Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Cancer (Jul 20, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How The New Moon in Cancer (Jul 20, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your New Moon in Cancer Horoscope & Mantra, According To Your Zodiac Sign 

There’s a rare lunation on the horizon and in addition to Mother Moon blessing the collective with a brand-new lunar cycle and a clean slate from the heavens, it feels incredibly liberating to know that another powerful eclipse season has finally come to a close. Mercury also stationed direct on July 12 but before we dig deeper into the meaning behind these celestial perks, let’s talk about the upcoming new moon on July 20 as it will be the second new moon in the maternal sign of Cancer, after the summer solstice eclipse on June 21. Though there are a number of aspects attributing to this lunation, it is essential that we acknowledge the rarity of this particular lunar phase, as it is activating the same sign for the second time in a row. Cancer is a cardinal water sign; its zodiac archetype is depicted by the crab and is symbolic of the divine mother. What’s even more intriguing about this astrological energy is, Cancer is governed by none other than Mother Moon; hence its cardinal waters have everything to do with home, family, nurture, nourishment, and ancestral healing. This, of course, only makes the effects of this lunation that much more potent because La Luna lives her best life when transiting through her intuitive sign of rulership. But why twice in one season? What do you think she’s trying to tell us?

As you know, retrograde cycles are a time of reflection, but they can also be incredibly revealing as they also bring important things to our conscious awareness. Having said that, there are five planets retrograding at the moment — Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron —  along with the (new moon) beginning of a brand new lunar phase in the sign of Cancer for a second time in a row, so there’s no denying the facts: There’s something that needs to be reviewed, acknowledged, and readjusted, both personally and collectively. The good news is, the personal planets (namely, Mercury and Venus) are finally direct, which means things in your immediate environment should start making more sense, at least until Mercury-Venus are out of their post-retrograde shadow phase. However, it’s important to also recognize the information you obtained during Mercury’s three-week retrograde cycle in Cancer. Evidently, themes revolving around your home, family, and emotional security were likely top of mind, especially in the midst of the pandemic. Speaking of, how has your sense of security evolved since? Have you integrated your logic/intellect with your intuition? Saturn Rx in Capricorn will play a pivotal role in this lunation as it will directly oppose the new moon at 28 degrees Capricorn. For instance, it’s no coincidence, Ghislaine Maxwell — ex-girlfriend and accomplice of the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein — was recently arrested and charged for sexually abusing and trafficking underaged girls.

Cancer is symbolic of the divine feminine; it governs the female anatomy, pregnancy, and children. Saturn “Lord of Karma” will play a prominent role in the effects of this lunation, as well as in the aftermath of this past eclipse season. Pluto — the planet of power, taboo, and all that’s hidden beneath the surface — is also retrograde in Capricorn alongside Jupiter Rx, and this will continue to shed light on structures, systems, and authority figures who have abused their power. Need I say more? More importantly, the new moon in Cancer on July 20 at exactly 1:33 pm. ET will be about tapping into your intuition and honoring your sensitivity. Aggressive Mars will still conjunct the wounded healer (Chiron Rx) but despite the undeniable hardships that come along with the energy of this asteroid, this conjunction is all about finding your inner courage and individuality. On that note, this new beginning is here to teach you how to prioritize your emotional well being, and while an opposition to Saturn Rx will more than likely bring a few roadblocks, these limits will help you realize what’s important. You can’t visualize unless you prioritize. Mercury will also sextile electric Uranus, which will expand your higher mind and universal consciousness. Pay attention.

Read your new moon in Cancer horoscope and mantra below:


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It’s time for a fresh outlook, Aries. The sun and moon will join forces in sensitive Cancer via your domestic fourth house of home, family, ancestors, and emotional intelligence, bringing you a much-needed reset with regard to your inner world, living space, and family dynamic. Everything about your sense of security and family foundation is coming up for review this season, but there are a few boundaries that need to be set first. Sitting in an opposition to serious Saturn via your ambitious tenth house of career matters, authority figures, and reputation in the world, what you once considered a professional accomplishment could now feel quite burdensome. This new moon reality check could also revolve around the relationship you have with a prominent parent, or perhaps a superior in the workplace. The key is to create a healthy work versus life balance. How are you managing your inner and outer world? Is your professional life fulfilling you at a soul level? New Moon Mantra: Only I can determine what it means to be personally and professionally fulfilled.


