How The New Moon In Cancer (June. 28, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The New Moon In Cancer (June. 28, 2022) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’re in your feelings, you’re definitely not alone. Cancer season is in full effect but in addition to responding to the pull of your emotional waves, this moon-ruled season will continue to bring focus to themes surrounding your home, family, roots, innermost feelings and early upbringing. Cancer is, after all, a symbol of the home we grew up in, as well as the one within ourselves; it’s our sense of nurture, and the people, places, and situations that make us feel safe. The second cardinal sign of the zodiac, Cancer season initiates the beginning of an energetic chapter, after our journey through Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. Remember, the astrological essence of these four zodiac signs — Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer — goes hand-in-hand with the foundation of our livelihood. Therefore, once Cancer season rolls around, it’s almost as if we enter an unconscious portal that brings us back to where it all began. Where did it begin for you? What brings you comfort and peace of mind? There is no such thing as a perfect family dynamic, and your loved ones don’t necessarily have to be related to you. Either way, take a moment to reflect on what these Cancerian themes mean to you, because chances are they matter more than you realize.

For reference, check which astrological house belongs to Cancer in your birth chart. This is the area of your life where you consciously and unconsciously seek empathy, nurture, and emotional closeness. It also speaks to your early experiences with regards to your emotions, as well as the relationship you shared with family members. These initial experiences are more than likely unconscious to us, especially when considering the amount of time that’s passed. This is precisely why Cancer season can be so illuminating, as it sheds light on the hidden parts of ourselves we may have been repressing. Think about it: the moon is symbolic of our shadowy unconscious, and this heavenly body also happens to be Cancer’s planetary ruler. Imagine, everyone’s upbringing is different but the best way to look at the mystery behind this energy is, if there was a lack of nurture and/or sense of comfort in your early upbringing… and it’s the only thing you knew to be true, how would you know what you’re missing? In typical Cancerian fashion, it’s all very complex… but in the end, it all boils down to your individual instincts and personal needs. Don’t be discouraged if this is something you’re still exploring. On the contrary, we are right there with you. 

The journey to self could feel never ending, but that’s only because you are infinite, so take your time. You are exactly where you need to be, but do keep in mind that every year upon the sun’s shift into Cancer, we are collectively guided to go back home, literally, figuratively, and spiritually. If anything, this is an opportunity for you to remove the barriers that have instinctively kept you away from your heart space. With all of that being said, and with a magically potent new moon in Cancer on the way, it’s time to finally turn the page on a significant chapter. As you may remember, the new moon occurs when the sun (our ego, sacred masculine, physical identity, soul purpose) conjuncts the moon; (our shadow self, divine feminine, emotional world, and sense of nurture) this also marks the beginning of a brand-new lunar phase. The synergy of these two heavenly bodies is nothing short of auspicious, so be sure to harness its magic wisely. This year’s nourishing new moon in Cancer will vanish into the sky on June 28 at 10:52 p.m. EST. Activating the first decan of this cardinal water sign, at exactly 7 degrees to be exact, this lunation speaks to the essence of the fruitful mother.

Your idea of sustenance doesn’t have to be tangible, but it’s still something that is unique to you. With this in mind, think about your idea of home, and what you crave when you’re on your own. What have you previously slipped under the rug for the sake of keeping it together? In addition to being an intuitive portal of feeling, this lunation will also serve as a catalyst for your soul journey. Sitting in a square to Jupiter in Aries — a transit that is currently inspiring us to take the lead, and follow our dreams fearlessly and unapologetically — we could potentially experience friction between sticking to what is comfortable and familiar vs. venturing into the unknown. Remember, both Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs, as they are symbolic of initiation, and forward action. So, with these two energies coming together and creating a tug-of-war, there could be a part of you that’s ready to take the leap, while another part of you fears the unknown. The energy of Cancer is bringing focus to our intuitive wisdom… so, before you doubt what you know deep inside is true, surrender your trust to Jupiter and commit to your individual journey. A new version of you is coming to life, so open your heart to this new beginning, and create room for new life to flourish.

You’re coming home.

