Aries Season: Putting Self-Care First

Aries Season: Putting Self-Care First

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Aries often get a bed rep for being “selfish”, but it’s only natural for the leader of the zodiac to acknowledge that taking care of themselves is integral to their happiness and to the happiness of those around them. Being the first sign of the zodiac is a lot of responsibility, and with that responsibility can come certain stresses that manifest and wreak havoc in our skin, hair, and nails, as well as our internal organs. When it comes to self care, Aries are the role models we all should be looking up to, and while the sun begins its transit through this sign into a new zodiac year, we are offered an exciting new chance to reevaluate our own health and beauty routines to be 100% all about YOU! Here’s some advice for spring self-care strategies to reduce stress and improve well-being of all the zodiac signs! For more specific tips on your individual sign, be sure to scroll below.

  1. Set a specific time for yourself -  ideally it will be the same time every day and dedicate it to self care. In today’s hustle and bustle world it may seem difficult to carve out an hour strictly for pampering, but reinforcing the value of self care on our overall wellbeing, productivity, and emotional stability is something of importance that you simply cannot refuse or invalidate. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family about your commitment to help them understand you simply can’t be bothered during this time. Whether it’s in the morning or the evening, just make the promise to yourself! Think of it like going to the gym! Nobody views that as selfish or a waste of time, because they understand the value of self care, so don’t feel bad hogging the bathroom for an hour.
  2. Redefine your relationship with water! One of the four most basic and ancient elements, water carries the essence of life (Mni Wiconi!) and has the power to cleanse both our physical and energetic bodies. Drinking water improves the appearance and elasticity of our skin, preventing wrinkles and flushing out dirt and oils that clog our pores. We love to take self care into the tub with our Love by Luna Bath Soaks which leads us to our next tip.
  3. Stock up on the essentials: essential oils that is! There are a plethora of essential oils that benefit our face, skin, and hair and it’s actually really fun to experiment with different blends of oils! Normally when we think of oils, we imagine grease and dirt, but there are astringent essential oils, such as rosemary and lavender which are excellent cleansers for healthy skin and hair! Combine these with a few drops of lemon or grapefruit for an invigorating face wash or a refreshing hair spritzer that will leave your skin feeling nourished and smelling amazing! Add a few drops of your favorite oils to the tub for a relaxing, steamy trip to paradise.

Sign Specific Self-Care Tips

Aries - An Aries’ temper is a force to be reckoned with, but as quick to anger as these signs can be, they can be just as quick to forget! Learning to move through those moments with grace and composure can really make an impact on your emotional well being as you start off the solar new year! Try visiting a meditation center or exploring some mindfulness techniques that can help build up your emotional resilience and patient understanding.

Taurus - Putting restrictions or limitations on these stubborn and indulgent Venus-born signs simply does not work. If you want to make a positive change in your health this year, focus on what more you can add into your life rather than what you need to take out. Instead of thinking “I need to cut out bread and wheat products” think “I need to eat more fruits and vegetables.”

Gemini - Unplug for an hour.  Although the constant mental chatter inside your head can be endlessly fascinating and spur many ideas, you owe it to yourself to find a time for solace.  Try turning all your devices to Airplane mode for at least one hour each week and give your brain and body the rest it needs to recharge for the tasks ahead -- they’ll certainly thank you later.  

Cancer - Cancers can become pretty reclusive, especially during the winter months which can deplete them of Vitamin D. Being natural homebodies, it’s often hard to get these signs to break out of old habits or come out of their shell so be sure to incorporate some outdoor activities that get you outside, moving, and into the sun, like hiking or gardening.

Leo - Leos are notorious for having thick, lustrous manes, so if you want to keep them that way, you better start a preventative hair care routine and avoid some of the harsher high-fashion hairstyles that may be drying out/damaging your hair! Going natural is a great start to reversing any negative effects.  Supplement this with some hair, skin, and nail vitamins and try giving yourself a hot oil treatment! The fun part about this is that you can use a variety of nourishing, natural oils to your show dry, breaking hair some love such as avocado, castor, jojoba, argan or coconut oil!

Virgo - Virgos are no stranger to stress management as their analytical minds are notorious for their ability to make mountains out of molehills. Too much stress however can have quite a negative effect on the body causing all sorts of symptoms like chronic fatigue, depression and hair loss. Many of of these symptoms can be treated with a B12-Vitamin supplement which promotes strong healthy hair, while replenishing energy levels and elevating your mood. B12 can be found naturally spirulina and blue-green algae!

Libra - Drinking alkaline water will help restore your body’s natural PH levels which is especially important for Libra signs who rule the areas of the kidneys and the bladder. It’s not hard to find alkaline water that is already infused with electrolytes, and maintaining a balance of electrolytes is essential for these signs. Many oxygen bars also carry alkaline water, so look on Groupon for some local deals.

Scorpio - Get rid of a toxic relationship, once and for all.  We know that you can be loyal to a fault Scorpio, but if someone isn’t a good influence in your life, it’s best to sever ties now before stuff gets ugly.  This could be in regards to a friendship, romantic relationship, or even something as small as an online acquaintance or breaking an unhealthy cycle.  For instance, if you’ve found yourself obsessing over an ex, do yourself a favor and finally block them.

Sagittarius - There’s nothing Sagittarius loves more than learning, so why not take a class in natural cosmetics? Learning how to make your own bath and body products will stimulate and nurture both your creative and intellectual sides. Courses can be found in practically every major city and if you can’t travel to one nearby you can always turn to YouTube for DIY ideas!

Capricorn  - You’re always a class act, Capricorn, so indulge yourself in a classic way.  Enjoy a night without work (don’t check your email!) with a lovely bath bomb or epsom salt soak that’ll help to ease sore muscles.  Your issue is often overworking yourself or becoming addicted to work, so really try to make a weekly soak a priority.  You’ll feel much more recharged and ready to tackle your workload afterwards.

Aquarius - Aquarians are used to working with revolutionary new ideas and concepts, so getting a new fitness gadget may help keep your mind engaged on your health and self improvement goals. There’s plenty of new devices to try like the fitbit which tracks the amount of steps you’ve taken or miles you’ve walked during the day, or the HAPIfork which is aimed to reduce your eating pace by sending tiny vibrations through an eating fork alerting you when you’re eating too quickly.

Pisces - Make a mini “to-do” list before bed.  With your fluid thoughts and emotions, it can be a challenge to keep track of everything that’s going on in your life.  Get in the habit of making a list before bed of all the important tasks you want to finish the next day. It’s a small gesture, but it’ll help you discern between what your true, top priorities are and what is fluff.

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