like a Taurus can when it comes to the kitchen, and nothing pleases them more than preparing and sharing an elaborately planned out meal with their friends and family. When arriving to a Taurean dinner party, expect nothing less than 3 courses and some perfectly paired wine to wash it all down. These signs are known to be over the top and lavish hosts, transforming their kitchens into studios and cranking out beautiful plates of artwork.

Gemini: Singing

Ruled by the planet of communication, Gemini's already know their seat of power comes from out their mouths. Constantly filling the silence, asking questions, and telling stories is not just a skill for these signs, it's an art. Singing is a great way for Gemini's to itch the urge to blab and gossip while sharing their creative spirit!


Cancer: Poetry

Sweet and romantic with a tendency towards mood swings, Cancers could easily excel sharing their wild inner world of feelings and emotions with the rest of us through poetry and prose. Their pensive nostalgia helps provide the sentimental words these signs can string together like a beautiful strand of ocean pearls.


Leo: Theatre & Acting

Nobody loves the limelight like a Leo! These fire signs are true divas, but hey there's a creative outlet for them to excel in that loves every bit of their dramatic ways! There are so many ways to participate in a theatrical production or even snag a gig on TV, but it requires a lot of nerve, and moxie in this cutthroat career path. Thankfully, a Lion never backs down from a challenge and let's be real, a Leo's ego never takes a bruising. Let your charisma shine this summer as you take center stage and see how acting can inspire you to improve upon your own personal character as you transform into a new one!


Virgo: Fashion

Your scrutinous attention to detail and your refined tastes make you a perfect candidate for the complex artistry of the fashion industry. When it comes to clothing, every detail matters- the stitching, the hemming, the flow... and while finding loose threads, tucking and pinning can seem like a nuisance to some, it brings great pleasure to these obsessive types who live to be of service. If anyone can handle the pressure and stress of working hectic, high volume fashion shows it's a Virgo.


Libra: Painting

Libras are the quintessential sign of love and beauty. Ruled by the planet Venus, it's no surprise that these romantic signs are naturally gifted in the arts, especially painting. Libra's ability to create balance and harmony translates well onto paper and their eye for beauty can lead them to produce some truly incredible works of art.


Scorpio: Taxidermy

So this one's a little on the creepy side, but that excites you all the more doesn't it, Scorpio? Once revered as an old school hobby for backwoods country folk, taxidermy shops are becoming more popular thanks to stores like Necromance of Los Angeles, and The Evolution Store in New York City. If you've got the guts to stuff and sew a few corpses together, there's endless possibilities to the kinds of bizarre animal artwork you can make! You can find Taxidermy classes on Groupon or Eventbrite!


Sagittarius: Writing

The philosopher, the theologist, the girl working on her second Master's before she turns 27- Sagittarius is already used to the task of writing extensive thesis papers and essays. This New Moon, put a creative twist to your usual pen work and try drafting a short story! No doubt you've read more books than any of your friends have and who better to start the next New York Times best seller than a Sagittarius!


Capricorn: Sculpture

As an earth sign, your hands will feel right at home whilst stuck into two fistfuls of clay dear Capricorn. Your ruling planet Saturn is all about structure, order, restrictions and limitations- all important factors to consider when trying your hand at pottery and sculpture! Physically, this can be a pretty demanding form of artwork but Capricorns have the patience to get dirty and sweaty firing up the kiln and transforming ever so magically those red lumps of dirt into beautiful vases and statuettes!


Aquarius: Photography & Digital Art

Ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet of revolution, progress, and forward thinking it comes as no surprise that you're naturally gifted in photography and design skills requiring the use of darkrooms, technology and image editing software. While anyone can push a button on a camera, only someone with a truly unique eye can take an amazing photograph. Being the quirkiest sign of the zodiac, Aquarius are sure to succeed in producing incredible works of art using angles, lighting, and point of view.


Pisces: Dance

Twirl, leap, and glide your way into a brand new artistic endeavor this summer, dear Pisces and you may discover a brand new passion for something you never thought you would be gifted in! Dancing helps keep us loose, fluid, and in sync, all important qualities for a Pisces. Just as the fish in the sea's sensitivity picks up on every motion, ripple and vibration coming at them from many, many, miles away, Pisces are just as sensitive to the energy and vibrations in their immediate vicinity. Dancing will help you get back into your flow, and your natural ability to feel the rhythm will help tremendously during your first few classes!

New Moon Ritual for

Awakening Your Inner Artist

On the night of the New Moon in Leo (July 22nd), light a golden candle in honor of Leo and the Sun or an orange candle for creativity and inspiration. Write down an artistic goal, a class you want to try out, or a specific intention you have for this lunar cycle and feed it to the fire of the orange candle. Crystals best used for inspiring creativity include carnelian, pyrite, citrine, yellow aventurine, selenite, and orange calcite. Burn some creativity boosting herbs or incense such as cinnamon, rose, frankincense, or ginger. Join your hands in prayer over the heart-the chakra of which Leo rules over and invite the ethereal energies of the Lion to energize you and reawaken your creative spirit. Keep a journal nearby as you stay in meditation and wait for the ideas to begin flowing through you like a divine waterfall of inspiration! Other items to include in your sacred circle while you are meditating can include any artistic tools such as paint brushes, ballet shoes, cameras, design tools, etc. which you plan on using on your artistic journey.

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