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The Essential Crystal Collection
The Essential Crystal Collection
The Essential Crystal Collection
The Essential Crystal Collection
The Essential Crystal Collection
The Essential Crystal Collection

The Essential Crystal Collection


Start your crystal healing journey today.

Whether you’re an avid collector or are simply crystal curious, the Essential Crystal Collection ($96 value) has everything you need to begin working with crystals. Featuring a gorgeous combination of 12 rough and tumbled stones, this set provides a solid energetic foundation for any intention setting or mindfulness practices--working in harmony with one another to soothe, support, and empower. 

Each set arrives gift-ready in a premium drawer style box with a golden sun and moon design. The box can be reused and is perfect for storing stones and other spiritual tools on one's altar. A printed 10+ page info booklet is also included that covers crystal healing basics such as cleansing vs. charging methods, safety and handling tips, the properties of each crystal, affirmations, mini rituals, and more. 

Inside The Essential Crystal Collection:

Each stone is unique, and may vary slightly, between 0.75 - 1.5” average size. 

  • Black tourmaline (root chakra) - rough stone for grounding and protection 
  • Red jasper (root chakra) - tumbled stone for strength and vitality 
  • Carnelian (sacral chakra) - tumbled stone for creativity and confidence 
  • Citrine point (solar plexus chakra) - for abundance and success 
  • Pyrite (solar plexus chakra) - rough stone for manifestation and willpower 
  • Green aventurine (heart chakra) - rough stone for opportunity and growth 
  • Peacock ore (all chakras) - rough stone for upliftment and gratitude 
  • Blue sodalite (throat chakra) - rough stone for communication and wisdom
  • Amethyst point (third eye chakra) - for soothing and intuition 
  • Rose quartz (heart chakra) - rough stone for love and compassion 
  • Clear quartz point (crown chakra) - for clarity and cleansing 
  • Opalite crescent moon (crown chakra) - for transitions and self-expression 
  • Black drawer-style gift/keepsake box with gilded celestial design 
  • Printed crystal booklet with 10+ pages of crystal info, care tips, affirmations, and rituals

**Every crystal is hand selected to ensure quality. Our stones are sourced from reputable small wholesalers + businesses in the US who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.