Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Pisces Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (September 20, 2021)

Moon Musings: How The Full Moon in Pisces Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (September 20, 2021)

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Your Full Moon In Pisces Horoscope & Reflection, According To Your Zodiac Sign

There’s a mystical full moon in Pisces headed our way, but before we dive into its stellar logistics, take a moment to think back to the new moon in Pisces that took place on Feb. 23, 2021. (Hint: You can always check your socials for reference.) As you know, the new moon is for planting your seeds of intention, while the full moon is for basking in the blessings of your harvest. What are you celebrating? Whether you look at this “full circle moment” in terms of the current lunar phase—which is anywhere between 28 to 30 days, AKA the new moon in Virgo that took place on Sept. 6—or go as far as considering where you were six months ago, one thing’s for sure: something significant is about to come to fruition. With that said, this is an excellent opportunity to take a step back,  check in with yourself, and reflect on the following: What’s been occupying your mind as of late? Where is there a lack of balance/harmony in your life? As the sun shines through methodical Virgo—depicted by the harvest maiden—all things related to your mindset, wellness routine, and day-to-day due diligence suddenly takes the reins. 

Are you caught up in the fussy details, or overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion? We can’t help but take life more seriously when the sun’s transiting through meticulous Virgo but this is precisely where the full moon comes in, as it is a call for balance. After all, the full moon phase is a symbol of completion, clarity and closure. And when Mother Moon reaches her peak of fullness, our hidden truths, desires and power, too, become illuminated. More importantly, Luna governs our inner world and shadow self; hence our emotional body becomes heightened during the full moon phase. Therefore, when sitting fearlessly across Father Sun—which is symbolic of the ego and our physical identity—the full moon puts a spotlight on both our internal and external reality, despite whether they align with one another. Not to worry, the full moon will speak for itself; however, it is indeed time to integrate your inner world with your reality in the physical dimension. Sounds overwhelming but the good news is, your higher self has your back. All in all, with the sun and moon on completely opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, we’re being encouraged to create balance, both personally and collectively.

There’s really no denying the innate polarity that exists between both of these celestial energies. For instance, the sun in Virgo sheds light on the intricate process of fertility via earthly and everyday matters, while the moon in Pisces illuminates the magical undercurrents alive and breathing in the universal realm. Mercury-ruled Virgo is earthy, practical, and detail-oriented; it needs to see the facts in order to deem it worthy. Neptune-ruled Pisces, however, couldn’t be more opposite. Slippery and often referred to as ambiguous, Pisces walks in between worlds. It governs the unconscious mind and dreamworld, which are naturally unexplainable. This mutable water sign’s zodiac archetype is depicted by the two fish swimming opposite directions, which is symbolic of its infinite duality. One fish is symbolic of spiritual evolution as it reaches another dimension, while the other represents the human experience in the physical dimension. Taking this into consideration, this lunation is here to bestow the collective with hope, faith, and more importantly, an outlet for release. Pisces’ ruler Neptune dissolves all boundaries; therefore, this is an opportunity to tap into a sacred source because in the end, the connection we have with the divine is ever-present. It’s simply a matter of tapping into it.

Glimmering through the velvet night via 28 degrees of Neptune-ruled Pisces on Sept. 20 at 7:55 p.m. EST, this mystical lunation is presenting us with an opportunity to let go of what’s no longer serving our highest good, in order to embark on a new spiritual journey. Warning: The moon will conjunct its dreamy ruler Neptune earlier in the day which may, in turn, trigger overwhelming feelings of exhaustion, lethargy, and perhaps even a bit of uncertainty. Fortunately, there is a light in the dark and more importantly, a divine portal that is leading us towards a whole new dimension. If you’re having trouble understanding what I’m referring to, your best bet is to think of all things “Piscean,” as this mutable water sign speaks to the infinite vibration of universal love, and the divine frequencies that surround us. Granted, the shadow aspect of Neptune-ruled Pisces is incredibly deceptive, as it is prone to delusion, fantasy, and escapism. Fortunately, the sun in practical Virgo is here to support us as much as possible. This, however, will also highlight everything that needs to be nurtured and taken care of in our day-to-day  lives, in order to find that sacred equilibrium.

Now, with go-getter Mars transiting through harmony-seeking Libra—AKA, its detriment, as it is not working at its full potential—we are more prone to experiencing indecision, as opposed to submitting to our desires and taking action. See, in compromising Libra, the planet of action, assertion, energy, and passion is suddenly more thoughtful, and considerate of others. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with “making love and not war,” we may feel as though our sense of courage is overpowered by the desire for compatibility. Keep in mind, Mars will activate a harmonious Grand Air Trine with Saturn Retrograde  in Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini, which means it has some back-up in the meantime. Look at this way: Libra’s cardinal air represents our connections and partnerships, Saturn retrograde speaks to the structure and foundation of our future visions, and the North Node in Gemini is guiding us towards the facts. Having said that, when considering the strategic and charming synergy of all three planets, it’s almost as if the momentum of Mars is here to set our plans in motion. This, of course, will require a bit of patience and compromise on our end, but it is most definitely working in our favor. 

