How The New Moon in Cancer (July 5, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How The New Moon in Cancer (July 5, 2024) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Welcome to Cancer season, where emotional waves dance with nostalgia and familiar echoes of our past permeate the air. What reminds you of home? What makes you feel safe? The sun’s journey through this sentimental water sign gives us all the more reason to adorn our living space with the intention of curating a personal sanctuary we can proudly call home. By all means, incorporate sweet memorabilia, such as childhood photos and cherished moments with loved ones.

Just as the sounds of distant shores can send one to sleep, Cancer season envelops us with comfort, safety, and a deep sense of emotional reassurance. After all, the definition of home is subjective; hence, Cancer season sheds light on the one we’ve essentially cultivated within ourselves. If this is still a work in progress, you’re not alone. Take as long as you need to get to know yourself. It’s part of the journey.

During this moon-ruled season, we are collectively drawn into the depths of our emotions and celestially guided by this Cardinal water sign's intuitive and nurturing energy. It reminds us to reflect on our roots, strengthen bonds with loved ones, and call upon our ancestors for love and reassurance. As we navigate these emotional currents, Cancer season encourages us to embrace our vulnerability, honor our feelings, and find comfort in our personal rhythms. 

On July 5, Luna will renew itself in its domicile, Cancer, making this lunation all the more pivotal and empowering. The moon rules Cancer, so Luna is coming home! As you may remember, the new moon phase marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. This is a time of initiation and fresh beginnings, as the moon joins forces with the sun to create a supercharged and fertile synergy.

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The new moon signals a moment of darkness as Luna becomes hidden from our view, but don't get it twisted—there is immense power in the dark. A symbol of introspection, renewal, and self-reflection, the new moon's energy is potent and concentrated. It urges us to go within and plant seeds of intention that could essentially improve our lives.  

During this new moon, love planet Venus will be in close proximity, adding a layer of sweetness to our personal lives. Whether via relationships (both romantic and platonic) or in enhancing our visual aesthetics, Venus's influence encourages us to cultivate deeper connections and appreciate beauty in all forms. How can you create an environment that reflects your personal values and brings you joy?

The new moon and Venus will harmonize with Mars and Uranus in Taurus, highlighting what we’re ready to nurture, cultivate, and stabilize. Since 2018, the influence of Uranus in Taurus has taught us how to find comfort in the inevitable chaos life brings. It’s also revolutionized our value systems in more ways than one, so keep this in mind when setting your intentions. 

Luna will also dance with Neptune and Saturn retrograde. Neptune's influence encourages us to tap into our subconscious desires and creative visions. Its influence during this time may also inspire us to explore our dreams more deeply, trust our intuition, and engage in artistic or spiritual pursuits that bring us closer to our inner truth.

Saturn Retrograde, on the other hand, prompts us to revisit responsibilities, commitments, and long-term goals. This retrograde invites us to assess the structures and foundations in our lives, making it a time for introspection, reassessment, and potentially revising our approach to achieving stability and success. Don’t be afraid to make this personal, especially under this intimate lunation. 

In the meantime, read on for what the new moon in Cancer has in store for your zodiac sign, along with a new moon affirmation.

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Go within and tend to your needs, Aries. The new moon in Cancer will touch down on your cozy fourth house of home, family and innermost feelings, inviting you to focus on creating a solid and secure foundation, both emotionally and in terms of your living space. Consider this an opportunity to set intentions around emotional fulfillment and the comfort of your personal sanctuary. New moon affirmation: I am grounded and secure in the home within, and around me.


Speak your truth, Taurus. Activating your third house of communication, siblings, and immediate surroundings, Luna is nudging your intuition to focus on heartfelt connections and clear communication. This new moon encourages you to express your emotions with authenticity and set intentions for meaningful connections close to home. New moon affirmation: I choose to communicate and listen to those around me with an open heart.

Count your blessings, Gemini. The new moon is touching down on your stability-seeking second house of comfort, finances and value systems, urging you to reflect on what genuinely matters most to you. Amidst cultivating a sense of stability, you're being called to reflect on how you can align your future goals with your core values. Whether materially or spiritually, consider ways to enhance your sense of self-worth by nurturing your talents and resources. New moon affirmation: My authenticity is a magnet for abundance; I am blessed and highly favored.

