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Rose Quartz - Rough

Rose Quartz - Rough



Open your heart with rose quartz.

This listing is for one piece of rough rose quartz (0.75 - 1.25" average size). Since every stone is unique, the piece you receive may vary slightly from the photo. Every crystal is hand selected and inspected for quality to ensure you're receiving the best stones possible. 

A staple of the crystal kingdom, rose quartz is the universal stone of love and compassion. Its gentle, nurturing energy opens the heart to its true desires and supports all forms of love, especially self-love. With this stone, the pain of the past is washed away and replaced by feelings of forgiveness, acceptance, and empathy for all beings. Use this stone to release any old emotional wounds that are blocking your heart and invite unconditional love into your life.

Tip: place this stone over your heart and envision a pink light emanating from the center of your chest, breathing deeply until it fills your entire body. Know that you are completely surrounded and held by love.

Stone Associations:

☽ Keywords: Love, compassion, forgiveness, healing, self-acceptance
☽ Chakra: Heart
☽ Element: Earth, Water
☽ Planet: Venus 
☽ Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra, Pisces 
☽ Vibration: Number 7