Taurus Luxe SS17: Indulgent Designer Looks

Taurus Luxe SS17: Indulgent Designer Looks

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April 20th marks the transition into Taurus season and stores are beginning to stock their shelves with the hottest looks from high end luxury designers’ SS17 ready-to-wear collections. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of beauty, art, love, and all things luxe. If there’s any sign who knows how to shop, it’s a Taurus! Armed with impeccable taste and a lust for the finer things in life, these signs know how live it up and do so in style. While the sun moves through this earthy sign, let’s take a look at what some of the latest high fashion brands have in store for this season.

We’ve curated a list of luxury looks from famous designers from each of the twelve zodiac signs for you to drool over with price tags only a Taurus would dare to dream of! Commence wish list now!

Aries: Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs injects his SS17 collection with a blast of fierce and fun Aries energy in collaboration with artist Julie Verhoeven. The pair doled out an exceptional series of seemingly customized, colorful pieces stylized with retro references to 1970s era artwork and culture. The team celebrates individuality, a trait very important to Aries signs with the use of high fashion embroidery thoughtfully slapped on like stickers through the entirety of the collection. A fun and fresh outfit like this will cost you a cool $4,145.00.

Paisley Stripe Gauze Long Sleeve Dress $2,400
Julie Verhoeven Multi Applique Tall Boot $1,395
Metal Twist Sunglasses $350


 Taurus: Donatella Versace

Ruled by Venus, the planet of art, beauty, and femininity, Taurus fashion maven Donatella Versace knows how to embody women’s sexuality on the runway. This season, in response to the tense political climate, she has dreamed up a visionary line that celebrates strong women who are bold, edgy and spontaneous with slick details and wind-inspired elements for a dynamic life lived with absolute freedom. Donatella knows a woman’s worth, and she knows a look like this is worth $18,720.00

Embroidered Crystal Mesh Dress $8850.00
Dot Perforated Leather Trench $7,495.00
Crystal Medusa Pumps $2375.00


Gemini: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen


Our favorite Gemini design duo (Mary Kate & Ashley) is back this year with another expertly executed oversized bohemian love story. The duality of the twin’s sign can be seen reflected within the collection’s monochromatic palette and its balance of light and darks throughout.

The Ascot Medium Sequined Hobo Bag $2,450.00 
Selma Bell-Sleeve Cady Midi Dress, Ivory $1890.00
Bea Embroidered Cashmere Mule $1480.00


Cancer: Vera Wang 

Rulers of the home and family, it’s natural that Vera Wang became the most coveted go-to fairy design mother for brides to be everywhere. Her SS17 collection has an interestingly masculine aspect with the deconstructed blazer that perfectly compliments the ultra feminine shoulder baring sheer gown, which should suit a Cancer just fine like a hard shell protecting its soft, delicate interior.

Off The Shoulder Draped Gown $2995.00 
Cold Shoulder Knit Coat $1795.00
Penny Loafer Pumps $1325.00


Leo: Yves Saint Laurent 

Yves Saint Laurent, like most Leos, had a penchant for drama and Hedi Slimane expertly resurrects the late designer’s glamorous flamboyance in the SS17 collection for Saint Laurent Paris. Everything about this line screams Leo from the vibrant animal print, to the radiant 80’s inspired gold accents!

Black and Orange Asymmetrical Mini Dress $5290.00
Monogram Deconstructed Earrings in Black and Gold $445.00
Edie 110 Leaf Slingback Pump in Gold and Black $995



Virgo: Stella McCartney 

It’s only natural for a Virgo designer to make their fashion line eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. We love the green and brown plant-based hues that define Stella McCartney’s SS17 Earth inspired fashion line. The look this season? High fashion Jane Gooddall! A humanitarian spirit truly connected with Mother Nature.

Abigail Jacket $1925.00
Benni Pant $1065.00
Khaki Falabella Box wicker Mini Bag $1250




Inspired by the serpent, the infamously misinterpreted creature associated with all sorts of things ranging from death and evil to wisdom and enlightenment. In that way, Libras can identify with the serpent, a creature who embodies all aspects of themselves and sees all sides of a situation. Libras can also be quite indulgent and luxurious being ruled by Venus and Libra designer Bulgari surely expands upon that with his incredibly high priced collection of gem encrusted, gold and silver designs which elevate the glam factor of any outfit. A set of scaly and sparkly Bulgari accessories like this bag/necklace combo will cost you a whopping $16,150.00

Serpenti Forever Flap Cover bag $3350
Serpenti Necklace in Pink Gold, rubellite and demi pave diamonds $12,800.00


Scorpio: Roberto Cavalli

The snake is motif is also found in our next designer, Roberto Cavalli’s SS17 collection. Intense is the key word that defines a Scorpio’s existence, and no designer does intensity better than Scorpio Roberto Cavalli. From tailored pants to intricate, flowing evening gowns, Cavalli’s SS17 creations are exhilarating in their vibrant bohemian patterns and vintage feel. A dress like this fully embodies the deep and intricate nature of Scorpio’s seemingly endless layers of feeling and emotion. A luxurious look like this will cost you a total of $11,940.00.

Viper Bracelet $665.00
Long White Poppies Dress $9,490.00
Wedge Sandal with Knot $1120.00


Sagittarius: Manolo Blahnik (& Jean Galliano)

Known as the wanderers of the zodiac, Sagittarius signs are fond of long journeys, adventures and travels, so it’s only natural that Sagittarius footwear designer Manolo Blahnik has such excellent taste in shoes. We especially love the matching shoe/clutch cactus combo in his SS17 collection, paired with a minimalist rust orange jumpsuit (designed by Sagittarius Designer Jean Galliano for Margiela SS17). To get this desert inspired look you’ll have to rustle up $5576.34!

Nadi Cactus Green Leather Clutch $2565.35
MANDINGASA Mid-Heel Strappy Sandals $1325.99
Maison Margiela Short-Sleeved Jumpsuit $1685


Capricorn: Dianne Von Fursternberg 

No nonsense Capricorn designer Dianne Von Furstenberg speaks to the Capricorn soul with this minimalist, monochrome outfit which you can wear day to night! A look like this will cost you a pretty penny, which may turn off some Capricorn fashionistas.


Tailored Sequin Dress $1300.00  
Milena Heel $278.00
Leather Circle Handbag $298.00


Aquarius: Balenciaga 

Aquarius are visionaries with unique perspectives and a talent for materializing them. It’s no wonder Balenciaga was founded by an Aquarius. The brand has an effortless way of taking something simple and revolutionizing its image with outstanding jewelry like these sunglass lenses turned into earrings! The collection is full of outstanding interpretations of classic pieces like this asymmetrically cropped motorcycle jacket and button down maxi tee!

Mirrored-Sunglasses-Lens Earrings $475.00
Off-The-Shoulder Leather Biker Jacket $3350.00
Silk Sleeveless Maxi Shirtdress $1645.00


Pisces: Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton has done a superb job of preserving the late Pisces designer Alexander McQueen’s macabre, dreamy, out of this world aura and the latest SS17 collection is surely to die for. This season’s inspiration came from the strange subarctic archipelago called the Shetland Islands that lie northeast of Great Britain and form part of Scotland where in the winter one can see the fantastical display of the “northern lights”, and while in summer there is almost perpetual daylight.

Leather Studded Bra $6995
Ruffled Floral Dress $5085.00
Hobnail Ankle Boot $1995.00



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