Crystal Candle - Moonstone

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A candle for new beginnings, intuition, luck, and harnessing lunar energy. Featuring a hidden piece of tumbled moonstone in the bottom of the jar, this gorgeous candle is hand poured and made with 100% American-farmed soy wax. Combined with a natural essential + fragrance oil blend, this candle carries refreshing notes of citrus and sweet fruit throughout any sacred space, inviting in new ideas and opportunities. As its name suggests, moonstone shares a special connection to the moon, which can support you in honoring your cyclical nature and the magic that is present in every moment and phase of life. Photos depict 9oz candle. 

☽ 9oz has 50 hour burn time
☽ 4oz has 25 hour burn time
☽ Please note that size, color, and shape of crystal varies
☽ By Jax Kelly

Usage tips: focus on an intention you'd like to set, then repeat it aloud as you light the candle. Once your candle has burned, retrieve the crystal and carry it with you or keep it in a special place to balance and heal your energy. Placing your crystal out during the new moon for cleansing and the full moon for charging. Do not leave lit candles unattended.


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