Worlds Are Changing: Uranus Enters Taurus (2018 - 2026)

Worlds Are Changing: Uranus Enters Taurus (2018 - 2026)

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On May 15th, 2018, Uranus enters the sign of Taurus. Uranus will stay in Taurus until November 6th, 2018, when it will roll back into Aries due to retrograde. However, it will return into Taurus on March 6th, 2019 until July 7th, 2025. Then, it will go into Gemini. However, again, it will retrograde and return to Taurus from November 8th, 2025 but again leave April 26th, 2026 where it will not return for 84 years.


Uranus is the planet of transformation, radical change, crisis, and freedom. Whenever it interacts with another planet, shocks and surprises are bound to happen, for better or worse. Even when Uranus causes things to feel chaotic or cause great pain, it always is forcing us to move forward and bring better institutions into creation. Uranus pushes humanity toward its greatest good and to find newfound ways to grow and solve the problems of the collective. When it resides within Taurus for a span of years, the things that Taurus rules will vastly be affected. The things we can expect to see mostly affected are global financial institutions, global currencies, and environmentalism.



As Uranus begins to shake up the financial systems of the world, we will begin to see a tremendous uprising in how major corporations, governments, banks, institutions, and stock markets handle wealth. Many people in power will be thrown down from their thrones, as Uranus seeks to level the playing field and cause women and those who have not had the ability to rise to suddenly have a better chance at re-establishing the systems. The “old system” of politicians and bankers will begin to be wiped away like they’re standing on the top of a volcano. Large spikes in poverty and wealth will likely take hold of nations and global markets, as well. Taxation and banks will also have sharp turns, and we will not only be affected on grand, worldwide scales, but on very personal ones, too. Mortgages, credit cards, and savings/debt will all take a turn.


When it comes to Taurus, this is a sign of wealth, accumulation, abundance, and value. This means that our current systems of exchange are going to move into a whole new method. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are likely to further grow in power and use, and we may see a push for a worldwide trading system instituted to regulate inflation and global exchange. Taurus energy always wants “security, stability, and the golden standard” – so Uranus will undoubtedly be making us re-evaluate what that is and how we can distribute that to even larger groups of people.



Taurus rules the Earth and the physical world, so it is likely that we will begin to see not only more global disasters (particularly earthquakes, lightning, and storms), but we will also see a focus on preventing further damage to our beautiful planet. Movements will grow causing us to slow climate change, as well as severe conflicts between those who do not accept the validity of the scientific facts. This will also draw our attention to sustainability of our natural resources, food supplies/shortages, and significant new discoveries in relation to these areas (particularly food production, genetically-modified seeds and crops, etc). Political reform – or chaos – are guaranteed from Uranus activating these energies. It is key for humanity to evolve and to accept Uranus’s lessons to lessen the turmoil that can happen if we fight back against the change.


The one constant in life is change, and change we must. Taurus, a fixed sign, does not like to change and tends to turn inward when it comes to strong and intense shifts. Uranus, however, is revolution and independent thinking. While these two energies may conflict, the whirlwind cannot be stopped. When our systems are crumbling and new ways are coming, it is best for us as a people to not dig in our heels and fight. This will only cause pain. We must sense the coming winds and let go. This is the only way to truly be free. When the dust settles, our lives will have changed significantly.


For those people with Taurus as a Sun Sign or Taurus Ascendant/Rising Sign, your entire lives, relationships, paths, and fortunes are about to change. You, above all, will receive the greatest transformation on a personal level. All Taureans will begin to channel Uranus’s “genius” and “revolutionary” energy, bringing many Taurean people into the limelight for brilliant inventions, newfound systems, or globally famous art. If you have strong natal planets in Taurus, you, too, will see major times of this profound energy – bringing you strokes of genius while also seeing huge shifts happen. While these blessings may strike like lightning, everyone will be affected when it comes to money, the environment, and the way you approach what you physically “value.”


Photo by @cosmiccollage. Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram: @MrKyleThomas (, Facebook (, or Twitter: @Mr_KyleThomas ( More info:

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