How The Full Moon in Aquarius (Aug 1, 2023) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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It’s no wonder those born under the sign of vivacious Leo never cease to make a grand entrance upon entering the room. The sun is the center of our universe, and when it transits through its sign of rulership, an air of glamour and regality permeates through the air. For reference on this fixed fire sign’s majestic flair, check which astrological house it belongs to in your birth chart. Hint: this is the area of life where you’re most likely to take the stage, tap into your inner child, express yourself unapologetically and/or take the lead. We were all born with Leo somewhere in our birth chart, despite whether it also happens to be one of our *big three* (sun, moon, and rising sign). Speaking of zodiac royalty, Venus—planet of love, relationships, finances, and value systems—is currently retrograde in Leo until September 3. 

As you may know,  Venus is considered a personal planet in astrology, as it governs everything from our love language to our interpersonal relationships. The entertainment industry is also closely aligned with Venus retrograde in Leo, for those of you wondering about the SAG-AFTRA strike. It’s most certainly connected, and the verdict is yet to come. Although, when considering the upcoming full moon in Aquarius, a sign symbolic of rebellion, innovation, networks, community affairs, and social consciousness… I dare say, this lunation could serve as a key player in the realm of Hollywood, but I digress. Between now and September, Venus retrograde is taking a pause, in order for us to reflect, re-evaluate and redefine our heart’s desires, and perception of self-love. The sun is symbolic of the ego as well as the sacred masculine energies we carry with us in this lifetime. 

More importantly, the sun makes a direct opposition to the moon during the full moon phase, so it’s important to make note of the Leo-Aquarius axis in your birth chart. If Leo is a representation of your inner child and unique authenticity, Aquarius makes sure we have a platform and/or a community of individuals to connect with in the process. On that note, reflect on how you share or can begin to share these colorful attributes (of yours) with the rest of the world. There is no such thing as an individual without a community, and this is precisely what we’re being called to reflect on. Moreover, the full moon is known for bringing truths to light, and every 28 days or so, something that’s been hidden in our unconscious mind is illuminated. Think back to the new moon in Aquarius that took place in January 2023; this is your full circle moment. 

Glimmering through the sky via 9 degrees of community-seeking Aquarius, on August 1 at exactly 2:31 p.m. ET, it’s also important to consider the influence of both Uranus and Saturn retrograde, as both of these generational planets co-rule this fixed air sign. For instance, Uranus has been transiting through the stability-seeking sign of Taurus since 2018, and will soon station retrograde (as it does every year) on August 28. Saturn is already retrograde, and via the sign of Pisces, which has everything to do with themes of faith and surrender. With all of that being said, let’s take a closer look at this lunation’s astrology, considering the predominant aspects brought to us by both Uranus and Saturn. So, you’ll also want to make note of where Taurus and Pisces live in your birth chart.

For starters, Mercury in Virgo will be making a direct opposition to Saturn retrograde, and this is probably my least favorite aspect. After all, Mercury in Virgo is tedious and skilled at problem solving, but its opposition to oh-so-serious Saturn could trigger feelings of insecurity, inhibitions, and general cautiousness.This is especially true when it comes to our communication style, and/or the way we take on tedious logistics at this time. So, if you’re suddenly feeling blocked when communicating, or breaking your head trying to come up with a solution, don’t apply more pressure. This skeptical synergy will likely reflect onto our day-to-day affairs and work routines but… this, too, shall pass.

On a brighter note, go-getter Mars will meet with lucky Jupiter in a harmonious earth trine, which continues to fuel our desire, despite whether or not we’re struggling with the Mercury-Saturn opposition. Mars will provide us with the energy, focus and sense of direction needed to move forward with confidence. Jupiter, adds a little something extra, as it will bring emphasis to what is tangible, practical and secure. Speaking of the Greater Benefic, this lunation (namely, the sun and moon) will be at odds with Jupiter, but this will only continue to magnify the energies being presented to us. And if we’re open to exploring the possibilities, it could also lead us towards brand-new potentials and opportunities. Venus retrograde is also bringing the heat, as it will face off with rebel Uranus in the process. Whether personally or professionally, this could lead to shocking revelations in our relationships, finances and values.