New beginnings await, Taurus. In the midst of five retrograde cycles, the new moon will re-activate your resourceful third house of communication, mindset, siblings, and immediate community, for the second time in a row this season. Intuitive and hypersensitive to its surroundings, this lunation will bring a well-deserved reset with regard to your social life, and local neighborhood. Whether it be via social media or perhaps during a weekly gathering at a nearby coffee shop, this lunation will shed light on everything from your immediate connections to your ability (or lack thereof) to communicate with emotional authenticity. Despite being a big fan of your comfort zone, Saturn Rx’s opposition to the new moon — via your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and experience – will likely challenge you to take a much-needed leap of faith. How can you expand your horizons and take your perspective a step further? Your inner circle may or may not give you a hard time but either way, something’s gotta give. Knowledge is power, Taurus. New Moon Mantra: My mindset and connections are a reflection of my personal experiences. 


It’s never too late to start again, Gemini. This is especially true with the sun and moon joining forces via your pleasure-seeking second house of comfort, finances, spending habits, and unique talents, for the second time this season. This lunation will shed light on everything from your savings account to your ability to earn a living. What needs to be nurtured and nourished in this area of your life? Does your current occupation measure up to your self-worth? With serious Saturn sitting in an opposition to the new moon — via your erotic eighth house of intimacy, debt, shared resources, loans, investments, transformation, and sex — you could run into a Debbie Downer-like responsibility, in the midst of attempting to refresh your financial sector. Balance is everything, so finding harmony between your debts and mutual contracts versus your comfort and stability is key. You’ve learned quite a bit about yourself via your private collaborations, but something needs to be readjusted during this time. New Moon Mantra: My finances and blessings are a constant reminder of my loyalty to both myself, and others.


You can reinvent yourself regularly, Cancer. This is especially true with the sun and moon joining forces in your sign, and in the midst of your solar revolution. What inspires you to become a better version of yourself? How can you upgrade your lifestyle? La Luna will bring new beginnings to everything from your sense of self to your physical appearance, but there are a few things you need to take care of first. So while you attempt to work on yourself from the inside out (because you owe it to yourself) serious Saturn will be making a direct opposition to the new moon in your sign, and this could feel like a burden to your independence. And though your personal and professional partnerships have been testing you for quite some time, you could suddenly feel a sense of restriction with regards to your personal freedom. It’s important to reflect on whether or not this partnership is even worth it, if you don’t figure out a way to compromise. Prioritize your emotional security, Cancer. New Moon Mantra: If I don’t make myself a priority, no one else will.


Can you keep a secret, Leo? A big shift and well-deserved new beginning will greet you during the upcoming new moon, as it will shake up your inhibited 12th house of closure, karma, spirituality, rest, and unconscious patterns. This area of your chart is actually quite mystifying and the energy of moon-ruled Cancer only accentuates its mystery, but how can you take advantage of this new beginning? Surrendering will be a big theme for you during this time, especially with regard to your emotional world. Anxieties, repressed fears, and the way you cope with your emotions behind the scenes is up for a much-needed reset, but there’s a catch. Structured Saturn will directly oppose this lunation via your orderly sixth house of health, wellness routine, and work environment, which could put a damper on your faith and relationship with spirit. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, Leo. Prioritize your well being, even if that means taking a step back from your daily duties. You’re still healing. New Moon Mantra: My spiritual wellbeing is a reflection of the sacrifices I make on a daily basis.


When all else fails, lean on your soul tribe, Virgo. The sun and moon will join forces via your socially conscious 11th house of tribes, friendship groups, and sense of belonging in the world. This will bring you a much-needed reset with regard to your sense of camaraderie, and team player efforts. How can you continue to show up for your community? What kind of contributions have you made thus far? This lunation will refresh everything from your social collaborations to your place in society. A tricky opposition to structured Saturn via your expressive fifth house of passion, creativity, authenticity, and recognition, however, could easily stifle your group efforts during this time. Your teammates may or may not agree with your idea of fun, or perhaps not give you the recognition you crave but have no fear, Virgo. This is an opportunity for you to find a balance between your heart versus your mind. Sure, the heart wants what it wants but it doesn't hurt to tap into your inner humanitarian every now and then. New Moon Mantra: When I open my heart to joyful experiences, there’ll be plenty of love to go around.


Nurture your reputation in the world, Libra. This is especially true for you this season with the sun activating your ambitious tenth house of career, public persona, and destiny in the world but now that the moon is joining forces with the sun at exactly 28 degrees Cancer, you’re being blessed with a supercharged new beginning, swirling with passion and adrenaline. Intuitive and emotionally driven, this lunation will bring a much-needed reset to your professional world and sense of authority. How can you upgrade as a professional? How can you nurture the relationship you have with your superiors? Your idea of prestige and accomplishment are experiencing a powerful revamp, but an opposition to serious Saturn could suck the fun out of everything. Creating balance is your motto in life, and it’s never come so handy. Harmonizing the dynamic between your personal and professional life will be a priority during this time, Libra. I know how much you loathe confrontation, but there are boundaries that need to be set, especially with regard to your family. Your intuition knows what’s best. New Moon Mantra: My sense of stability stems from my ability to create a professional versus personal life balance.