Savvy Mercury—the planet of communication, thought process, and immediate surroundings—will also be in harmony with Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius, amidst its pre-retrograde shadow phase through Libra. This brings forth a buzzing surge of luck, expansion, and opportunity, especially when in regard to our social circles, and sense of belonging in the world. It also helps us put our thoughts into words, which is incredibly beneficial during this time. “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.” —William Blake

Read your full moon in Pisces horoscopes and reflection below, according to your zodiac sign:

Surrender to the ebb and flow of your spiritual journey, Aries. A mystical full moon in Pisces will beam directly through your karmic 12th house of endings, dreams and all things behind the scenes. And ironically enough, this area of your chart has everything to do with deep secrets and spiritual revelations, as it belongs to none other than this mutable water sign. Having said that, be mindful of your intuitive downloads during this time. Also, with your planetary ruler, Mars, turning up the heat in your relationship sector, and harmony-seeking Venus enchanting your haunted eighth house of soul commitments, chances are there’s something in this area of your life that’s being brought to your conscious awareness. After all, a grand air trine between Mars, Saturn Retrograde, and the North Node is here to present you with the clarity you seek, so be on the lookout. Reflection: How can you make peace with what’s been brewing beneath the surface? Are you open to receiving the closure you seek?

Your soul tribe is closer to you than you realize, Taurus. It’s all a matter of perception. Either way, you’re vibrating at a higher frequency as the full moon in Pisces is illuminating your futuristic eleventh house of hopes, social networks, and your sense of belonging in the world. Are you ready to expand your horizons? Well, you can start by celebrating your wins, and expressing your gratitude to those who have been there every step of the way. After all, with your planetary ruler, Venus, dazzling your committed seventh house of significant others, your loyalty and integrity is being likely tested during this time. Whether it be via couples’ counseling, or perhaps your decision to put more effort into a situation, the time is now. Sounds far fetched for those of you solely focused on romantic connections, but there are opportunities for success where you least expect it. Reflection: How can you continue to cultivate your unique inspiration and creative musings? Do you feel confident leaning on your peers for support?

Reach for the stars, because you can, Gemini. Mother Moon is hovering over your prestigious tenth house of legacy, authority figures and reputation in the world, bringing closure and clarity to themes surrounding everything from your professional endeavors to your public persona. Granted, one cannot exist without the other so with the sun in Virgo lighting up your fourth house of innermost feelings, you’re likely reflecting on your sense of stability while celebrating your milestones. Fortunately, a grand air trine between Mars in your passionate fifth house of love, Saturn Retrograde via your adventurous ninth house of expansion, and the North Node in your sign, is presenting you with the clarity and mental agility needed to make this next career venture a possibility. Venus in Scorpio is also highlighting your passions and core values, despite whether you’ve ever made them known. Follow your bliss. Reflection: How can you continue integrating your vivid imagination with your professional life? Are your aspirations truly worth the sacrifice?

You’re two seconds away from take off, Cancer. The universe has your back and the best part is, you can feel its divine frequency in your bones. Whether it be personally and/or professionally, one thing’s for sure: this Neptune-ruled lunation is guiding you towards a magical tomorrow. Glimmering over your thrill-seeking ninth house of expansion, adventure, and belief systems, you’re finally ready to embark on a journey that’s been long overdue. You’re feeling inspired and looking forward to exploring your horizons, but there’s more. Inheritances, joint collaborations and/or personal investments are coming back around for a second look, but you may get a burst of luck in the process. Meanwhile, with Venus dazzling your famous fifth house of love, passion, and pleasure, you’re unapologetically indulging in the people, places, and things that bring you joy. Reflection: What’s next on your bucket list? How has your philosophy and faith evolved in the past year?

Intimacy isn’t always sexual, Leo. In fact, something as simple as being present enough to see, hear, and feel where someone is coming from is as intimate as it gets. And despite whether you’re single or attached, this year’s full moon in Pisces is here to bring you closer to a significant other, even if that means in spirit. After all, this area of your chart governs all things related to inheritance, mysteries and merged energies, so the possibilities are endless. Curious Mercury will also be in harmony with Jupiter Retrograde via your committed seventh house of agreements, compromise, and significant others, and this will bring forth a series of opportunities to connect, and/or increase your income. Again, it starts and ends with you. The key to a healthy collaboration—whether it be personal or professional—is to set the necessary boundaries. Reflection: How can you wholeheartedly depend on the help of another to make your dreams become reality?

Are you afraid of commitment, Virgo? This may or may not be the case, but the full moon in Pisces is here to shed light on your spiritual unions. See, with Mother Moon, shaking up your cooperative seventh house of one-on-one connections and committed relationships, an important partnership could begin to see fruition. After all, this area of your chart has everything to do with negotiations, compromise and general agreements. The catch? Neptune dissolves all boundaries and in this codependent area of your chart, themes related to over-sacrificing within your current partnerships could come up for review. Moreover, a grand air trine between Mars, Saturn Retrograde, and the North Node will highlight everything from your value systems to your divine mission on the planet. The real question is, are you surrounding yourself with people who will support you along the way? Reflection: Do you have faith in your significant others? Have you been sacrificing your personal freedom?