Read on for your full moon in Aquarius horoscopes and reflection:

You’re taking a closer look at your community, friendships and social networks under this lunation, Aries. Although, in addition to the full moon igniting your 11th house of society, its co-rulers Uranus and Saturn retrograde are both shaking up important sectors of your birth chart, some of which revolve around your sacrifices, privacy and sense of security. Who do you genuinely feel comfortable leaning on? Whether personally or in terms of career, you’re coming to terms with a new-found value system, while others explore your options when in regards to your hobbies, happiness and unique self-expression. The foundation of your relationships and commitments are also coming into focus with the south node in Libra, but you’re finally ready to do things your way and take the lead. Full moon reflection: How has the dynamic of your social life evolved in the last six months? Are you surrounding yourself with individuals who support your goals and visions?

A significant chapter in your life is coming to a close, Taurus. Touching down on your 10th house of reputation, career moves and sense of authority, many of you are considering your options in the workplace, while others of you decide to commit to something entirely different. Either way, these changes are a reflection of your new-found value systems, and you’re being encouraged to honor these energies, especially with your celestial ruler, Venus, currently retrograde. Fortunately, with the help of Mars igniting your fifth house of authenticity, desire and self-expression—let alone while in harmony with Jupiter in your sign—there is a desire to explore new territory. That being said, don’t let the uncertainty of Mercury opposite Saturn inhibit you from moving forward. A whole new world awaits you. Full moon reflection: What have you professionally accomplished in the past year? How have your personal values transformed?

Reflect on your belief systems, Gemini. Have you made the conscious effort to surround yourself with individuals who share similar visions of the future? There’s a lot of mercurial (your planetary ruler) energy at play when considering the influence of both Mercury and Mars in Virgo (your fourth house of emotional foundations), but Mercury’s opposition to Saturn retrograde could feel as though your intuition is being blocked in the workplace, while others of you simply struggle when communicating with your superiors. Is there an idea you’re being called to express at this time? After all, with both the sun and Venus retrograde charging up your communication sector, you could be giving your values and general finances a whole lot of thought. Full moon reflection: What needs to occur in order for you to put your dreams in motion? What have you learned about your long-term goals in the last six months?

Full moons are especially significant for you, Cancer. Although, in addition to its overall prominence when it comes to your inner world, this lunation will ignite your eighth house of intimate unions, energetic exchanges, and other sources of income. This is one of those moments where you’re coming to terms with the fact that “not all money is good money.” This is especially true with the sun and Venus retrograde in Leo via your second house of financial security and value systems. Whether personally or professionally, it’s important to reflect on what’s no longer resonating with you at a soul level. Mercury and Mars are also charging up your communication sector, but the messenger planet’s opposition to taskmaster Saturn could feel burdensome, or trigger feelings of inhibition. Communication is key, so harness the essence of Mars-Jupiter and lean on your community for support. Full moon reflection: What are you in the process of manifesting? How has your personal and professional life evolved when in regards to your individual freedom?

It’s your solar season, so I hope you’re celebrating, Leo. The moon, however, will reach its peak of fullness via the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, and via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise and significant others. Think back to last January; how has the foundation of your partnerships evolved since? Keep in mind, Venus is also retrograde in your sign until September, urging you to re-evaluate and redefine your value systems, and heart’s desires. Whether personally or professionally, you’re being encouraged to lean on your mentors and authority figures for support at this time. This is especially true with Mars trine Jupiter, but there’s more. If you’re struggling with communicating financial concerns or simply feeling stifled within a connection, fear not as this, too, shall pass. Full moon reflection: Have you been approaching your committed partnerships differently? How have you transformed personally and professionally?

The individuals you interact with on a regular basis are being brought to your attention under this lunation, Virgo. Keep in mind, with the moon’s rulers (Uranus and Saturn retrograde) in the mix, there is also energy surrounding the future of your partnerships, and those you choose to surround yourself with. Oddly enough, Uranus continues to bring awareness to your new-found values systems, while Saturn retrograde focuses on the connections you’re needing to surrender, in order to live up to your fullest potential. On that note, why and how you’re being of service to others if simultaneously being highlighted. Moreover, with Mercury sitting in direct opposition to Saturn retrograde (not to mention Mars in your sign) you could be simultaneously cautious of your communication style, and day-to-day exchanges. However, Mars trine Jupiter promises a practical future, one of which you can create with your own two hands. Full moon reflection: What does your ideal endgame look like? Are you committed to your individual freedom?

