How Jupiter Retrograde (March 8th, 2018) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

How Jupiter Retrograde (March 8th, 2018) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Posted by Kyle Thomas on

th, 2018 – July 10th, 2018
A major cosmic shift begins on March 8th, 2018, when our beloved planet of good fortune and luck, Jupiter, turns retrograde (backwards) in the constellation of Scorpio. Jupiter retrograde lasts for four months at a time and is when Jupiter’s blessings turn INWARD, rather than OUTWARD. Normally, we are used to Jupiter bringing us growth and expansion in outward ways depending on where it is visiting our charts. If Jupiter is blessing you in partnerships, you will find yourself attracting good fortune through other people (lovers, friends, business partners, agents, etc). However, during a retrograde cycle, Jupiter would turn that luck within you, so you will be focusing more on your internal growth so that you are truly attracting the right kinds of partners into your life. You first must grow within before you can go forward and fully receive the blessings when they come to you in physical form.


Jupiter will be going retrograde on March 8th, 2018 at 23 degrees Scorpio. This date will be directly connected to October 6th, 2018 because Jupiter will again be at 23 degrees Scorpio. July 10th, 2018 is when the cycle of retrograde will end, and Jupiter will have returned to 13 degrees Scorpio. This date is directly connected to what was happening to you around December 12th, 2017 because Jupiter originally had hit 13 degrees Scorpio. The things that were happening around December 12th, 2017 will be the same kinds of things you will be focusing on at July 10th, 2018. For instance, if you were in a business negotiation or discussing a relationship with a potential lover, these same discussions may come up – except more developed and with further insight into them. To fully illustrate this as an example, I will explain how this once affected me. Jupiter was visiting my Fifth House of True Love (for me, as a Taurus, it was when Jupiter was in Virgo). On October 12th, 2015, a lover and I discussed “what we were.” Jupiter was at 13 degrees Virgo. We broke apart and left each other for many months. Jupiter went retrograde on January 7th, 2016 at 23 degrees Virgo and went backwards in the sky until it went direct on May 9th, 2016. On this exact date, when Jupiter once again hit 13 degrees Virgo, the same place it had been when he and I had originally discussed “what we were,” we again met in person to discuss what had changed and if we were ever going to be together. Astrologically, October 12th, 2015 and May 9th, 2016 were completely connected – and this is how December 12th, 2017 and July 10th, 2018 will be correlated, as well. Look at what area of life Jupiter is currently blessing for your sign, and then start to watch the patterns because the Universe is a cycle. This is why we watch the stars – to predict and understand how we are going to be affected.


You will be turning within to evaluate and assess the following areas of your life, as well as making changes on how you approach them. There may also be a “slow down” when it comes to these areas of your life.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: anything to do with deep union. Loans. Joint bank accounts and businesses. Combined projects and ownership. Sexuality, especially when it is not in balance. Secrets. Things that are not equal. Forging stronger unions and starting new ones will be important. Money is likely to be in focus for many of you, as well. The biggest thing you'll be thinking about is: what do you owe me? What do I owe you? Make sure that you open yourself to deeper connections and to giving and receiving in more fulfilling ways. However, do not take on more “debt” than you can give back – remember, balance in partnerships, however you establish them, is key.


Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: Partnerships. Business partners. Long-term lovers or marriage. "Becoming official." Long-term friendships. Unions. This is a good time to assess what you want in a serious partner and what you do not. Make a list. If you have a partner (in business or love), use this time to talk about taking your union to the next level and how you can compromise and work better together. If it’s not going to work, it may be time to let that relationship go. Use this time to find out where you stand with your partners and if you do not have one, you may be drawn to one now. Make sure that YOU are the best partner you can be so that the Universe will draw a kindred spirit to you.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: work, fitness, your daily routine. You’ll be buckling down to get everything moving in motion. Use this time to assess your work life. Check over projects from employers. If you're self-employed, review your brand. If you work for a business, make sure you're being seen by your superiors. You'll also be focusing on your fitness and daily rhythm. How do you balance your work-life? Anything to do with fitness/health is also in focus: want to lose weight? Kick that bad habit? Quit smoking? Get on a plan. Meet a doctor. If you want to get a new job, this would be a time to be looking over your resumes. Use this time well.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: love, romance, fun, adventure, and creativity. Assess how you’re going about getting these things and if they are actually bringing you what you deserve. Also, there may be a focus on art projects and you may be reflecting on inspiration from the past. Embrace that muse. It was meant for you. If you have children, they may be taking focus for you.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: the foundation of your life. The way you love yourself, self-love, as well as everything to do with family, home, your "chosen home/family," Mother/Father relationships, and anything to do with domestic matters will be apparent now. Jump on real estate if you can. Update your living space. Buy some new furniture, give a wall a fresh coat of paint, look for that perfect cooking set for you to entertain with. Being domestic is going to go well for you, now, so invite friends over or use this time to enjoy your home. Also, you’re going to be considering what truly makes you happy and if you have the things in your life you need, particularly self-respect and self-love. Look in the mirror and ask yourself: "Do I like myself? What do I truly need? What makes me happy? Am I on a path that is fulfilling emotionally?” Answer these questions truthfully.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: all areas of communication. Focus on advertising and social media, as well as growing your presence online or with people. Anything ruled by communication will be holding your attention. Look at the current contacts in your life and see if they are helping you meet your goals – if not, see how you can either improve those relationships or find new contacts. Go over your resume. If you want a job in any of these areas listed, start looking. because you can. Writing. Agencies. Contracts. These areas will be where you are seeing a shift.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: money, possessions, anything you “own.” You may have seen an increase in your income by looking for better jobs or by asking for a raise, and if not, this is the time to review how you can do so. Show you're qualified. Update that resume. Also focus on the things you "own," especially your possessions. People are not possessions, but if you look at people in that way, make sure they're yours, dependent on you, and you will lock that down. What do you own? Make sure it's yours to stay -- because it can be. If you're looking to buy things, you're likely to have luck. Look for things that are “marked down” or that people may not know are worth as much as you know them to be.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: life, in general. While Jupiter will still be in your sign, you will still have more luck than any other sign. However, that luck will slightly be pulled back and you may see that your goals and plans are taking a little bit longer to happen than they were before. Use this time to evaluate who you are, what you want, and where you are going. Use this time to analyze how you want to shine – and then start to lay the seeds. Put yourself out there. Get a fresh new haircut, wardrobe, or style. Start that project that’s been on the backburner that you’ve always wanted to pursue. Become the person you were meant to be.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: all things that are hidden and growing and being built “behind the scenes.” Things may come out that you've long hidden or things that have been hidden by other people, so be aware. Evaluate any seed you want to germinate slowly. This will be a time of strong reflection and assessment. Use this time to release and let go. That way you can put your life on the path that is best for you.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: your dreams, aspirations, as well as social life. You will be considering what you want long-term and how you get it. Think about that vision you've always wanted. Make a plan. You're good at that. Create the steps. Make it possible. This can cover any area of life. Your social life may have been flourishing since October, but now things are going to be a little less heated. Take time to pull back and think about how you can make your dreams come true. Then, when you’re ready: activate the plan.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: your career and public persona/recognition. Have you seen your profile, status, and power rise over the last several months? If you haven’t seen major movement, review and re-evaluate your goals and how you are looking to rise. No updated resume yet? Do it now. And make sure you make a list of some top candidates you want to apply to. Search out anyone and anything that can improve your power, public recognition, and status in your life. Sometimes, this even means aligning yourself with people or partners in order to create united power. If you want a public marriage, relationship, or business engagement, this would be the time to lay that forward now. Good luck.



Expect to re-evaluate and see a slow down in: growing your mind, expanding your horizons, and travel. Academics, spirituality, and media can be blessings to you, especially if you turn within to find what is the best route for you. Find ways to better yourself by looking at how you are connected to the greater world. Join groups. Fine tune skills. Find mentors. Ask for help. This is how you will grow.

 Photo Credit: collage by Jeff Hendrickson 

Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram (@MrKyleThomas), Facebook (, or Twitter (@Mr_KyleThomas). More info:


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