If you can visualize it then you can most likely manifest it, Scorpio. The sun and moon will meet at exactly 28 degrees of Cancer via your lucky ninth house of expansion, education, travel, opportunity and this will bring you a much-needed reset with regard to your long-term goals, and personal philosophies. When the sun beams through this area of your chart, everything from your desire to venture into unknown territory to exploring your horizons becomes top of mind but with the moon involved, there’s also something that needs to be nourished, simultaneously. What’s your latest passion project? What do you see when you look towards the horizon? With serious Saturn hovering over your third house of mindset and thought patterns — amidst making an exact opposition to the new moon — your next adventure could suddenly seem impossible, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether it be the conversations you’ve been having with your inner circle, or perhaps the toxic environments you’ve surrounded yourself with, it’s important that you confront the invisible burden raining on your parade. Organize your thoughts and clear your mind, Scorpio. New Moon Mantra: When I shift my perspective, my sense of direction shifts along with it.


A new adventure awaits, Sagittarius. Though Cancer season isn’t always your fave cup of tea, there’s always something new for you to learn and experience. With the sun and moon joining forces via your erotic eighth house of sex, debt, taxes, investments, exchanges, transformation, and joint ventures, there’s an opportunity for you to reflect on your idea of intimacy and perhaps refresh everything from your ability to merge with another mind, body, and soul, to your mutual gains. You get what you give, but are you getting the shorter end of the stick? There’s always room for improvement, and the new moon in Cancer wants you to prioritize your emotional security. A tricky opposition to Saturn via your second house of self-worth, finances, and stability could challenge your joint ventures during this time, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, this will teach you how to practice discernment, especially if something in your life isn’t making the cut. New Moon Mantra: My financial gains and sense of security are a product of the energy I give, and receive. 



You always keep your word, Capricorn. This is one of your greatest qualities as a child of Saturn but with the sun and moon joining forces via your committed seventh house of one-on-one partnerships, Mother Moon is bestowing you with a well-deserved reset from the heavens. Everything from the way you show up in your relationships to your general ability to compromise will be highlighted during this lunation, emotional empathy included. Are you meeting your significant other half way? Are you open to the suggestions of others? Though your professional integrity and responsibility have naturally taken the wheel these last couple of months, it’s important to consider your partner’s needs, despite whether or not you’ve made a prior commitment. Otherwise, a tricky opposition to Saturn in your sign could feel like a heavy weight on your shoulders, especially if you’ve been taking on more than you can handle. If you grow together, you will thrive together, Capricorn. New Moon Mantra: When I nurture my partnerships, I am solidifying my support system.



Sort out your priorities, Aquarius. How are you nurturing your productivity levels? Do you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually accomplished? The sun and moon will join forces via your orderly sixth house of health, due diligence, daily duties, and acts of service, bringing a much-needed refresh to your day-to-day lifestyle. Everything from the food you ingest to the environment you surround yourself with will be highlighted during this time. How can you continue to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, without sacrificing your emotional needs in the meantime? A heavy opposition with serious Saturn via your secretive 12th house of privacy, closure, dreams, and spirit, could easily feel like a burden during this time. Your desire to spend time in solitude and partake in escapism could be getting in the way of your due diligence, and work ethic. As always, maintaining a healthy balance is everything, so weigh out the pros and cons. New Moon Mantra: When I nurture my mind, body, and spirit, I thrive in my day-to-day life.


Come out and play, Pisces. With both the sun and moon activating your expressive fifth house of love, authenticity, happiness, passion and romance, you’re being bestowed with an exhilarating new beginning. Everything from the way you nurture your inner child to your ability to tap into your creative muse will be highlighted during this time, but there are a few things that need to be acknowledged in the meantime. A tricky opposition with serious Saturn via your socially conscious 11th house of hopes, wishes, dreams, and sense of belonging in the world could easily rain on your parade, but it’s not as bad as you think. Fearlessly expressing yourself and unapologetically indulging in your passions isn’t always a walk in the park, especially if you’re not feeling confident about your soul tribe. Everyone needs a support system, even you, Pisces. Having said that, don’t let your “ego” take over. Instead, take this time to reflect on your happiness, creative talents, and how you can share these parts of you with the rest of the world. Your unique individuality shines brighter than you can imagine, and your soul family will inspire you to harness that magic, nothing more and nothing less. New Moon Mantra: I can count on my intuition to decide whether or not I am surrounding myself with the right group of individuals.


Valerie is an astrologer, writer, and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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