In order for you to express yourself authentically, there needs to be a community of individuals you either connect with, or are genuinely inspired by. Life imitates art, but a part of you also believes art imitates life. And with the moon peaking in Aquarius—your fifth house of creativity, romance, children, and self-expression (not to mention your planetary ruler, Venus, retrograde) you are being called to address the elephant in the room, and perhaps even address your newly found value systems. Whether romantically or in terms of your musings, you are in the midst of a significant transformation when in regards to your goals and finances. Your current occupation could also be of greater prominence. Full moon reflection: How have you been cultivating your heart’s desires? What does future fulfillment look like to you?

You’re no stranger to energy shifts, Scorpio, but you’re also no stranger to what is being brought to your attention at this time. For instance, the moon will peak via the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius, via your fourth house of home, family matters, and emotional foundations, all while its co-rulers Uranus and Saturn shake things up in your personal life. If children are involved, this could be an opportunity to expand the family, while others of you welcome a nephew, or what have you. In the midst of this coming to fruition, you could be in deep reflection about an authority figure in your life, perhaps even a close family member. Your values in the home front, perhaps when it comes to your significant others, are also being highlighted. If you’re considering the thought of relocating for work, this could also come up for review. Full moon reflection: If you had to describe your ideal home life, what would it be? Do you feel emotionally supported when in regards to career?

Your immediate community is brought into focus under this lunation, Sagittarius. For instance, with the moon igniting your chatty third house of curiosity, communication, neighborhood, and siblings, you could be experiencing a full-circle moment in your inner circle. This could also have something to do with your work routine and/or workplace affairs, given Uranus’ journey through your sixth house of due diligence. Although, with Mercury sitting in an exact opposition to Saturn, you could feel stifled when in regards to your sense of authority, and/or communication with superiors. The future of your latest endeavors might not make sense at this time, but it will in due time. That being said, use this time to explore your options and/or obtain a new skill. Full moon reflection: How have your interpersonal relationships evolved in the last six months? What have you recently discovered about yourself?

Your sense of security is under the spotlight of this full moon, Capricorn. Although, with the moon’s rulers, Uranus and Saturn retrograde, bringing awareness to your communication style and heart’s desires, there is greater emphasis on the potential of your money-making abilities, whether via creative pursuits and/or intuitive business moves. Keep in mind, the sun and Venus retrograde are also touching down on your intimate eighth house of shared resources and other sources of income, suggesting the possibility of joint ventures being involved. This could be a collaboration coming to an end, while others of you celebrate the team of individuals you’re currently working with. Mars trine Jupiter opens new avenues and opportunities for you to explore, but Mercury’s opposition to Saturn adds a layer of caution and uncertainty. Follow your heart. Full moon reflection: What brings you security when pursuing your long term goals? How do you communicate these needs? 

Happy full moon, Aquarius. The moon is reaching its peak in your name, and you’re seeing a personal endeavor come into fruition. Although, with Uranus revolutionizing your emotional foundations, and Saturn retrograde having you re-evaluate your definition of security, it’s important for you to simultaneously reflect on what needs to change in order for you to live your best life. More specifically, Mercury’s opposition to Saturn could create feelings of restriction, blockage and/or insecurity, specifically when in regards to your intimate unions, shared resources and joint ventures. It’s time to reestablish your commitments, and come to terms with what you truly value in a relationship moving forward. Full moon reflection: Are you and your significant other committed to the same future? How can you meet each other half-way without losing sight of your individuality?

Your life behind the scenes is coming up for review, specifically when in regards to your coping mechanisms and unconscious patterns. This lunation is not only shedding light on the goals you choose to keep to yourself, but also putting a spotlight on the individuals that don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart. Are you feeling the need to set firm boundaries at this time? Easier said than done, with Mercury opposite Saturn in your sign, but this doesn’t mean you’re not well-equipped to set the record straight, if necessary. Fortunately, with Mars also in the mix (not to mention trine Jupiter) you have the intuitive wisdom, and practical vision necessary to make sure your point gets across. Full moon reflection: Have you been honoring your personal and professional boundaries? How have your social circles transformed in the last six months?


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