Scorpio Season: Sex is Magic

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Death, rebirth, sex and all things taboo peak the interests of the mysterious and elusive Scorpion. As the Sun begins to wade through the dark undercurrents of this magical water sign, we are encouraged to plunge ourselves into the depths of our most basic human instincts. For some, sex can be an uncomfortable subject. It is something often not spoken about until we reach a certain age when our elders decide we are mature enough to learn how to perform this secret, mystical act which bears life through the merging of bodies and the bonding of souls.

Sex magic is not some kind of kinky method of spicing up lackluster love life. It is a way of harnessing the primal sexual power which we all possess in order to bring about a desired result. Sexual energy is life energy. Its purpose is to create, to birth, and to unite the mind with the body. Adding this sexual energy increases the intensity of your magical spells and rituals -- like adding gasoline to a bonfire!

Much in the same way that chanting, dancing, yoga, and prayer can be used to raise our spiritual vibrations, the same principles can be applied to conscious sex acts which can in turn be used to manifest a desired result which may or may not be related to sex and relationships in their own rite. 

Do you need a partner for sex magic? Hell no! Anyone can harness their own sexual energies and they can choose to keep them private or share them with a trusted partner. Solo sex acts are in fact probably the best way to begin experimenting with sex magic. Once you are more comfortable and aware of your own sexual prowess, it is easier to tap in to and utilize that energy in the form of magic and ritual. In fact, you can even call upon a spiritual deity, God or Goddess to perform these sacred acts with you (just be careful to invite only benevolent and loving spirits into your chambers as these types of rituals can attract all forms of otherworldly entities.

Okay, we know you're wondering now what takes place during a sex magic ritual. Let's get down to business...

Casting a circle. This is your step one for any magical ritual. It's especially important to cast a protective circle whilst performing sex magic as our minds will most likely be "elsewhere" during the act itself. Just as one might temporarily leave their body during astral projection or transcendental meditation. Our consciousness doesn't always stay grounded within us during moments of ecstasy and intense pleasure. In fact, the more you can let go during your sex magic ritual, the greater chance you will have of achieving your desired result. You can cast a circle using salt, crystals, candles, or visualization. 

If you're going at it alone, you may want to consider bringing in a few sacred items or tools which can enhance your sensational experience. When we say "sensual" we mean anything that stimulates our 6 senses. Turn on some tantric music or a track which can set the mood without distracting you from your intention. You may want to brew yourself a pot of tea, or pour yourself a glass of wine. Apply some oil with a romantic scent, such as our signature Rose & Cinnamon Moonshine Gem Elixir (infused with authentic rose quartz!) to connect with your physical body. Light some incense such as our Love + Healing loose incense blend or other scents which please you and soak in the atmosphere you have created for yourself. 

Most tantric magic involves the use of the lower chakras. While sex magic certainly arises from these energy centers, if your intentions involve something more heart-opening, or mind-expanding, feel free to bring in more stones that will help you to connect to the three higher chakras. If you're not sure which stones to use, we recommend obsidian and carnelian, as these stones will help you open and balance your root and sacral chakras. These are the energy centers between our genitals and our reproductive organs. An open and balanced root chakra will provide you with a sense of stability and structure, and the ability to access our most primal desires. The sacral chakra is our pleasure center. Opening and tuning in to this chakra will help release any feelings of shame or guilt, allowing for the birth of creativity and inspiration. Psychologically it is known as our emotional center. Scorpio rules these lower ergogenic parts of our bodies so it's only natural to want to explore and reconnect to these areas while the sun's path lights up this emotionally charged sexual side. 

Now that you've physically prepared your physical space for your ritual, it's time for focus inward on the meditation aspect. If you are inviting a god or goddess to aid you in your spiritual quest, call upon them now to be with you. You may be calling upon a god or goddess of love for to attract love or intimacy, or strengthen a current relationship or perhaps a god or goddess of healing and wisdom to strengthen your body and mind. You can envision yourself in sacred sexual union with a deity or by invoking his/her spirit to merge with your. This requires you to completely surrender your ego, offering yourself for a higher purpose. 

Once your intentions are set, your circle is cast and you are left with yourself and your sacred tools it's time to enjoy yourself in every aspect of the word! Allow yourself to completely relax, reconnect with your self inside and out. Keep your mind's eye trained on your specific goal while pleasuring yourself, feeling your energy building as your work towards orgasm.

Now hold on, before you climax. Depending on your goal or intention, the ritual may want you to refrain from reaching orgasm. If you are conducting this ritual for manifestation, strengthening and healing the body, or increasing your intuition ride the waves of ecstasy until you are close to finishing, and then return to mindful, conscious breathing. Carrying this built up energy will help you when you want to channel it later. If you are working toward ridding yourself or cleansing yourself of an unwanted feeling or behavior then climaxing can help release these negative aspects to be transmuted or neutralized. 

If you're working with a partner, one of you should relax, focus on breathing, and visualization while the other slowly and gently begins to sensually stimulate their partner.  Exploring different positions with your partner will allow you to transfer energy back and forth between each other. If you are invoking a certain god or deity, it may be helpful to dress the part or get creative and paint some seals or symbols onto your partner which will remind you of your magical intention. Intercourse is known as the Great Rite in modern day witchcraft. The union of our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies and combining both masculine and feminine energies forms the God Head or Divine Spirit. This spiritual oneness allows us to operate on higher planes where love, wisdom and intuition are more easily within reach. Be sure to thank and dismiss any spirits or deities you invite into your sacred circle and close your ritual by returning to a calm and collected breath.


**Sex magick involves an immense amount of trust and respect from your partner. Always be sure to discuss your intentions with your partner and share what you are and are not comfortable doing in the bedroom. 

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