How The New Moon in Gemini (June 6, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The New Moon in Gemini (June 6, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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There's a new moon in Gemini headed our way, and it's encouraging us to be curious, flexible, and multifaceted in our pursuits. As you may remember, the new moon represents the beginning of an energy cycle, signifying a fresh start and an opportunity for new beginnings in our lives. As the moon aligns with the sun in Gemini, the energy of this mutable air sign intensifies. Luna will officially renew itself on June 6 at exactly 8:37 a.m. ET via 16 degrees of this mutable air sign.


Empower yourself by referencing your birth chart to identify the astrological house that belongs to Gemini. This will guide your new moon reflection, but consider mercurial themes such as communication, thought processes, and your immediate surroundings. What sparks your curiosity? What questions do you have about the future? Consider the intentions you wish to set under this lunation. This is a time for exploration, diversity, and intellectual stimulation.


The moon will also conjunct Venus during the love planet’s cazimi (the heart of the sun) in Gemini, which is happening between June 4 and 6, 2024. During this time, a cycle that began in 2020 (during Venus retrograde in Gemini) will reach a climactic point. If you remember what you were up to then (specifically when considering your relationships, values, and sense of self-worth), the new moon is here to help you cultivate new habits. Again, don’t be afraid to shift your mindset.


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Look at it this way—you’re experiencing a level-up wherever Gemini is in your chart. So, if the past four years were unsettling (when considering Venus in Gemini themes: communication in your relationships, vocalizing your values, etc.), you’re about to see things through a new lens. Reflect on what you’re willing to explore, and be intentional with. Everything from your creativity to your love language is likely to change in the near future, so consider what makes you feel loved and seen.


Engage in conversations with your loved ones, and remain open to their pep talks. If you’re suddenly gravitating towards something new and thought-provoking, this encourages you to entertain your curiosities. However, it’s important to remember that Jupiter just debuted in Gemini, and the Greater Benefic isn’t necessarily happy to be in this sign. Traditionally in its sign of detriment, Jupiter in Gemini could be overwhelming, specifically regarding the amount of information you’re absorbing.


Under these circumstances, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and mentally drained, so be sure to pause and recalibrate when needed. This brings us to another interesting aspect occuring during the new moon, which includes pragmatic Saturn. For instance, before stationing retrograde in Pisces, the taskmaster planet will square off with the sun-moon-Venus in Gemini. Speaking of the “pause,” this is equivalent to a reality check as we are reminded of our accountability or lack thereof. 


For the record, this overall feeling of commitment (Saturn) doesn’t have to revolve solely around other people or the responsibilities we take on, but rather, how we respond to these overwhelming demands and whether we’re actually willing to set boundaries in the process. Are you saying “yes” to show face at the social gathering, or are you genuinely invested in the long term? Stop and listen to your intuitive body. Deep down, you know the answer, but you’re too caught up in this buzzing season to notice. 


Read on for your new moon horoscope and affirmations:


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With the new moon in Gemini energizing your third house, the cosmos urges you to focus on communication, networking, and your immediate surroundings. Set intentions that support your desire to expand and explore new horizons and perspectives, even if that requires a shift in your mindset. The new moon and Venus will be challenged by Saturn in Pisces, creating friction between your desire for variety and growth vs. your need for stability. New moon affirmation: I trust in my ability to adapt and thrive in any situation that comes my way. 


You're hitting the jackpot, Taurus. The new moon in Gemini is touching down on your second house of money, values, and stability, all while sitting alongside Venus. Amidst highlighting financial matters and the opportunity to explore new sources of income, Luna is supporting you as you set practical goals for budgeting and investing, but you’re having to reassess your values in the process. The moon will also square Saturn, emphasizing the importance of your long-term goals and the strength of your community. New moon affirmation: Recognizing my values and trusting my intuition will guide me toward success. 


Happy new moon, Gemini. It's your solar season, and with a stellium of planets conjugating in your sign, one thing's for sure: you're shining as bright as ever. Luna is renewing itself in your sign, marking a powerful time for setting intentions and spiritual renewal. Embrace your versatility and express yourself unapologetically. Lucky Jupiter's recent ingress into your sign enhances opportunities for growth and expansion. Still, the new moon's square to Saturn is a gentle reminder to ground your dreams in practicality. New moon affirmation: I seize each day with confidence and grace; my actions are in alignment with my values.


Take a moment to go within and recharge your batteries, Cancer. Luna is renewing itself in Gemini via your 12th house of closure, healing, and spirituality, encouraging you to explore your inner world and make peace with the past. Consider this an opportunity to release old mindsets and patterns that no longer serve you. Themes of self-worth and/or past relationships that could've been hindering you are highlighted. While squaring Saturn in Pisces, you're being called to face your vulnerabilities with courage and compassion. New moon affirmation: I'm stronger & more mentally resilient than I realize; I trust the process of letting go.


