Supermother!, a Lunar Eclipse Concerning the Sun, Ceres, & a Special Guest

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Moon, 11 Leo - January 31st, 2018

At a time when our culture is maniacally fascinated with heroic motifs, why wouldn’t we grant our dear Luna the mantle of Supermoon, when she graces us with the closest, brightest mirror, reflecting our deepest desires, calling to the surface our greatest trials and fortuitous wishes. She might wonder, in a forlorn voice, “Am I not always super?”   

The moment when the super-est moon reaches its closest distance to the Earth is known as the lunar perigee, and if the moon is indeed a mirror, then this would also be a time when reflections appear larger than normal. Even without being full, this can be a time of electrified intent. Much to my irony’s chagrin, this is certainly a momentous occasion, the eclipse occurring at 5:27 AM PST, and the apogee thirty minutes later at 5:55, when the gong is struck, and the candles lit, a ceremony begins to summon a great, fiery goddess from her earthen slumber. Not only does she breathe fire, but she bends the element to her while at every corner of the sleeping globe.

Shiva, the Hindu deity, is often known as the Destroyer. Kali, an incarnation of his consort, dances atop his dead carcass, if that gives you any idea of the sheer wrath she is capable of dishing out for breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, supper, and dessert. We are, according to the Hindus, living in the Kali Yuga, an epoch of time, the “throw of one” in their game of dice, the worst value out of four. This period is supposedly a heightened age of chaos. You tell me.

Our full moon is, of course, in Leo, the beast who commands the creative power of the Sun. The Sun is the primary caretaker and fulfiller of life on our planet, but its power may also burn, even from 93 million miles away. You will read a thousand posts today asking you to channel the moon’s creative flow, but you might also consider the power to light an entire house on fire and watch it burn to the ground. I’m just saying, these eclipses don’t come around that often. Burn a house down when you can. Proverbially–dig?

Kali will act as a violent Supermother, burning all in her path to get to the heart of the truth. There will be nothing left until your beating heart, pulsating, brightly aware of all the pretending you are/were doing. “You” are truly ash in her visage, as she is the one who steps in when Shiva’s slightly less savage ego-burns can’t get the job done. Do you want to create? Oh, do you? Great. Go ahead. Create. Create. From what is left of you.

This moon echoes maternal vibes, nestled in the harvesting scythe of Ceres, both at 11 degrees Leo, god of the seasons and mother of Persephone. I’m usually one to veer on the side of the child goddess, captured by Pluto and taken to the underworld to eat pomegranates, but in this case, the message is clear. Mother, I feel thy wrath. Upon learning her daughter was missing, what was once thriving and green turned dead and desolate. She refused to return life until her daughter was returned, and made a pact with Pluto to trade Persephone every six months, thus establishing the four seasons. Of course, no one asked Persephone what she wanted, but that’s another story.  

Darron Aronofsky’s controversial film, Mother!, depicts a goddess frustrated enough with her world that she is willing to burn it to the ground. It also shows an angry mob eating her child. If that makes you uncomfortable, good. What else are you turning a blind eye to in the world? What would you do if an angry mob was eating your baby? Here, wrath is duly served, a satisfying act that is completely undercut by the film’s resolution, which returns power to the tyrannically omniscient “Him,” who happened to be the main source of her perpetual abuse. 

Lucifer, an angel once known as “God’s" right hand, is a word that means “bearer of light,” and was a name originally given to Venus rising in the eastern sky. Venus’ dance with the Sun—gazing from the Earth—creates a five-pointed star, a pentagram, every six years. Do you see the pattern? Once sacred, feminine symbols became roused in manipulation and twisted to mean something different. Why wouldn’t a devil emerge when the light has been snuffed, trampled upon, raped, abused, dismissed, beaten, bloodied, tormented, for so long? Would you do as much protect your child? Yes, the lioness bears her teeth, and rightly so, for enemies of life proclaim to walk in the light. 

Ceres is retrograding, which may point to a resistance in claiming this maternal empowerment. The pain will only become more real, as a red moon implies. The more you wait to recognize and nurture your inner child, the more you bleed. Yes, males, you too have a duty to protect, feed, shelter, and bear fruit. Recognize where you have done wrong, where you have ignored, where you have continued to pretend. There is only one goddess, and she is right beneath our feet. 

Kali, the true Supermother!, swiftly decapitates all that is unnecessary, including you, as your complicity has allowed the charade to continue. The moon will burn, burn, and burn. Ignite the fire, yourself. Watch it terrorize the illusions that have wrought your imprisoned life, depriving them of all oxygen, a fire so pure that no dust remains. There is no time left for coddling education. We are all suspect to die in her flames—figuratively, right?—and be reborn as the unapologizing, pure, powerful, delighted, enamored, primal, ecstatic, joyous beasts that we were born to be. Create what you will, but know that only the truth will survive. 

And, of course, Luna, you are always super. 


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