Releasing 2017: Gemini Full Moon Ritual

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As always, before doing any ritual it is important to cleanse your energy and your surroundings. This helps you to create a protective and clean space to do the energy work. Smudging using sage, palo santo or even incense sticks can be highly effective. Cast a circle with a ring of salt or by simply visualizing a white light surrounding you and your ritual space. For this ritual you are going to need:

Pen and paper
2 White Candles

Light your candles and place your other ritual ingredients in front of you. Stand up and stretch, move and shake your body out, paying especially close attention to the arms and hands as Gemini rules these parts of our body. Take some deep breaths as you do this, breathing in positivity and exhaling the negative.

Now, sit comfortable and try to still your mind by focusing on your breath. Take 20 deep breaths here. Raise your arms above your head. Let your palms face each other and curve slightly toward the moon. Tune in to the forces of Sagittarius and Gemini, signs devoted to knowledge, truth, understanding, and communication. Visualize this energy as a rounding moon, growing bigger and brighter above you, enveloping yourself completely. Feel yourself become full with this energy until it begins to overflow, enveloping the room around you, illuminating the world around you. Watch as the world’s darkness dissolves with each breath.

The last full moon of the year shines its brightest as Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, begins its retrograde transit. While patience and Gemini do not go hand in hand, this cosmic influence is prepared to teach it to us the hard way. We may be eager to close the books on 2017, but there is still much to be learned from the blessings and challenges we have overcome this year.

Once you feel grounded and relaxed, take your pen and paper and write down the names of the month. Under each month, reflect on what happened, how you felt, what you achieved, what mistakes you made- just write whatever comes to your mind. Allow your mind to let go and just write from your heart. Like their Mercury-ruled partner Virgo, Gemini loves a good list. Take a moment to read over the details of each month. Once you have gone through your list, give it the wide angled Sagittarius perspective and look at the list as a whole. What are the most important takeaways of this year? How can we use what we've learned to improve next year?

Under this full moon, we are working with Air (Gemini) and Fire (Sagittarius) energy. Once you have written your list, taken the time to reflect, and feel ready to let go of the year, take your list and feed it to the flames of the candle on your left, symbolic of the past. Gaze at the fire, see the way the flames are whipped higher by a gust of wind or by blowing on it. Air signs are animated by fire's enthusiasm and readiness to act while the inspiration of fire signs gets their support from air's flow of mind.


Keep your journal nearby as inspiration could strike at any moment. Look up at the moon, and give thanks for the knowledge and wisdom you have been provided. Write down what you would like to cultivate in the upcoming year, and the necessary steps to achieve those goals. Don't make this list as detailed as before. Imagine this as the Sagittarius list, focused on the big picture. Once you have written down a few goals, dreams or desires feed it to the flames of the candle on your right. Imagine the smoke rising up toward the moon, allowing Her to hear your prayers. 

Once your hands are free raise them up to the moon once more. Join your hands in prayer above your head and slowly bring them down to your third eye chakra. Bow down in front of your candles and extinguish the flames.

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