Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Virgo (Mar 9, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Moon Musings: How the Full Moon in Virgo (Mar 9, 2020) Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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Your Full Moon In Virgo Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Once upon a whimsical Pisces season, in the midst of a perplexing retrograde cycle and a dazzling Venus-Uranus conjunction, a supermoon illuminated the night sky while sparkling with hope and abundance. There’s nothing more spectacular than the moonlight but the aspects surrounding this Mercury-ruled lunation are the exception. Glimmering in the resourceful sign of the Virgo maiden on March 9 at exactly 1:48 p.m. ET, this gorgeous supermoon will bring forth conscious awareness that is both healing and purifying. As you know, the full moon phase is a symbol of the harvest; it is the celebratory phase in the lunar cycle. In typical Pisces fashion, the divine synchronicities of this lunation are almost unreal. Firstly, the term “harvest” doesn’t only resonate with the full moon phase, it also happens to perfectly embody Virgo’s zodiac archetype. In Greek mythology, Virgo is associated with the goddess of the harvest Persephone, but it doesn’t end there. Mercury, Virgo’s planet of rulership, will station direct on the very same day as this lunation. Coincidence? There is no such thing, especially not in astrology. Keep in mind, the full moon typically sheds light on whatever needs to be reworked and acknowledged. 

All four astrological elements — Fire, Earth, Air, Water — represent something unique. Earth is a symbol of abundance, physical sustenance, and security; it is everything we manifest and physically materialize in the third dimension. *Just so you know, the element earth has been very present these past couple of years, and it will continue to dominate the sky throughout 2020; ergo, themes revolving around structure and stability continue to be top of mind, both personally and collectively speaking. Virgo’s mutable earth, however, likes to take it a step further. Practical and brilliantly thorough, Virgo’s earth thrives via productive and organized environments. Mastering a unique skill that brings tangible results — that can be analyzed, dissected, and measured — is Virgo’s celestial mission. Governed by the savvy messenger planet Mercury, the planet of the mind, cognition, communication, and interpretation, the essence of Virgo can be just as versatile as it is grounded. If Leo embodies the authentic light of its inner child, Virgo turns this unique talent into something practical that could potentially benefit mankind. That said, the energy of this lunation is here to do exactly that, and it really couldn’t have come at a better time.

Sitting at 19 degrees of scrupulous Virgo, this lunation is referred to as a “supermoon,” given its proximity to the earth. During the full moon phase, however, La Luna directly opposes the Sun; although, this time, Mother Moon will sit across two heavenly bodies instead of one. *I told you this full moon was special.* Swimming alongside the dreamy depths of Neptune — the planet of compassion, faith, and universal love — there’s no doubting the presence of Pisces this season. To say the Sun conjunct Neptune is mystical and otherworldly would be an understatement. Aside from heightening our intuitive abilities and inspiring our colorful imagination, Neptune dissolves all boundaries, which means this lunation is creating a powerful synergy with both Virgo’s precision and Pisces’ selflessness. It is bringing order, productivity, and healing to the collective chaos we are currently experiencing. In harmony with Mars in Capricorn, the universal spirit stemming from Neptune-ruled Pisces can materialize itself via an outlet that is both concrete and persevered. Meanwhile, another sparkling conjunction between Venus-Uranus in Taurus leads the collective towards a  brand new dimension where core values and relationships — especially with Mother earth — are revolutionized. This supermoon will be nothing short of radical.

Read your full moon horoscope and reflection below:

Hint: Think back to the new moon in Virgo that took place in August 2019:


Your wellbeing should be both a ritual and a priority in your life, Aries. The definition of productivity is relative; therefore, it’s up to you to find a healthy balance for yourself as a spiritual being living a human experience. With the Sun conjunct Neptune via your psychic 12th house of spirit, you are likely experiencing elusive fears and unexplainable tensions. However, I’m here to remind you to have no fear; recognize the difference between your shadow and the actual truth. Your intuition isn’t supposed to feel burdensome, on the contrary. Declutter your mind and living space; dissect your routine and general thought process. Mercury stationing direct is bringing you some much-needed perspective. There’s no need to stress the details. Instead, reflect on where this anxiety is stemming from. It’s not a problem if there’s a solution. Full Moon Reflection: Is your daily environment empowering or stressful? How can you upgrade your mental, emotional and spiritual mindset?


Spread the word, Taurus. Your divine presence is as irresistible as ever, especially with your luscious planetary ruler Venus back its home sign, but more importantly, your voice is finally being heard. This Mercury-ruled lunation is glimmering through your expressive fifth house of creativity, romance, and fame, bringing both closure and clarity to your unique craft. Meticulous and analytical, Virgo’s mutable earth is here to help you improve, organize and make practical use of your most precious gifts. Mercury stationing direct is also giving you the opportunity to communicate effectively and set the record straight, in terms of your hopes, wishes, and dreams. You might even decide to clean house within your social spheres, even if this consists of you “muting” someone unmotivating via social media. Nourish your light. Full Moon Reflection: Have you been working diligently on your individual craft? Are you being realistic with your professional goals?


