Blue Quartz - Tumbled

Blue Quartz - Tumbled

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Blue quartz is a calming stone that enhances communication, self-expression, and creativity. Like with any variety of quartz, it supports mental focus, clarity, and cleansing, but provides further benefits due to its association with the throat chakra. This is a wonderful stone for overcoming the fear of public speaking, as it assists one in gently but firmly voicing their truth. Not only that, but it also protects against negativity while instilling hope, happiness, and inner peace. This is the perfect crystal for those who desire to feel friendly in confident in social situations, as well as anyone looking to cultivate thoughtful relationships and inspiring ideas.


This listing is for one piece of tumbled blue quartz (1.0" average size). Since every stone is unique, please allow for slight variations in color and size. Our crystals are hand selected to ensure quality and are only purchased from reputable vendors who share our commitment to ethical sourcing practices.

☽ Affirmation: I follow my joy without fear
☽ Chakra: Throat
☽ Element: Air
☽ Planet: Mercury
☽ Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Pisces