Pencil in some well-deserved self-care time, Libra. An enchanting full moon will beam directly over your dutiful sixth house of wellness, daily rituals, and due diligence, highlighting everything from your tedious day-to-day tasks to responsibilities that are more stressful than you’re comfortable admitting. Low on fuel? Fortunately, with the help of red-hot Mars in your sign—let alone while in harmony with Saturn Retrograde and the North Node—you’re being bestowed with the courage and stamina needed to break free from what’s no longer serving you. Take a second to double and triple check your calendar—where are you investing your time? With your planetary ruler, Venus, glimmering through your stability-seeking second house of value systems, you’re being encouraged to be your very own ride-or-die, despite your current partnerships. Trust yourself, and take charge. Reflection: What part of your day can you restructure for your own mental health? How can you bring faith and spirituality into your day?

You are a mystical muse, Scorpio. Believe it or not, doing what you love is where the magic happens, so let your passions guide you. This month’s full moon in your sister-sign Pisces will illuminate your expressive fifth house of joy, creativity and romance, bringing something extraordinary to fruition. This is especially true for those of you working on a creative endeavor or perhaps catching feelings for that special someone, as this also happens to be the house of “creation.” What are you manifesting? The key is to remain authentic as you tap into your inner child. Keep in mind, with your traditional ruler, Mars, igniting your secretive twelfth house of surrender, there is something cathartic about this lunation, as you are simultaneously shedding a part of you that’s no longer aligned with your higher self. Venus is also bringing harmony and abundance to your life as we speak, so make sure to prioritize your values as you birth this new and improved version of you. Reflection: How can you integrate your connection to the divine with your creative gifts? Do you have faith in your passions?

Nurture your heart, and spend time with the people you love, Sagittarius. Mother Moon is beaming over your emotionally driven fourth house of home, family, roots, and idea of safety, highlighting themes surrounding your core foundation and general living space. When was the last time you did something kind for someone you love? This, of course, includes yourself, as your emotional stability is priority during this time. Mercury will also be in harmony with your planetary ruler Jupiter, amidst its retrograde journey through your communication sector, increasing the likelihood of serendipitous events and exchanges. And with Venus enchanting your secretive twelfth house space, you’re indulging in the sweetness of our solitude. Although, for some of you, this could very well consist of a romantic getaway with your lover. There’s luck in communication, connections, and travel, but following your intuition is key. Reflection: Have you been sacrificing your emotional fulfillment for the sake of work or others? Where can you set firm boundaries?

Your words are spells, but your thoughts put them in motion, Capricorn. Your colorful imagination holds the key to a brand new world, but it all starts with perception. In the meantime, this month’s full moon in dreamy Pisces will glimmer through your resourceful third house of communication, cognition, transportation, local environment, and immediate networks, bringing closure and clarity to themes surrounding your mindset, messaging, and multidimensionality. Say it to the universe, and watch how quickly it manifests. After all, this lunation is being triggered by a grand air trine influencing your career sector, money-making abilities, and day-to-day lifestyle, but it’s up to you to use this celestial synergy to your benefit. Your successes are ongoing, but when was the last time you really stopped to take it all in? This lunation is here to dissolve the boundaries between you, and your divine mission on the planet. Express your gratitude more often. Reflection: How can you cultivate positive thinking into your daily life? Do you have faith in your personal and professional wins?

One of my favorite examples of a Neptune-ruled second house is fellow Aquarian and the late musical legend Bob Marley: “My riches are forever.” Aquarius, your bank account is as infinite as your idea of wealth. Granted, with a full moon glimmering over this area of your chart, you’re likely focused on themes of “me vs. we” and more importantly, the foundation of your value systems. Sure, they may seem a bit ambiguous from time to time—thanks to the influence of hazy Neptune—but it’s time to put your feet on the ground, and find your grounding. Fortunately, a grand air trine—between Mars in Libra, Saturn Retrograde in your sign, and the North Node in Gemini—will present you with the clarity and perspective needed to revolutionize this area of your life, and for the better. Reflection: What do you consider genuinely fulfilling at a soul level? How can you attract more magic into your life?

Harvest blessings, dear Pisces. This mystical full moon is glimmering through the night sky in your name, and there is so much to be grateful for. Keep in mind, the sun in Virgo is simultaneously igniting your committed seventh house of significant others because as you know, your partnerships are a reflection of you. And though you’re often recognized for making sacrifices for the people around you, this lunation is not only here to shed light on your dreams, but also provide you with the clarity and resources to make them a reality. This is especially true with a grand air trine activated by Mars in your eighth house of mergers, Saturn Retrograde via your twelfth house of karma, and the North Node in your fourth house of emotional foundations. Truth be told, it starts and ends with you; the success of your relationships—both with yourself and others—depends on the boundaries you’re willing to set. Reflection: How can you continue to hold space for your personal needs? How has your relationship with spirit evolved in the past year?

Valerie is an astrologer, writer and third-generation witch. Her favorite things to write about are mysticism and sex; the Moon is her muse. For more of her work and cosmic portfolio, check out or follow her on Instagram @valeriemesa.

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