Read your sun + rising sign’s horoscope and new moon affirmation below:

You’re being called to do the inner work, and yet there’s so many other things happening simultaneously. Don’t be discouraged by the innate polarity of this lunation. After all, it’s not everyday the largest planet in the solar system transits through your sign, (let alone) faces off with a new moon in Cancer. Are you comfortable being your most authentic self? Do your current circumstances provide space for you to grow and flourish without hesitation? In addition to reflecting on your values, you’re also breaking free from an emotional pattern that’s been keeping your fiery spirit stagnant. Affirmation: I am aware of my truth; I love and accept myself unconditionally.

Speak your truth. You may feel as if the odds are against you — especially with Mars and Jupiter hovering over your 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies, and unconscious patterns — but it’s all stemming from a place of fear. Have you made it a point to surround yourself with people who accept you exactly as you are? Or do you feel the need to repress your emotional needs? There’s a war going on inside of you, but it’s only because you’re choosing to remain oblivious to it. The good news is, an emotionally driven new moon in Cancer is shaking up your third house of communication, siblings, and neighbors, which can ultimately help you unleash the floodgates. Affirmation: I love and honor my needs, wishes, and boundaries.

You’re doing away with the energies that no longer resonate with you at a soul level, Gemini. This is especially true with Mars and Jupiter sizzling through your 11th house of associations, future visions, and individual freedom… So by all means, make it a point to stay true to your individuality. On another note, this year’s new moon in Cancer will bring fertility and new beginnings to your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances, and values, all the while facing off with expansive Jupiter in the process. You know who you are, and what you bring to the table. Are you settling for what is familiar, as opposed to venturing out into the world and exploring other horizons? The idea of not being able to have both is merely a mindset. Affirmation: I am authentic to my highest self; my potential is infinite. 

The moon is renewing itself, and you’re about to do the same. Have you been following your inner calling? With both Mars and Jupiter conjugating in Aries, and your tenth house of career, authority, and reputation in the world, many of you could be feeling inspired to change things up, and perhaps take the lead. Although, while in the midst of your solar season, chances are you’re going inward and prioritizing personal matters such as home, family, and your loved ones. This polarity will likely be your challenge at this time, given that the new moon will square off with Jupiter, all the while presenting you with a brand-new chapter of feels. And though it may seem challenging to juggle both of these energies, it’s important to know that your intuition will be speaking to you in ways you’ve never imagined. Trusting this will serve as a compass for your journey. Affirmation: I trust the pull in my heart guiding me forward; I allow myself to explore my inner world.

Despite being whole, complete, and loved all yourself, the cosmos is reminding you that you are never alone on this soul journey. On the contrary, you are being divinely guided by your ancestors, ascended masters, as well as your higher self. You know the way, so follow the synchronicities. The new moon in Cancer will ignite your mystical 12th house of closure, dreams, healing, and inhibitions, bringing new beginnings with regards to your connection to source, and ability to surrender. While at odds with Jupiter in Aries, however, the rebirth happening within you could be challenged by a particular belief system, or perhaps the desire to venture into new territory. Take a moment to reflect on what is holding you back. Where is this emotion stemming from? You’re cleansing, clearing, and starting again. And the answers you seek are on their way to you as we speak. Affirmation: I am courageous; I surrender my resistance and allow the universe to give me what I need.

Lean on your intuition, because you can trust it. What is familiar to you may not necessarily be what is meant for you, and this something you’re recognizing during this time. Perhaps it’s a combination of Mars and Jupiter hovering over your eighth house of joint ventures, and Neptune dissolving boundaries in your relationship sector. Either way, your beliefs around a particular relationship are changing in more ways than you’re likely comfortable admitting. This is where the new moon in Cancer comes in, as it will touch down on your 11th house of future visions, extended network, and individual freedom which, in turn, reminds you to nurture the connection you have to those who inspire, motivate, and uplift you. Luna’s square to Jupiter, however, could create friction between the intuitive connection you share with someone vs. your loyalty to prior commitments. Affirmation: I honor the sacred divinity that exists within me; I reclaim my right to thrive.