It’s been an interesting retrograde, Gemini. The last few weeks probably felt like an eternity — Mercury is your planetary ruler, after all — but the chaos is finally over. Ambiguous conversations, and general information you couldn’t seem to make sense of — especially in regard to your professional life and sense of authority — will likely resurface now that the veil’s been lifted. This lunation, however, will beam through your domestic fourth house of home, family, ancestry line and inner foundation, which means there’s really no escaping your feels during this time. Remember, your mercurial sibling Virgo likes to get down to the details. That said, this is an opportunity for you to look within and dissect your emotional instincts and inherited patterns. Rumi wasn’t lying when he said, “What you seek is seeking you.” Your sense of security is being highlighted and you shouldn’t disregard it. Full Moon Reflection: How has your upbringing influenced your level of authority? Is there something in your personal space stifling your peace of mind?


You’re about to embark on a journey you’ll never forget, Cancer. As a water sign, you typically thrive during emotional times like these when you’re able to feel your feels, both willingly and unapologetically. However, Mercury retrograde likely rained all over your parade which, in turn, taught you how to surrender to what the universe has in store, as opposed to stressing the unknown. Being emotionally tense isn’t healthy for you, or anyone for that matter. The full moon in Virgo will beam through your chatty third house of communication, thought process and immediate exchanges, just hours before Mercury stations direct, too. That said, this lunation will shed light on the level of skill and overall quality stemming from your recent accomplishments, especially those related to your personal philosophy and divine messaging. This area of your chart also governs your immediate circles — peers, siblings, neighbors, etc. — so if any of these relationships feel stifling, especially in terms of your faith and values, you’ll know right away. Full Moon Reflection: How has your mental and spiritual sense of direction evolved over time? What kind of wisdom have you acquired along the way?


Count your blessings, Leo. Mercury retrograde has been nothing short of challenging, especially for you as it shed light on your shadow side, intimate unions, and secret taboos. Whether any of it revolved around the sexual fluidity of your personal life, or perhaps the repressed tension you tend to physically absorb within your body, it’s time for you to set yourself free. Dreamy Neptune will conjunct the sun — your ruling planet — via your eighth house of physical and spiritual transactions, which leaves no room for the ego. This could be a challenge for you, but incredibly liberating nonetheless. Meanwhile, with the full moon beaming through your comfort-seeking second house of finances and pleasure, there is an opportunity for you to analyze and dissect your desires, values, and self-worth.  Whether it be a sense of guilt or fear, it’s important to recognize where this feeling of inadequacy is stemming from. Getting to the bottom of the barrel in terms of your sense of security is unavoidable, so make sure you put in the work. Full Moon Reflection: If fear is an illusion, then what exactly are you afraid of? Are you ashamed of yourself for feeling vulnerable?


You are the high priestess, Virgo. Mystical and majestic, this lunation is nothing short of celebratory and it just so happens to have your name on it. Despite the usual shenanigans stemming from Mercury retrograde, it’s still a blessing in disguise. This may not be a new moon but rest assured, you’re about to experience a powerful new beginning. Themes related to your personal identity and committed partnerships likely came up for review during Mercury’s retro journey, but this was incredibly enlightening for you nonetheless. In the end, this month’s full moon will not only validate the new path you’ve chosen, it will also bring the harvest you both seek and deserve. Everything from your professional endeavors to your personal goals will be highlighted during this lunation so don’t be afraid to work diligently and efficiently, despite whether or not the people around you are OK with it. This is your human experience and no one else’s. Honor and cherish every moment. Full Moon Reflection: How do you heal from the inside out? Have you been you honoring your sacred space?


You can’t turn back time, Libra. The only thing that matters is the here and now; dwelling is a form of self-sabotage and it’s not going to change the past. You’ve experienced a number of powerful breakthroughs this past year — especially in terms of your family sphere and emotional foundation —  but now what? Aside from Mercury stationing direct, this lunation will also shed light over your spiritual 12th house of endings and beginnings. This area of your chart has everything to do with closure, forgiveness, and self-undoing. Tensions lingering via your unconscious mind also live in this part of your natal chart, but there’s more. The sun is sitting alongside Neptune in Pisces via your orderly sixth house of health and due diligence; themes related to your lifestyle and general mindset are also relevant during this time. Although, how do you expect to meet deadlines with all this unnecessary pressure weighing above your head? Virgo energy can be really scrupulous but if you tap into it wisely, it can also be incredibly resourceful. Full Moon Reflection: How can you create room for your spirit to thrive? What keeps stopping you in your tracks?