Bright blessings, Cancer. The new moon is renewing itself in your sign, and love planet Venus is surrounding you with harmony, support, and sweet encouragement. This lunar phase marks a powerful moment for you to set intentions for personal growth, self-love, and emotional fulfillment. Embrace this opportunity to deepen your connection with yourself and the ones you love. Open your heart to receive love and express your affection freely. New moon affirmation: I am committed to self-love; nurturing myself and my relationships brings me fulfillment.

Rest, retreat and recharge your energy, Leo. With the moon renewing itself in Cancer and your 12th house of introspection, closure and unconscious patterns, Luna invites you to explore your inner world, take time for sweet solitude and release old patterns that no longer serve you. This new moon presents you with the opportunity to embrace healing practices and seek closure on past experiences to create space for the new. New moon affirmation: I embrace inner peace and release what no longer serves my emotional well being.

Gather with your loved ones and nurture your beloved network, Virgo. Luna is touching down on your socially conscious 11th house of associations and community affairs, urging you to be mindful of your friendships and social connections. In addition to strengthening bonds with like-minded individuals, this is an opportunity for you to reflect on your contributions in the world. Set intentions for collaborations, humanitarian efforts and support causes close to your heart. New moon affirmation: When I stand in my truth, I attract supportive friendships and meaningful connections.


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The sky is the limit, Libra. The moon is highlighting your career-driven 10th house of authority, urging you to focus on your professional ambitions and public persona. This new moon encourages you to set intentions for success, leadership, and intuitive direction in your professional life, especially for those of you experiencing fluctuating career goals. Whether with a female mentor you admire or an opportunity in the workplace, embrace opportunities to advance in your field. New moon affirmation: I trust that my intuition is guiding me toward a path of success.

Expand your horizons with an open mind and heart, dearest Scorpio. With the moon igniting your expansive ninth house of education, travel and self-discovery, the new moon is encouraging you to embrace new experiences that can broaden your perspective, even if that means venturing outside of your comfort zone. Set intentions for personal growth and higher learning, and don't hesitate to explore new cultures or philosophies. New moon affirmation: I trust my inner compass; I am home within myself even when I'm traveling to distant lands. 

You are worthy of soul-to-soul connections that are both safe and fulfilling, Sagittarius. The new moon in Cancer is activating your intimate eighth house of mergers, urging you to focus on deepening bonds and exploring profound connections. This lunar phase invites you to set intentions for intimacy, trust, and shared prosperity in your relationships, both personal and financial. Embrace opportunities to merge energies harmoniously and cultivate mutual support. New moon affirmation: My soul contracts are a mirror for my personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Nurture your connections, and hold space for your significant other's needs and desires, Capricorn. The moon is renewing itself in your sister sign, Cancer, shaking up your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and other people. This encourages you to focus on your partnerships, both personal and professional, and to set intentions for harmony, balance, and mutual support. Don't be afraid to honor your feelings, as long as you're willing to empathize with others and find common ground. New moon affirmation: My vulnerability isn't a sign of weakness but a testament to my strength and authenticity.

Your daily rituals are sacred to your well-being, Aquarius. This is especially significant to consider with the moon renewing itself in Cancer via your sixth house of health, routines, and service to others. This new moon encourages you to focus on nurturing your physical and mental health, establishing supportive daily habits, and finding fulfillment in your work and support to others. Harnss this opportunity to set intentions for productivity, and self-care practices that uplift and energize you. New moon affirmation: I choose to curate a lifestyle that honors my mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Ask Mother Moon to fuel your creative spark, Pisces. A new moon in Cancer is touching down on your fifth house of love, passion, and self-expression. A cosmic musing, this lunation invites you to explore everything from your creative abilities to the hobbies and activities that bring you joy. Whether artistically or romantically, set intentions to nurture your passion projects and commit to that which makes your heart sing. New moon affirmation: I choose to express myself with confidence and courage; I am nurturing my heart's desires.

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