Engage with your peers and gather with your best pals, Leo. The new moon in Gemini is igniting your socially conscious 11th house of community affairs and future visions, encouraging you to take a pause and reevaluate your goals and dreams, even if that means making the conscious effort to align with like-minded individuals who inspire and uplift you. This brings forth the opportunity to explore new collaborations that allow you to pursue your dreams with confidence and enthusiasm. Luna will also square Saturn, challenging you to confront fears or insecurities around intimacy and trust. New moon affirmation: I embrace the power of vulnerability & authenticity in my relationships; I overcome anxiety with grace.


Anything is possible with the right mindset, Virgo. The new moon in Gemini is casting a subliminal glow on your 10th house of authority, career, and public persona, urging you to step into the spotlight and shift your mindset regarding your professional path. Luna invites you to reassess your ambitions and set strategic intentions for success, but while squaring Saturn in your seventh house of partnerships, you may encounter some challenges and conflicts along the way. Use this as an opportunity to strengthen your bonds through open communication and mutual respect. New moon affirmation: I embrace the lessons that come with obstacles; they are stepping stones toward my growth.


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Visualize your dreams with an open heart, Libra. With the new moon shaking up your ninth house of adventure, expansion and higher education, the cosmos is calling you to embark on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. Consider this an opportunity to broaden your horizons, whether through travel or spiritual pursuits. Keep in mind that the moon will square off with Saturn in Pisces (via your sixth house of health and due diligence), triggering challenges regarding your ability to balance adventure with responsibilities. Use this as a catalyst for growth. New moon affirmation: I will find harmony between my quest for freedom and my daily commitments; my mind is flexible and adaptable.

The depths of your transformation are intriguing, Scorpio. With the moon renewing itself in Gemini via your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources and energetic exchanges, the cosmos is urging you to explore the mysteries of your innermost desires. Here, Luna invites you to release old patterns surrounding your interpersonal connections, but while in a square with Saturn in Pisces, challenges related to trust and vulnerability are bound to arise. Use this opportunity to confront your fears and/or insecurities head-on. New moon affirmation: I embrace the journey of merging with another mind, body & soul; there is power in shared understanding.


As the winds of change blow through your relationships, you're called to navigate the changes afoot with adaptability and grace, Sagittarius. The moon is renewing itself in Gemini while igniting your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others, which inspires new ways of relating to others at this time. However, while in a square with Saturn via your fourth house of home and family, you could experience feelings of limitation or insecurity within your closest relationships. Consider this an opportunity to strengthen your foundation. New moon affirmation: I embrace the ebb and flow of relationships with an open heart and the spirit of adventure.

Purification and self-improvement are calling, Capricorn. With the moon renewing itself in Gemini via your sixth house of health and daily rituals, the cosmos is urging you to focus on your well-being and personal growth. Embrace this opportunity to reassess your daily habits and streamline your productivity levels. Be prepared for minor obstacles to surface, as Saturn in your third house of the mind and immediate surroundings may challenge your mental resilience or the ability to adapt. Are there limiting beliefs or thought patterns you need to confront? New moon affirmation: I am committed to the journey of self-improvement; I approach challenges with an open mind.


Your creative spark is ignited under this lunation, Aquarius. With the moon in Gemini renewing itself via your fifth house of self-expression, creativity, and romance, Luna encourages you to embrace your unique gifts, talents, and abilities. Allow yourself to explore new avenues of self-expression so you can pursue your passions with an open heart. If challenges arise, it's likely due to a square with Saturn via your second house of stability and values, testing your sense of self-worth and/or material security. Use this time to confront limiting beliefs or thought patterns holding you back from embracing your fullest potential. New moon affirmation: My sparkling mind is a wellspring of creativity and innovation; I am ready to shine my light.


If you hope to see the logic in the emotional stirrings you're experiencing within, it's probably best to feel your feelings, Pisces. With the new moon igniting your fourth house of home, family, and emotional landscapes, the cosmos is supporting you as you dive deep and explore your inner world so you can tend to the roots of your being. Embrace this opportunity to nurture yourself and cultivate a deeper sense of security. Luna's square to Saturn in your sign may simultaneously test your sense of self-worth and accountability, but this is all the more reason to confront what's stifling your peace of mind. New moon affirmation: I am a vessel of love; my thoughts contribute to the stability of my inner sanctuary.


Valerie is an astrologer, writer & visual storyteller. She currently writes for PEOPLE, but has contributed horoscopes and astrology-related content for StyleCaster, Elite Daily, Bumble Inc. and more. For more of her work, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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