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Manifesting Success Crystal Set
Manifesting Success Crystal Set
Manifesting Success Crystal Set

Manifesting Success Crystal Set


Give yourself the gift of abundance! With this deluxe 5-piece crystal set, each stone was carefully selected to stimulate success in career, business, and realms of manifestation. The crystal set incorporates classic stones for success, such as Aventurine “Stone of Opportunity”, Pyrite “Stone of Action & Willpower”, and Citrine “Stone of Success”. Combined with the other crystals, Aragonite and Green Calcite, this collection of crystals offers dynamic support in bringing dreams into reality and success into your sphere. If you seek an extra bit of luck to help you manifest your goals, this crystal set aids in just that.  

Includes a combination of sizable stones, a beautiful pouch for protection and easy carrying, and a cute informational card that lists each crystal that is included along with its intent/affect and tips on how to use. Perfect for business owners and entrepreneurs. Also makes an amazing gift!



☽ 5 Crystals - Citrine Point, Pyrite, Aventurine, Green Calcite, Aragonite

☽ Marble drawstring pouch

☽ Crystal info card 


The crystals shown are of average size but may slightly vary between sets. To ensure quality, every order is individually inspected before shipping and securely packed. No more damages! Buy with confidence.