New beginnings are afoot in both your personal and professional life. This is especially true when considering this year’s new moon in Cancer, as it will ignite your 10th house of career, reputation, and sense of authority, all the while squaring off with Jupiter in your relationship sector. Whether it be the desire to become a mom/dad, or a new opportunity that needs to be nurtured in the workplace, try to steer away from people-pleasing, especially those of you committed to partnerships that have been keeping you stagnant. You and a significant other’s beliefs may or may not be in alignment — despite whether it’s with children or with regards to a career choice — but this doesn’t mean you should neglect your inner knowing, and what you intuitively believe to be true. Your instincts are louder than words. Affirmation: I release all blockages that obscure my inner guidance system.

Your ancestors are in the driver’s seat, so no need to question your inner GPS. A new moon in sentimental Cancer will bring fertility and new beginnings to your expansive ninth house of adventure, spiritual wisdom, worldly pursuits, and unknown territory. So, whether it be the desire to relocate and invest in a new home, or take  the entrepreneurial route with regards to work, you’re likely in the process of making an important decision. Although, despite this being something personal to you, the moon’s square to Jupiter in Aries — via your sixth house of daily rituals, due diligence, and acts of service — could create friction between what you’re being called to nurture in the long run vs. the current logistics of your day-to–day routine. Instead of focusing on the “how,” follow your gut. It will all unfold the way it’s supposed to. Affirmation: I am free to be; I am already grateful for what is to come.

There’s a fine line between your commitment to a significant other, and what this commitment ultimately means to you. With that being said, the new moon in Cancer will not only bring fertility and new beginnings to your intimate eighth house of mergers, shared resources, and soulmate connections, but also bring focus on the emotional foundation (or lack thereof) of this connection. Keep in mind, Luna will simultaneously square off with your planetary ruler, Jupiter — via your flamboyant fifth house of love, passion, pleasure, and self-expression — which, in turn, creates friction between your unique authenticity and heart’s desires vs. the karmic ties and familiarity of your union. Only you can determine what is worthy of your investment, but make sure you don’t lose sight of your needs in the process. Affirmation: I reclaim my power; I willingly choose to have compassion for myself. 

The way you show up for others is a reflection of the way you show up for yourself. Your taskmaster ruler, Saturn, is retrograding through your stability-seeking second house of values, which means you’re likely reflecting on themes surrounding your sense of comfort, as well as the ways in which you can obtain what you desire. Having said that, this year’s new moon in Cancer will likely go hand-in-hand with this celestial mission, as it will bring new beginnings to your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others. If you’re not emotionally invested in the connection, then is it truly worth your time? Keep in mind, the moon will simultaneously face off with Jupiter — via your fourth house of home, family, and innermost feelings — so chances are, you and/or a significant other are being challenged by a particular belief system surrounding your overall sense of security. Maybe it revolves around the “space” you need every now and then, or a family tradition you sincerely cherish. Be honest with yourself, and your partner(s). Affirmation: I acknowledge that I am in competition with no one; I am safe now.

Prioritizing your rituals of self-love is easier said than done, especially when you have so much going on in your immediate surroundings. Nevertheless, the new moon in Cancer — bringing fertility and new beginnings to your sixth house of health, daily rituals, and due diligence — is urging you to take a closer look at the areas of your day-to-day life that you’ve unconsciously neglected. How can you be productive both in your personal and professional life, simultaneously? Luna’s square to Jupiter, however, could create friction between your relentless drive to succeed and  take the lead vs. listening to your body and taking things one step at a time. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture. Affirmation: My mind is free of resistance and open to all possibilities; my body is the safest place to be.

You’re responding to your soul’s calling, and remaining true to your unique authenticity. This is especially true when considering the sun’s transit through Cancer, and your expressive fifth house of love, passion and pleasure. You’re also reconnecting with your inner child at this time, which goes hand-in-hand with the new moon energy. Are you trying to conceive? Whether it be a creative venture or a literal expansion of the family, following your heart will bring you closer to what is best for you. On a more challenging note, however, Luna’s square to Jupiter could create tension between an idea you’ve become emotionally attached to vs. your self confidence with regards to your autonomy. Maybe it’s an idea surrounding your definition of financial security, or a lack of faith when it comes to your talents and abilities. Don’t sleep on your colorful passions; you are worth the magic that will come from these experiences. Affirmation: Creativity flows through me constantly; I honor all of me.

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