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Real Gem Nail Decal Set

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Life is rocky when you’re a gem. This set includes 28 individual waterslide nail decals and features a variety of colorful raw crystals in clusters, points, and single chunks (amethyst, pyrite, rose quartz, garnet, fluorite, & black tourmaline). Sized out to fit both long and short nails alike.

Includes guided instructions for easy application. Decals last approximately one week with regular polish or up to two with gel polish. Must use with white or light polish only (will not show up on dark colors).

Our waterslide nail decals work similarly to a temporary tattoo. Cut out your desired decal, remove the plastic film, then place face down on your nail. Wet the back with a damp paper towel for 30 seconds, then remove the paper backing. Pat off any excess water and allow to dry completely. Seal with two coats of a clear top coat.