You finally found your joy again and it shows, Scorpio. It’s been a challenging retrograde for many, including you, given Mercury’s backspin through your expressive fifth house of romance, creativity, authenticity, and joy. Exes resurfaced along with some repressed feels but in the midst of this unexpected trip down memory lane, you also reunited with your mojo. Everything from your sultry charisma to your creative inspiration came back and just in time for spring. Moreover, this Mercury-ruled lunation is shedding light over your friendly 11th house of teams, tribes, social spheres, and professional network. If you’ve been feeling distracted throughout Pisces season, not to worry. Virgo’s mutable earth is here to bring you some much-needed grounding but more importantly, it wants to help you dissect and analyze your sense of belonging in the world. A lot of you typically keep to yourself — which is totally Scorpionic — but you’re not the same person you once were, Scorpio. Besides, it is your collective duty to share the wealth and by that I mean, your unique visions and divine messaging. Full Moon Reflection: Are your surroundings inspiring you? How can you be more productive and efficient in terms of your social standing?


You may know how to swim in the ocean, but you’re still trying to find the courage to swim in your own, Sagittarius. Your ocean of emotions was a designated meeting place this season, especially with the sun in Pisces activating your domestic fourth house of home, family and inner foundation. Believe it or not, this area of your chart also revolves around your ancestry line, family dynamic, and deep-seated roots; hence the overwhelming effects of this Mercury retrograde cycle. Again, going inward isn’t necessarily your forte but balance is everything in the circle of life. The full moon is beaming through your ambitious 10th house of career, authority figures, and destiny in the world, but you can’t show up at work every day if you don’t do the work within first. Make sense? Either way, something you’ve been working diligently towards could finally see fruition during this time. The essence of Virgo’s mutable earth wants to help you dissect, analyze and potentially upgrade something in your professional sphere. This is an opportunity for you to find something that’s both productive and beneficial to mankind, amidst fulfilling you at a soul level. Full Moon Reflection: What needs to be polished in your professional life? Are there any skills you need to obtain first?


You learn something new every day and you know that more than anyone, Capricorn. Mercury retrograde isn’t always fun but that’s the least of your worries, especially with the stellium of planets hovering over your sign as we speak. Nevertheless, you’ve learned a thing or two during this retro haze but fellow Pisces Albert Einstein said it perfectly: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting results. Your perseverance and stubborn personality is part of your charm and above all your success, but it’s important to embrace the duality of Pisces during this time. For instance, keeping an open mind vs. setting expectations is a start. In the meantime, this Mercury-ruled lunation is beaming through your expansive ninth house of education, travel, and personal philosophy. Virgo’s mutable earth, however, goes hand in hand with your pragmatism, with the exception that Virgo prefers to analyze, dissect and improve. That said, is there a specific skill you need to obtain or study in order to achieve your goals? Your journey to self is an adventure of a lifetime, so make it count. Full Moon Reflection: Where are you getting the “facts” from? Does your next venture require you to step outside your comfort zone?


The relationship you have with your finances is out of this world, Aquarius. You’re either incredibly selfless with your means, despite working hard to earn a living, or tad bit unrealistic. Either way, it’s no surprise, considering this area of your chart is governed by elusive Neptune. For the record, this area of your chart also revolves around your values, which means your sense of security is also influenced by the mystical realms of Pisces. However, the full moon in Virgo will beam through your taboo-loving eighth house of sex, transformation, joint ventures — amidst directly opposing the Sun and Neptune — which means the amount of giving and taking that goes on within you committed partnerships will be put under a magnifying glass during this time. Virgo sheds light on the meticulous details; the things you typically overlook, given your emotionally detached personality. Everything from the way you speak to others to the way you confront your demons could very well be a theme for you during this time. Mercury goes direct in your sign shortly after the moon reaches its peak, so you will be given a fresh perspective nonetheless. Full Moon Reflection: Have you been undervaluing yourself as of late? Are you willing to work on everything you have brewing beneath the surface?


You may be good at giving, but you’re not always great at getting, Pisces. This, of course, needs to change and from the looks of it, Mercury retrograde in your sign is teaching you a thing or two about setting the necessary boundaries, both in your personal and professional partnerships. However, it goes much deeper than that, considering the essence of Mercury-ruled Virgo and the intricate duality currently activating your committed seventh house of relationships, and interpersonal relationships. What needs polishing? How can this area of your life be fine-tuned? Well, you could start by getting to the root of your partnerships and recognizing the type of foundation they were built upon. With the Sun and Neptune in your sign, there is an ethereal quality to this lunation, but still cloudy nonetheless. One thing’s for sure: Your selflessness is part of your charm and wherever Neptune goes, there is no such thing as ego. However, this doesn’t mean you can continue sweeping things under the rug forever. Instead, open your heart to the constructive criticism of this lunation and get to work. Full Moon Mantra: Are your partners’ toxic patterns blending into your relationship? Are you being selfless with the people who deserve it?


Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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