Venus Retrograde in Scorpio: October 5, 2018

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If you have a dark side to your love, you are going to really enjoy this.

On October 5
th, 2018, Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio at 10 degrees until November 16th, 2018 where it will land at Libra 25 degrees. Everything that has taken place since September 2nd, 2018 will be of particular importance – especially related to intimacy, how you give and receive love, and if you truly are ready to commit (or recommit) to someone you love. However, events that have taken place within the last several years will also pop up if they are unresolved and require examination within these areas.



Venus is the planet of love and beauty. It rules marriage, our partnerships, and true pleasure in life. It flies through the cosmos like a lightning bolt, and everything that it touches naturally brings us happiness and blessings. In Scorpio, Venus ignites intense passion, obsessive and uncontrollable love, and union that is not just built on intimacy, it is also built on power. Venus is usually more gentle and sensitive, but when it glides through Scorpio, she becomes a Goddess of the Night – immeasurable in her terror and beauty. This is where love plays for keeps and we focus on the darker pieces of our hearts, such as possessiveness, jealousy, control, and hidden erotic fantasies. Sexual abuse for those who have experienced it and taken part in it will surely be reviewed – and will continue to be on the mind of the collective public, as well.


When Venus goes retrograde, it lasts for a period of six weeks (around 40 days). It brings back issues from the past, particularly related to love, so that we can reunite and review or end it forever. Karmic issues become apparent in our lives and relationships that hold a fated place in our hearts come back to find a place of closure so that we can move to the next stage of our lives. During this point in time, people from our past will reappear, whether friends or lovers, so that any love lines can be reopened or brought to resolution. We will be reflecting on love and who we commit to. If someone returns to you, you have a very small window of time to change the past so it can have a new future. This is a time when you may be focusing on your most intimate relationships or seek to talk to an ex. Trust your instinct and be aware that the cosmos are opening and you are now in the eye of the storm. During this time, it is not generally favorable for beginning a new relationship because with Venus not in full power, if you become official or get married, the affection and romance will eventually fade between the two of you. If you are “beginning again” with someone from the past, that’s fine – but still do not “become official” until after the retrograde has ended. This goes the same if you surprisingly meet someone new. Take your time right now. You can “say I do” or “we’re exclusive” later on this year.


Anything ruled by Venus will be in flux – do not start a new beauty regiment, get plastic surgery, go on a wardrobe shopping spree, or change your hair style – they will leave you frustrated and months down the line you’ll look back at them as a “disaster.” Since Venus rules art, it’s not a great time to start a new art project if you are involved in that industry or hobby, but it is a wonderful time to go back and refine what you had been working on previously. As long as the project isn’t “new,” you’re actually in favor to rework it! Also, with money, if someone owes it to you, you may actually find that it is taking longer to receive it than you had hoped, so make sure that you’re planning ahead with finances too – Venus dips into all sorts of pleasures in life.



This particular Venus Retrograde comes with firepower from Mars. Due to the arrangement of the stars, Mars will clash with Venus and cause an immense amount of sexual friction that has been boiling beneath the surface of our lives to become apparent. This can manifest as increased sexual tension that will erupt as either a competitive fury or an insatiable lust. Others will notice this internal fire causes you to be more impulsive, furious, and selfish when it comes to what you truly want. The best ways to handle this energy are through healthy physical activity: exercise, masturbation, or consensual sexual passion. However, despite the intensity of Mars, we will have a dazzling reunion of Venus and Neptune across the stars. This spectacular firework rules divine love, inspiration, and romance that has no equal. When this happens, we are transformed through the power of love, whether it be by forgiveness, moving art, or meeting a soul mate. This influence brings beauty into our lives and will have your hearts feeling like maybe, even just for a moment, you have felt Heaven. Be aware that this soul mate or kindred spirit could be someone who is in your life now – or someone distant, perhaps even an ex. If this is a new person, you will instantly feel the connection, but again – do not rush anything and certainly do not commit during this time.



Throughout this reflective time, we will see a new path forward that we had not fully understood prior to the retrograde. New facts, new ideas, and new plans will emerge and you will finally feel ready to move forward in the right way. However, this will heal us and allow us to finally reach new heights in our lives. If you have reignited a passion from the past, it will become present and has a new future. Either way, you will finally see the truth in your love life for what it is. Once Venus flows forward once again, you will be able to release the baggage and be ready for love in a way you had not been before.

Kyle Thomas is a writer, producer, and lyricist living in Los Angeles. Astrology has always inspired him and he is a great believer in using the Universe to manifest the life you've always dreamt of. Follow Kyle Thomas on Instagram: @MrKyleThomas (, Facebook (, or Twitter: @Mr_KyleThomas ( More info:

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